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  1. I ditto Prisoners for a Geography great book also:

    On Writing Well & Writing to Learn

    About Teaching Math by Burns

    Teaching Science so that Students Learn Science by Mays

    Charlotte Masons volumes

    A few I can think of, and as long as you are reading whatever you can makes you a better teacher.

    I love any book by David McCullough for history ☺️





  2. I guess it depends what your child's goals are.  PSAT was huge for us because of National Merit Scholarships.  My son was not a finalist but was commended and he got full tuition where he attends so yes, it paid greatly for us!  $26K a year!  I guess it depends on where your child is and how you think he will do.  I didn't stress with my second son because he wanted to go into military not college so I guess it is your kids goals.  🙂

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  3. Anyone who has wrote a book and want to offer to others....question please. 🙂 I was wondering if you know of the best way to have it published that would not be too costly for those interested in purchasing and for myself. I looked into Lulu but the cheapest is $30. It is a daily devotional/journal for kids ages 8 and up based on the church calendar for people not in a liturgical church. It is quite long over 300 pages since it is daily and therefore is a bit costly in printing. Any suggestions?

  4. I am not a fan of memorizing spelling lists.  My kids could easily "memorize" a list and then forget it the next day in their writing.  We do dictation lessons where I select a passage that doesn't have more than 4-5 words my child doesn't know how to spell and you could use your kids books they are reading.  Have them scan the passage (we use this as a time to discuss grammar as well) and highlight words they are not sure they can spell.  Make them visualize the word and see it before writing it when they think they have it then I find parts of the passage and dictate to them.  (It could take a couple days before having those words and grammar down which is fine...)  We have had great success with this!  Also, not sure if your child is a reader but reading good material will help build your kids vocabulary and spelling!

  5. I have such a tendency to over load my book choices for the year and then I get overwhelmed....so can anyone recommend which book would be best for a smart 9 yr. old boy?  I wanted to incorporate one day of reading a fun living math book for Friday's (something to look forward to and know I should probably pick one to make it last for the whole year) otherwise it would be read in a day and his takeaway wouldn't be much!  😛

    Which do you find best for the age and for the material learned?  Thanks!!

    ·      The Number Devil: A Mathematical Adventure   OR  The Adventures of Penrose the Mathematical Cat




  6. Math has definitely changed it seems like they are focusing more on children’s way of getting to a problem - “the ideas” and less on it being strictly obeying a set of rules. I do you find this fascinating that there are many ways to arrive at a problem and to encourage and explore this with our children.  I have incorporated this in my kids learning and I am often amazed that the way they arrive at a problem is not the same as how I would conqueror a problem. I think since I was taught the more rule based way I don’t look for other ideas on how to solve a problem and how many ways could be done a lot easier. I think it’s vital that we listen to our kids and their thinking and how they arrive at a problem and not to always have them want to answer in a way that we are instructing... to be open to other ideas. That is what I see is the push right now and I also find that this helps and instill the love of math and not quenching our kids spirits.

    I have taken a peek at her books but it seems more geared for the classroom. I am however a fan of Marilyn Burns works and try to incorporate those ideas.

  7. I stumbled on an old post on how to schedule SU:  see below very helpful!  I'll post below...my question is did you all do all the pages and problems?  I have been doing it more by concept based and my son has really caught on and flying through the first book mostly done and he is only finishing 3rd grade this year.  I don't want to bore the child but I also know the importance of review.  Whoever has used this text for your kids how did you go about it and how did it work for your kids?  Thanks so much!

    Book One is for grades 3 and 4.

    Ch. 1 is a concise review of Grade 2.

    Ch. 2 is for grade 3 first half.

    Ch. 3 is for grade 3 second half.

    Ch. 4 is for grade 4 first half.

    Ch. 5 is for grade 4 second half.

    Book Two is for grades 5 and 6, but many schools would have delayed percents until Grade 7, or fell "behind" even earlier than that.

    Ch. 1 is for grade 5 first half

    Ch. 2 is for grade 5 second half

    Ch. 3 is for grade 6 first half

    Ch. 4 is for grade 6 second half.


    Book 3 is for grades 7 and 8, but many schools would have still been finishing up Book 2 for grade 7, especially if they delayed percents until 7th grade. Book 3 is mini chapters instead of large chapters. Schools would have had very individual ideas about which chapters to complete and skip.




  8. If anyone is interested in learning more of a detailed curriculum in a Charlotte Mason philosophy the Alveary is offering a free curriculum to try for now through the end of June.  Details are linked below.  Hope this helps someone we have been involved for the last three years but they are offering for a limited time....We love the language for elementary particularly and the art program, geography if you are interested in just a few subjects....





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