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  1. Thanks, all! It's 2:43pm and I haven't had any ice cream yet, but I'm thinking of it! This is my second year homeschooling 3 kids, ages 11 1/2, 10 and 6 1/2. We are doing Y1 and Y3. I'm thinking of "hitting pause" and doing other things until september. These would include: math (continue) spanish (continue) grammar (continue, step it up a bit) reading (I'd spend more time with the AO Y1 and Y3 free reads) history (biographies, timeline catch up) nature study ( this got almost completely ignored up to now) phys ed: swimming, biking, hikes, go to gym cooking (get up to speed on meal planning, getting my kids involved) drawing (I've wanted to start Drawing With Children for a year now!) decluttering (getting into the flylady routine) bible/prayer (continue, adding some together prayer time) geography (marco polo, mapping catch up) Continue with composer and artist studies and poetry Here are my reasons: - I feel like we are "rushing." I know we're only studying 200 years of history but there are some biographies I'd like them to read. - Part of rushing, we have not done much marco polo or any mapping at all. - Our timeline is nonexistent. I'd like to go back and do a review as we contstruct our timeline. - Like I said, PE is not happening, and neither is healthy cooking. We're all suffering for it, especially my waistline. - I'm hoping if I do the mapping, timeline, PE, I will gain some experience and efficiency with them that I can carry on into the fall. - And finally, looking at the fall and AO Y2 and Y4, I really wonder if they' will be ready for it. I thought of doing year 3.5 but I don't think I like that idea from a history perspective. So that's how I thought of maybe "hitting pause" and waiting until September to do term three, while doing all of the above for the rest of this school year. Do many of you just do the years as you go, and not worry about Sept-June timeline? I was a bit concerned about having that summer gap interrupt study. Thanks for commiscerating (sp?) ladies. I so appreciate it. One thing's for certain. Now is a time for me to dig deep -- and not just into the ice cream carton ;). Kris
  2. I'm feeling stressed, and I keep thinking of things I can drop from my schedule, homeschool or otherwise. Despite being "out straight," we are not getting to everything I want to get to. Phys ed, drawing, cooking together. Riding bikes. We do Ambleside Online, this is our first year and we are entering the third of three terms. We're right on schedule to finish about June 21. But I'm thinking of "hitting pause" on the curriculum, and maybe finish in the fall instead of June 21. Can't we just do nature study, anatomy, mapping, drawing, artist composterand stuff like that for the rest of the year? My kids are not listening during school. There's bickering, disrespect, disobedience. We go to the store and they repeatedly ask to buy things, as if they're 1, 2 and 3 not 6, 10 and 11. We all need to exercise and eat better. We need to get up earlier so we can get more school done in the morning. Driving today I noticed myself resenting my kids for not thriving in a classroom. Which is both ridiculous and real. Do I wish I had 35 hours apart from the kids? Sure. Do I believe homeschooling will be best for them in the long run in every way? Sure, but only if I do it well. My husband's job allows me to stay home, I am comfortable with the material, I etc. Still a troubling thought has crept its way into the forefront of my brain. What if I have everything it takes to homeschool, except the heart? I've declared tomorrow "character day," I let the kids know the general tone of the house is not going well, and that they will have to make up the school work on their own time, or extend the school year by a day. We're going to do chores, have discussions about the virtues and why it's good to pursue them. They oughta love it. Maybe we'll do it for the rest of the week. Maybe they really will love it. Who wants to bet I eat ice cream in the bathroom before noon? Disclaimer: I'm about to get a second dish of ice cream right now.
