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  1. wow i'm loving this post! last year my 7 year daughter was really interested in butterflies. so i signed her up for a butterfly class at a science museum here. at the end of the class each kid received their own caterpillar. we had so much fun raising it and watching it turn into a butterfly. after a few days we released it. it was a great experience. :)
  2. oh man!! thank you so much everyone. some really good suggestions... i can't wait to plan out our trip. and the homeschooling store sounds like a must! :)
  3. oh the children's museum looks great! we have a few here in new york but of course my girls could never get enough of a hands on museum. thanks. :)
  4. we're going to be visiting houston, texas in january. any places you know of that we should definitely check out? we'll be there for a week. my girls are 7 and 3 years old. thanks. :bigear:
  5. hey there! i'm thinking of giving my kids vitamin c. anyone else out there using it? what would you recommend? pills or powder? any brands your kids prefer? thanks. :bigear:
  6. thanks i'll look into that. any others?? :bigear:
  7. hi guys. i'm looking to buy a microscope for my 7 year old. any good ones out there? nothing too expensive. thanks. :bigear:
  8. thanks guys for all the feedback! tomorrow is our library day!! :)
  9. my second daughter was breech and of course i freaked out because i didn't want to get a c section. i did exercises and even looked up acupuncture procedures. then at 37 weeks my doctor did a procedure called external version... where she manually moved the baby into the right position. you still have some time so don't worry. the baby could still turn on it's own. i hope everything works out and you're blessed with a healthy baby. :)
  10. you could use the book series "let's read and find out". they are science books and i would think most libraries have them. they have a wide range of different topics (including a bunch of dinosaur ones) and some even have small activities. :)
  11. none in the room with me but we have two fishes and a bearded dragon. and wanting to get a kitten really badly! :)
  12. that's the first question that came to my mind. i too am using singapore math for my 2nd grader. i used math mammoth last year. both are good and use mental math so the kids don't need to use their fingers. hope that helps. :)
  13. thanks guys! i'm making a list of all the games so i can look them up. can't wait! :)
  14. same here. i've lived in new york for almost 15 years and i've never heard anyone use that word. hahaha. :)
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