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  1. Thank you all so much for taking time to respond. I really appreciate it! This is exactly how I took it also. I was very offended that MIL would call basically wanting to teach my DD for a day. All because she is noticing areas that DD is "struggling" with. I probably should have stated that she does not fully support our choice to homeschool. I know she does want to be in their lives, and I really do think that is great. I think the second part may very well be true. She does make a point to see our children frequently, once or twice a week. They sleep over there at least twice a month. I am glad she wants to spend time with them, but maybe she doesn't know what to DO with them. Overall, yes, there are boundary issues. I don't have a very good relationship with her, and neither does DH. She has not always been kind to me, but she has been nicer in the past few years. She has very controlling personality. She is not supportive of many of our choices, and the world hears about it when things don't go her way. She tries to parent our children when they are with her (even when DH and I are around). We don't always give in to her, but DH does like to "keep the peace." I get very anxious anytime she calls or when I know I have to see her, so it is sometimes hard for me to determine if I am being reasonable or not. I agree with others that this is a boundary issue, so I will try to kindly but firmly let her know.
  2. My MIL called this morning to ask if our 2nd grader could come spend the night one night next week. She wants to work on handwriting with her, because she noticed last week that DD writes some of her letters backwards. She also said that my FIL likes to work on math with her, but he makes it too hard so she wants me to send math with her too. We happen to be on school break next week, but my MIL didn't know that when she called. She originally wanted me to send all of her schoolwork with her, so that she could do it with her. I told my MIL that we have school under control. I told her that the kids don't need to do school next week, since they are caught up and we are on break. But MIL kept talking and talking and talking, and I finally agreed to send some handwriting paper so DD can work on her name. (She gets her a's backwards only in her name, and she also writes 9s and 6s backwards) But she kept pushing and told me to just send one math worksheet too. I was fed up just said ok, ok, ok to end the conversation. I am just really upset about it. My husband is understanding, but he thinks I am taking it too personally. He did say that he would call MIL and tell her that DD can spend the night, but only to spend time with them and not to do schoolwork. I just had a thought that I have some math games, maybe I it would be a good idea to send one of those instead.
  3. Definitely potato chips! Salty and crunchy and yum! Now I want dip too.
  4. Taking Charge of Your Fertility is the book I found most helpful. http://www.amazon.com/Taking-Charge-Your-Fertility-Anniversary/dp/0060881909/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1399083876&sr=1-1&keywords=taking+charge+of+your+fertility
  5. lol, my older kids say "zample" too! They love going to Costco for the "zamples".
  6. My kids love broccoli! Last night my 5 year old asked for a snack before bed. She made herself a big plateful of lettuce (no dressing) and ate almost all of it. Crazy kids! I love it.
  7. Not really, we have a couple of friends, but where we are looking wouldn't put us very far away from our closest friends. About 40 minutes instead of 30 now. We would be leaving our homeschool group that we love, so that would be difficult. My dad watches the girls one day a week while I work, but if we move that far away I will just quit my job. Another problem is that our oldest DD will be starting feeding therapy at the local children's hospital in a couple of weeks. I'm not sure that she could get the same help at another hospital, but then maybe we could make that into a day that we visit family here too. You're right. We have friends that live 30 minutes away, and some that live an hour away. We really have to make an effort to see them, especially the ones who are farther. This is a really good idea. I've made a pro/cons list, but I am going to do this in more detail. Thanks! Thanks, this is reassuring. :) A little more time won't really help, unfortunately. We live in an affluent area, and even the forclosures and fixer-uppers with acreage are at least $100,000 more here than other places we are looking. We are debt free and plan on putting 20% down, and I don't really want to mortgage too much where we will be too tight. We have talked about compromising and finding a house on an acre. It would be especially nice if we could at least have chickens. :) :drool5:
  8. We are planning on buying a house this year. We really want this to be our forever house. We would love to have a small amount of land, 2-5 acres, and have a small hobby farm. The problem is that anything in the price range we want to be in is at least an hour away, which means an hour away from our parents and everyone we know. Right now, my dad and MIL make a point to see the kids every week, and my mom sees them about every other week. I just feel really guilty moving the kids away from them. An hour isn't that far away. It's much farther than we are used too. I just can't seem to make a decision about whether to stay close and probably live in a neighborhood or move away and have the room we want to have. Half of me wants each option!
  9. Strawberry Shortcake - I remember that I was very nervous. I thought the "real" characters were actually going to be there live. The first drive-in movie I remember seeing was the original 101 Dalmatians.
  10. Hahahaha! My DH and I quote that all the time! Too funny. She is pretty fluffy!
  11. She's home! She's doing great. Her name is Penny. :) She was a stray, and the shelter thought she was 12 years old. She is almost if not completely blind from cataracts, but otherwise she's in great shape physically. I took her our vet today, who thinks she is actually more like 6 with juvenile hereditary cataracts. She does a great job finding her way around though. She is very cautious and has only bumped into a few things. Her hearing is just fine, and we found that we can talk to her to help guide her a little bit. She found the kitchen without any problems and seems to know that good things come from that room. :) She follows me everywhere and sits on the couch with me, so that makes her perfect in my book! Thanks to everyone who has been following!
