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  1. Oh, yes, I agree! I realize scholarships are harder to get now than they were when I did it, which is exactly what I've told my daughter. But I've still encouraged her to try. There are some excellent scholarships available at our biggest state school with GPA's and SAT scores that are very attainable for dedicated students.
  2. I think most of what comes to my mind has probably already been said (I've only skimmed the replies), but I'll give you my $0.02 anyway, along with lots of hugs and sympathy for an unbelievably stressful situation. First off, have a talk with your 14 year old right now explaining that she's going to need to work hard in high school to get what scholarships she can, and that she's going to need to go to the local community college for her first 2 years (if that's an option where you live) and attend an in-state university, etc*. Fourteen is not too young to have that talk. I was 15 whe
  3. Here's Dr. Greger's video about his Daily Dozen checklist, in case anyone is interested: https://nutritionfacts.org/video/dr-gregers-daily-dozen-checklist-2/ I use his checklist (and I usually go for the 60 minutes of vigorous exercise rather than the 90 minutes of moderate, just because that was already my habit before I discovered his checklist!). Other habits I am working on are: Meditation. I just started this in January at the advice of my therapist. Her "orders" for the first month were 5 minutes twice a day, and she told me that 5 minutes was a limit, not a minimum. S
  4. I really like that app for the same reason: it helps me focus on all the great things I get to eat each day, and it just kind of naturally pushes not-so-great things out of the diet without the focus being on what I'm missing or avoiding. I think it's a very helpful tool.
  5. I'm glad you posted this, because my mom has IBS. I'm going to let her know that it helped you. I HATE how humongous they make some capsules and tablets! I choose liquids or powders when possible, because I have a very hard time swallowing big pills.
  6. Oh, interesting, I didn't know that. Thanks! Feverfew didn't seem to help me, unfortunately, but I did not know about bromelain!
  7. I take turmeric and ginger to help with my migraines. They both help (I've tested them individually and together. Honestly ginger works best, but turmeric helps too.) I haven't really noticed any other benefits from it, but I'll keep using it, because it works for what I wanted it! I believe there are some contraindications that people should be aware of, though. I've read that people who are on blood thinners, and people with gall or kidney stones should not take it.
  8. Two things convinced me to change my eating habits. The first was the Blue Zone studies which showed that the populations that live the longest eat lots of plant foods, and very little animal foods. The second was Dr. Michael Gregor's book How Not to Die. I went strict vegan to try to make up for the damage that I'd done to my body with 12 years of keto. But strict vegan is probably not necessary for most people. I think for the average person, I would recommend reducing processed foods and fast foods, and making things from scratch at home; and increasing fruits, veggies, legumes, and wh
  9. I'm sorry that your recovery is going slowly, Jess. I sure hope you feel better soon. :grouphug:
  10. Thank you all so much for the help. I really appreciate every reply. I do intend to ask about organ prolapse, but overall I am feeling much more optimistic about things.
  11. :grouphug: I'm so sorry.
  12. I appreciate you pointing this out, Selkie. My doctor didn't mention this, so I will ask the surgeon about it at the consultation, and do some more reading online as well.
  13. I had wondered about those things specifically, so that's good to hear!
  14. Wow, that would be amazing! I am so glad that happened for her, but I think I probably shouldn't get my hopes up for that. I'll be happy if it at least doesn't make them worse. Thank you!
  15. So glad that you are doing so well now! And about the reduced bladder capacity - yeah, I've got that going on too. I forgot to mention it to my doctor, but I assume that it's because of the fibroid. (Maybe I should mention it to her, because she said my insurance company is kind of a pain, and we'd need a long list of reasons to convince them to pay for the surgery.) I used to be able to easily make it through the night without having to go to the bathroom, but now not so much. I'm having to go a lot more frequently during the day, too, though that's generally not a problem since I'm home
  16. That's so good to hear! I'm actually not anemic, which I attribute to the fact that my father has hemochromatosis, so I probably have a higher than average ability to absorb iron. But if this keeps up, I'm guessing it's just a matter of time. Thank you for your post!
  17. ...I guess my biggest question is, would you make the same decision over again? My situation is that I'm 44 years old, in perimenopause, and I've always had heavy periods, but not like this. Wearing the biggest tampon (o.b. ultra - if anyone knows of a better one, please tell me!) AND pad (overnight maxi) that I can find, I will bleed through both of them in about two hours. On my worst days, I have so many accidents that I'm afraid to leave the house. So I went to my doctor to talk about an ablation. She said that sounded like a great idea and ordered an ultrasound to make sure all wa
  18. :lol: I was just about to start a "should I have a hysterectomy?" thread!!! But I'm under 50. So can I go ahead and post it? :D
  19. I'm so glad that it's working for you, and that you are feeling so well, and so strong, and so happy! That is awesome. My endurance markedly improved when I went off of keto, I mean for me it was really a huge difference. I enjoy exercise more now because I can accomplish so much more, and I recover more quickly, and I just feel so much better doing it. My skin looks better now too, so I have to admit my husband was right about that as well. But I'm glad you're not having those problems, and you are doing so well!
  20. I'm not either. My numbers were creeping toward hypo while I was low-carb (had started out normal). I really don't have any idea what effect it would have on hyperthyroidism. I hope you are finding what works for you now!
  21. I don't mind questions at all! I know that different people can have very different experiences with the diet. And I felt really good and loved it for the first several years - it was really only the last few years that my blood sugar and HA1c started going up, followed shortly by the cholesterol going up, and the onset of the other problems. Also, my thyroid numbers were still within normal, but not optimal, and getting worse as time went on. Anyway, to answer your question, I was eating low-carb, high-fat, and moderate-protein. I didn't typically count my fat and protein grams, but I
  22. I want to second Selkie's recommendation for Dr. Gregor's book and eating plan. It has been absolutely life-changing for me. If you prefer videos rather than books, he has many at his website. (Though I want to be honest with you that my issues were different than yours. I was dealing with high cholesterol, chronic migraines, some anxiety, and about 15 pounds of excess weight. It helped with all of that, and also improved my sleep, my energy levels, my skin, my immunity, my allergies...) I will admit upfront that I am anti-keto. I ate keto for 12 years (that's how I ended up with the
  23. Cat, I’m sorry that my response to you was based on a misunderstanding. Mea culpa.
  24. Yes, I completely agree, and do want to say that I don't think (most!) people are being deliberately cruel. And I've said thoughtless things that I wish I could take back!
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