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  1. We did the Illiad over the summer. We listened to the lecture first and then read. I purchased the book on audio cd's (which are abridged but not like a normal abridgement. Whole books were left out so we read those books separately then followed along with the CD with the sections it covered). Now we are doing the Odyssey the same way except the audio book is not abridged. I really wanted my kids to love this time and when we tried to read it aloud together we just couldn't get into a groove with it. But we are all enjoying the auio book. I don't usually use audio books. I love the teaching C
  2. I just looked at this and it looks awfully simplified....or am I expecting too much for a high school course. I've never taught high school economics so I'd love a more experienced homeschooler's review of the samples.
  3. I really don't want to use Notgrass or something totally textbooky. I want the kids to enjoy the subject and not find it totally boring. Does anyone have any other ideas or any comments about Economics in a Box? Thanks
  4. My dd had to wear powder blue, no skirt, no shorts all year Monday through Friday for 4 class periods. What was the director thinking! Do you know how many girls had embarrassing moments this year?!?! And all the boys were in black leggings. So not fair. Ugh! BTW. my son dances also but VERY recreationally. He enjoys it but I can't say his father supports him.
  5. My dd used to go to two summer intensives each year and if she didn't get merit scholarships, we'd be living in a van down by the river. :D To tell you the truth, I'm not all that keen on her going away at all. I have always (in a very matter of fact. outspoken way) tried to talk her out of dancing. Well, I should say I tried to talk her into other things. I just hate the fact that dancers are pushed at such a young age (to go away for the summer, to go away for school, to dance more and more). Plus I worry about her health, her self image, and quite frankly it irritates me severely that s
  6. My daughter was at an arts high school this year but this is what we paid before this year. FYI- tuition at Baltimore School for the Arts was $4600. She was also accepted at UNCSA for high school but she would have been living on campus and it would have been $25,000 a year! How much do you pay for your DC's ballet lessons? How long are the lessons? How many lessons per week? This depends on the age. My daughter was taking 4 ballet classes a week by the time she was 9 plus jazz and tap. By the time she was 11, 5-6 ballet classes per week. Typically 10-11 weeks of classes are approximately $15
  7. dd 11th, dd 10th, ds 7th, dd 3rd, and ds k. Everything is a little up in the air right now because my oldest went to school this year (an arts school) and although she did fantastic, she doesn't like the wasted time and she has finally fallen off the fence about whether to pursue ballet. So she registered for 3 classes at our local community college last week (Eng 101, and Psych 101, and a gym class). She will be doing math and Chemistry at home.
  8. We are using the Teaching Company DVD's (Early High and Late Middle Ages) as a spine and adding literature. So far my plan is to read and study Confessions, Beowulf, Canterbury Tales, Macbeth, Dante, ... I'm hoping to teach my daughter to take notes from a lecture and assign writing assignments. I looked at the guidebooks for the DVD's and they are very complete. I watched one lesson and it is awesome.
  9. I like the lessons so far (we are only finishing unit 2). The topics are appropriate for the age group and it keeps my kids' attention. It does annoy me that "he" is not capitalized when referring to Jesus. But that is my only complaint so far.
  10. Good advice! We did this with my dd...not the Christmas presents but stopped paying for dance lessons/ youth group retreats, driving her where she wanted to go, giving her money for things, shut off the phone, etc. It took 2 months and she was cured. Sometimes we (even as adults) don't realize what we have until it's gone.
  11. That's the one! Okay, I'm going to have to rethink that one. I really need hand holding...but I'm motivated. So if any of the experts have any suggestions on some good resources...I'm all ears.
  12. Thank you. That's helpful. I'm doing the Odyssey and Illiad over the summer with the Teaching Company dvds but that would gett wuite expensive to purchase for all of the books. Think, think, think
  13. I've gotten such helpful answers to my other questions, I'm going to ask one more. We plan to study at least 6 of the books covered in Omnibus 2 while we use The Teaching Company Middle ages DVDs as a spine. I'm not trained classically at all and need some help leading the Great books discussion. It seems like Omnibus might be an economical way to have a "guide" for the books that we will cover...even if we don't use it as our main curriculum. Has anyone else used Omnibus as just a literature guide to cover some of the books? Is there a reason why I should buy 6 other guides instead of just pu
  14. Would you recommend TTC Dante course? I was actually looking into purchasing something from TTC for a couple of our literature suggestions. I think the course I was looking at was called Literary Cannons.
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