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    Homeschooling Mom of Turtle 16, and Punk'in Belle 14.
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    Down South again, we're thinking about staying put.... for a while.
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    reading, hiding from the kids.
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    Cook, occasional house cleaner, alarm clock, car service.

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    A place to discuss politics from any political viewpoint from any part of the world. Please remember that we don't all come into this with the same perspective. Here are the current rules: -Treat each respectfully. -No ad hominem attacks of other group members. -Do not tell other people how to vote. We are here to discuss politics, not the voting decisions of group members. -Don't bother SWB. -You don't have to read any thread that offends you, but feel free to present your point of view. -Posters whose comments do not engender thoughtful discussion may be removed from the group.
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