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  1. II may be wrong, but my impression was that the $250 is a flat rate, no matter how many children use it?
  2. The Ron Paul Homeschool curriculum is being launched. Dr. Tom Woods and Dr. Gary North are heavily involved in it. It will be free from K-5, and something like $250 a year after that. Supposedly it will cover everything the students will need to learn (science, math, phonics, etc). More info at www.RonPaulcurriculum.com Obviously this won't appeal to everyone, but I figured I would share the info.
  3. She explained to me tonight that the thickness of the lines for the different songs corresponded to how "old" each song was (ie, how long she had known the song).
  4. Thanks everyone. I had no idea so many people experience some form of synesthesia. However, after reading a bit about it, it still doesn't seem to be what DD6 is experiencing. She doesn't seem to be blending or crossing or whatever two or more senses that I can tell... Am I just missing something?
  5. My pleasure! I hope your children enjoy them and love reading them. :)
  6. I saw synesthesia, but she doesn't seem to associate sounds or letters with certain colors. More like, when she thinks of things to choose between them, her mind makes some kind of colorful graph or chart that she bases her decision/preference on. She will say things like, "I know I like X more, because the line is thicker/brighter/longer/a certain color." Edit: for what it is worth, she is an artsy girl.
  7. We like the ESV Grow Bible, and it would probably be good for an 8 year old. For a 12 year old, I would probably be recommend with the ESV Student Study Bible. http://www.amazon.com/ESV-Grow-Bible-Esv/dp/1433528746 http://www.amazon.com/Student-Study-Bible-Bibles-Crossway/dp/1433523043
  8. A few months ago we were on a beach at night, before we left Hawaii. I showed DD6 the ocean, the city skyline, the trees blowing in the wind on the sand, and the stars. I asked her which was her favorite, She paused a second and said that the buildings (skyline) were her favorite. I asked her why, or how she was able to answer so quickly. She replied that in her mind, she associated the buildings with a bright green line, and the other views had shorter lines, that weren't as bright, or were different colors. So, she knew that she preferred the skyline. Since then, there have been several times where she has described similar things. She and I had visited two different churches, and I asked her which one she liked better. She pondered for a moment, then picked one, explaining how it showed up differently in her mind (a rising green line vs a flat red line, I think). Then tonight, she mentioned three songs she likes, and that in her mind Song A has a fat pink line, Song B has a medium brown line, and Song C has a thin brownish-gray line. Has anyone else heard anything like this before? My Google skills are not having any success.
  9. Another term you may have heard for "God-given rights" is "Natural Rights"
  10. I am interested in the same question, but about Switzerland...
  11. I like the Bogleheads and Gyroscopic Investing forums.
  12. Your half-sister is Keira Knightley?? :tongue_smilie: I have been told a little like Jeremy Piven, a little like Ryan Gosling, and little like Nathan Fillion.... I don't see any of them though.
  13. I think we are going to go with Charlotte Janae We like Jane, but the downsides are: 1. Too close to "Jade" 2. Two "older" sounding names 3. Maybe too popular?
  14. I wish I didn't have to cut my grass, but it would stay green and thick, but not grow taller. I wish I could find comfortable, affordable men's underwear (boxers). I wish I could find durable jeans that fit me. I wish I could find shirts that fit me without having to custom order them.
  15. No, sorry... I think something must be wrong with me.
  16. The most important thing is tailoring. Also, check out (or have him check out) http://dappered.com/. Lot's of good advice on there. Brooks Brothers is a solid choice for shirts. Personally, I like to get my clothing made-to-measure online. Check out: http://www.blanklabel.com/ http://www.indochino.com/ http://moderntailor.com/ http://www.blacklapel.com/ As far as shoes, he should probably invest in some Allen Edmonds.
  17. Valiant efforts everyone, but unfortunately none of them worked for me. :(
  18. So, I was told by multiple people that I don't laugh enough. What is the funniest thing you have seen, heard, or thought of? Could be a YouTube video, a song, a website, a joke... it is up to you. FWIW, my favorite stand-up comedians are Demetri Martin, Jim Gaffigan, Mitch Hedberg, Steven Wright, etc It isn't that I don't have a sense of humor. And I enjoy making others laugh. But when I find something humorous, I rarely go beyond a smile/smirk, maybe a slight chuckle.
  19. My 6 and 4 year olds go in together without me, and have for probably at least a year. The biggest reason I don't send the 4 year old by herself is because sometimes she will have trouble with a door, or if she can't reach the soap, sink, or paper towel dispenser, she will just yell for someone to come help her.
  20. I am thinking more like something that could be possibly solved with a service, or a product, or a website, phone app, software program, etc. A lot of great things thrown out in here though!
  21. Cheaper, easier, faster, or what? And keep them coming folks! :)
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