  3. OK, I didn't feel old until someone mentioned OJ and the white Bronco! Wow!! :) My first news memory is Elvis' death. I was 7. Oh, wait: "I remember a lot about the Bicentennial and Nadia Comanichi (sp?) earning 10s at the Olympics. Both would have been 1976." I remember the bicentennial and Nadia Comanichi too!! I was 6! Kris
  4. Thanks for your reply! I am leaning toward HOD, too, but because I am a Catholic, I worry that the religious integration will become a hindrince. I could be wrong, I'm thinking of contacting Carrie today to ask her about it. I am thinking that even if I do HOD for one year (Preparing) it will help my boys build skills that they could use to tackle a more pure CM approach the following year. Maybe... :) Kris
  5. Why do you want to change from CM Help, if you don't mind me asking? I'm considering either HOD Preparing or CM Help for my DS 9 and DS 11 this fall. :bigear: Kris
  6. Hello, I have a son who is 10 1/2, and we started homeschooling in September. It is pretty bad lately. Partly cabin fever, partly puberty, partly ADHD/Anxiety. He fights everything and is upset/angry at every the announcement of every assignment. We are trying to get him off of sugar. I say trying because I fail sometimes and because sometimes socially there's sugar and I don't want to do that to him. I just adjusted all of his vitamins (I hadn't realized his doses were too low for his weight), and we're adding tyrisone -- my husband just walked in with the package. It's a non-essential amino acid that I heard might help. I am one of those avoid-the-meds moms, but I am holding on by a thread. I am happy for both of you that they seem to be helping! Anyway, I empathize, it is so hard. Today, he was working on copying a rough draft of a simple thank you letter. Every time I stepped away, he would stop and stare. It is so hard for me not to get frustrated with him! Feel free to PM anytime, you are not alone! Kris
  7. You got some great advice here. I am in a similar place and have been reaching out in forums looking for help. We are trying to go without meds and it's not easy! I've only been homeschooling for four months also, and I have two other children. Anyway, I feel your pain! Don't give up! One thing I read that I'll pass on is not to react to them emotionally because it actually satisfies them in some way (like a hit of sugar, or adreneline or something). Their brain lights up and it's a reward. So to stay emotionally neutral. I think this is fresh on my mind because I became a screaming then crying lunatic today. *sigh*
  8. Thank you and I'm so glad you posted. It's tough to hear that I may be hurting him by not medicating him. I hear this over and over. So I did really need to hear encouragement about diet. Just a few weeks ago we started getting all the junk out of the house. I am trying to follow the Eat for Health plan by Dr. Fuhrman, and it's mainly veggies, beans, fruits, nuts, seeds, avocado... Thankfully as much of a crack head that my son seems like with sugar, he is my best eater. I make this kale soup and he loves it, loves beans. He does well. Today he ate a date and loved it. So... Thank you. Thankyouthankyouthankyou. :)
  9. would you share how the process was for you? Overall, a positive experience. How did you select your evaluator? We applied to three hospitals, Mass General, Tufts, and Children's Hospital. We ended up getting offers for an appointment about 4 months later from both MG and Children's, and chose MG because it was closer. Did they have an informative website? Somewhat. http://www.mgh.harvard.edu/children/specialtiesandservices/psychology_assessment_center/default.aspx Did you talk or email them prior to scheduling anything? I had an appointment with the evaluator before he met my son. How far out did they schedule? It took about four months. How long did the entire process take? Six months, it took a long time to get the written evaluation, although I think it's because it fell through the cracks and if I'd call it wouldn't have. It took like 2 months (11/2/10 eval, got the written on in early Jan). I did meet with him in late November and got the verbal results (i.e., he explained the results to me.) Did you have a "meet and greet" session prior or did you just show up and dig in? We just showed up with my son and dug in. How many sessions did this take? One, about six hours. I have three children being tested. Would you want one to go through the full process, then move on to the next? Would you pick the one with the most issues, least issues, most complex, or what? I would pick the one or two most impaired, probably, if you have reservations about where you're going. Or do all three. My husband and I decided that our insurance would pay for another in one year, so if we were really disappointed we could have him re-evaluated in a year. What do you wish you knew then that you know now? Nothing, really. Anything you would be sure to ask? I had so many questions, I guess it would depend on the child and the issues at hand. Would you do it all over again? Yes. Anything else? Make sure to call your insurance and get that all sorted out. Our coverage was great, fortunately. Also, the results were insightful and we are glad that we have had the feedback. Let me know if you want to talk in more detail. Breathe!
