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  1. Hello, I am looking for a learn-to-read-and-write K-1 phonics program which introduces cursive first and has a first reading book in cursive. What resources are out there? Is ABeka the only one? I don't like how they introduce print at the same time. Thank you! Ann Marie
  2. I teach high school beginner Greek (9-12), and we use a Crosby and Schaffer reprint - Bolchazy-Carducci. I find it very satisfying - quite dense, but the exercises really make you learn. No anwer key that I know of, but I really didn't know much when I started, and now things are quite clear. I hope that is helpful... sorry, I didn't read all the posts, maybe someone else has already suggested this. Ann Marie
  3. No I don't, in fact, but I figured I would google it...
  4. Thank you for so many suggestions of resources! I'm going to look into all of those, most of which I have never heard of. I appreciate the completeness of Harvey's Elementary English Grammar, but it is a little off-putting, not very user friendly for people today. (1878 reprint) Has anyone tried Shurley English? Too gimmicky? Ann Marie
  5. I am not a parent but a private school teacher trying to help other small schools improve their curriculum. I am in search of recommendations for an elementary grammar textbook, in print or out of print, which would focus on analysis, a grammar progression teaching parsing, definitions, etc., but which could then be integrated with the poems, dictations and readings chosen by the school. I would like something drawing students slowly to penetrate the nature of words & the structure of sentences, every year going deeper, not just fill in blanks and jump through hoops of randomly organized g
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