  12. I don't like cheesecake...or any cake for that matter.
  13. I'm so sorry for your loss, and that you had to make such a hard decision for your friend. You are right, poodles are great dogs. :grouphug:
  14. The shelter called today and said they would love for us to adopt her! Yay! We're going to sign the adoption papers tomorrow, and they said we may even be able to take her home! It is crazy how nervous/excited I am. I feel like I am going on a first date or something, lol.
  15. I'll join in. try to get DD2 Dr. appt to check ears clean up kitchen clean off table quick pick up around house vacuum whole house DD2's early intervention coordinator meeting DD2 Dr. appt clean bathtub and bathroom mirrors work 1-6:30pm clean out purse laundry exercise
  16. Someone on my last thread about grieving the loss of my heart dog mentioned that there are dogs in shelters all over looking for love, so... That got me thinking... Which got me looking... And I met someone! We went to the shelter to see her on Sunday. She was so good with our 2 year old, and she even let the older kids hold her. She loves to snuggle! We have her on hold and are waiting for them to approve our application. She still needs to be spayed and vaccinated, so I don't even know when we will get to bring her home. Eek! I am so nervous and excited! I didn't expect it, but my heart already hurts a little less. I hope she gets to come home soon!
  17. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
  18. Yay! I'm so jealous! I would love to have one!
  19. Thank you. It really does help to know that other people know how I am feeling. I feel like the pain should be getting better, but I still miss her so much. I really like the ideas of getting a Christmas ornament that looks like her and making a donation to a shelter in her name. I am going to do both of those things. We do have other pets, and our 7 month old rescued kitten has decided that my newly open lap is now his favorite place to cuddle. That helps, because Java was definitely a lap dog. I could not sit down without her being in my lap. We have two other dogs also, and one of them has been sitting with me more. She has always been my husband's dog, and she has never payed me much attention even before we got Java. Actually, when we first lost Java, one of the two dogs sat with me all of the time. It was like they were taking turns at taking care of me. I am so sorry to everyone else who has lost a dog, especially a soul mate dog. I guess that love and strong bond we felt with these dogs is the reason that it hurts so much, and I know I wouldn't give that up for anything.
  20. I had her put to sleep 4 weeks ago. She was 16. She had no quality of life. She was completely blind and deaf and had severe arthritis. She would get lost in her own house, and then she would get scared because she didn't know where she was or who was touching her. I have no doubt that it was the right thing to do. I am surprised, but I have no guilt. She went peacefully in my arms. She gave me kisses right before she fell asleep, and I told her how good she was and how much I loved her. The problem is that she was my dog. She was my soul mate dog. She was my friend. She loved me more than she loved anything else, including herself. I loved her too. I only had her for 3 years, but as soon as I picked her up, she was mine and I was hers. I have never had another dog like her. I just miss her so much. I cry every time someone mentions her name. People say things like "you gave her such a great home" and "she was so lucky to have you." I know they are trying to be kind, but the truth is that I was so lucky to have her. I am feeling sorry for myself tonight. I thought it might help if I wrote it down. I think it has.
  21. I am following along. Our 3rd DD is almost 2, and I have no idea what to get her. I like the bumpy ball idea, and play silks are a great idea. My DDs 7 and 5 got some play silks when they were very young, and they still play with them everyday. I still need to think of a big gift idea.
  22. :hurray: Thank you! Thank you!
  23. Yay! I finally got caught up on Season 2 on Netflix! Can't wait!
  24. I have been sick for awhile. It started with nasal congestion for 2 weeks (allergies?), then I got a low grade fever and cough. I went to the doctor after 5 days of fever (already had the appt. for something else), and she said it was just a virus. After the 9th day of fever, I called back. She called me in a Z-Pac and told me to take Mucinex. At that point, I could feel a lot of mucous in my chest. I am on day 4 of the Z-Pac, and as of yesterday I can feel bubbling in my chest whenever I move. When I lay down it feels like the bubbles are coming up my throat. I do cough up a little mucous, but it is just white or clear. I still have a low grade fever, but only in the evenings now. I have no energy and just feel blah. I'm not sure if this is what bronchitis feels like? Or if I should go back to see the doctor?
  25. We have these: http://www.amazon.com/SafeRest-Hypoallergenic-Waterproof-Mattress-Protector/dp/B003PWS9AI/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1379366129&sr=8-3&keywords=waterproof+mattress+pad We have 2 for 2 kids, and they are holding up really well! The ones we bought at walmart were destroyed quickly. We put this waterproof cover on the mattress, then a fitted sheet, then we put a hospital pad over that, then the flat sheet on top. That way if they wake up wet, they can take the top sheet and pad off the bed and go back to sleep. It works well for us.
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