  10. I am sorry that it took me so long to write back. Thank you everyone for your compassionate responses. It is so cool to hang out on a forum like this. First of all I have a few abbreviation questions (that's my only problem with this board, the acronyms REALLY get to me!): What is: - MCT Grammar - MUS - HWT For Apples and Pears, do I order that from England? Razorback Mama: So interesting that you mention the higher EPA than DHA. We were on Omega brite for a while and while of course I think it was good, we've switched to a fish oil with a more balanced ratio. I figure as long as he's getting enough of both, that's good. I'm going to order borage oil to add today, for the GLA portion. We also are starting him on Tyrosine, with the consent of our doctor who specializes in nutrition (we consult with him online, www.drfuhrman.com). The idea that not medicating him is damaging his brain or setting him up for addiction is with me every single day. I purchased a therapeutic light and I'm getting him up early so he can have some tv time while he sits under it. It seems to help, I especially notice he's more controlled in the afternoon.s (I like it too.) And finally, yes, he has had an evaluation. I had him evaluated at the public school before I took him out (at the end of 4th grade, last spring). There were no learning disabilities, just executive functioning. Then I had him evaluated at Mass General for Children. They agreed with a psychologist's opinion that he has ADHD and generalized anxiety - no mood disorders or other learning disabilities. I'm really looking into a Charlotte Mason approach because I'm thinking the variety, short lessons and character building will be good for all of us. I am just finding the learning curve to be HUGE and I can't really find my way. I had a terrible night last night with him -- a 2 hour meltdown from 8-10 that disrupted the whole family. Then again this morning. He kept telling me to shut up and mocking me when I spoke (mouthing the words and making a face -- it's right up there with eye rolling only worse IMO). I just lost it, ended up yelling and yelling and sending him outside to shovel off the deck. Anyway, please know that I deeply apreciate all of your replies and honest feedback. xoxoxoxo. Kris
  11. I don't know much of your story yet, but I am here to offer my sincere prayers that this will be the beginning of healing. Lots of love, Kris
  12. :) Thanks. I know the meds aren't evil. We just have a lot of addiction history in our family and I don't want to set him up for that. But I know untreated he could be on that path anyway..... I guess the gravity of his diagnosis is beginning to sink in and scare me. Kris
  13. Our son is 10 1/2 and has anxiety and AHDH. We are trying to work with him without medicating him. Our doctor and psychologist are both ok with this. I have told both of them that if they think I should medicate, I will. But neither has said that so far. He has very limited ability to work by himself. He is emotionally volatile. We just started homeschooling this fall, and I am started to get worn down. I've had no patience with him this week and I feel awful. If anyone has suggestions for good curriculums for ADHD kids, I'm all ears. I'm using Writing with Ease and First Language Lessons. I am thinking of changing my other son (9) from FLL to something more independent, because doing WWE and FFL with the two boys, plus teaching my 5yo DD to read, it's too much one-on-one time I think. Anyway. I feel lost and in WAY over my head. I do not want my child to become drug dependent. I have seen the way he acts already with sugar. He steals it. Anything we have in the house is fair game. He stole his Dad's xmas candy, tons of his siblings halloween candy, if I have any ice cream in the freezer he steals that. If he acts that way with sugar, I think amphetamines will be worse. But as I said, I am lost, and sad. Kris
  14. Wow, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all of the responses to my post. I am feeling better today! :grouphug: Yesterday I ordered WWE Level 2, for my 10 year old son. From a post here I realized that I had misread SWB's guidelines for transitioning from public school. My husband's a little distraught that he's so far behind, but really, we knew it. And now he will learn to write. So, my first thing to do is write up a schedule/checklist for us. I've been coming up with the schedule on a day-to-day basis. After doing it for three weeks, I feel like I have enough of a clue to write a realistic schedule. And I'm grateful for the tips on helping my DD and DS8. I will read the Charlotte Mason links ASAP, as well. I'm excited to learn more about it! Thank you all sooooo much! :auto: Kris
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