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  1. Can anyone give me info on what is covered in CC for English? I am going back to using CCM which doesn't cover English. If CC cd's cover topics I'm interested in, I might buy them to add to the memory work for each week.
  2. If the goal is to simply finish the book then yes that would be viewed as punishment. If the goal is to internalize the concepts of math in a family that works through the problems together and uses them as springboards for other teachable moments, as she does in her book, then it wouldn't be. As for my son, he was on lesson 41 when we started the book over. His new notebook is written with neatness. He boxes in all his answers. He clearly shows his work. He understands the concepts better. But then again, I'm a mom that sits in on drum, trumpet, and violin practice to eradicate sloppiness.
  3. If he's getting 85% on lessons due to sloppiness and rushing, then I wouldn't consider that blowing through a lesson. My 5th grade son is doing 8/7, and I'm so frustrated with his sloppiness and rushing that I'm making him start the book over. Part of being a strong math student is a job well done. I do recognize that some students are naturally gifted at certain subjects and don't need methodical programs, but for most students practice is what makes them excel, whether it is an instrument, a sport, or a school subject. I recently read The Core by Leigh Bortins. She mentioned that when her sons would finish a Saxon math book early in the year, she'd have them do it again. Her reasons are in the book, and I appreciated hearing them.
  4. So far we have Prima Latina, First Form, and Classical Comp: Fables. I will add LC1 and more Classical Comp in the future. I don't know what else they have, but I will always be eyeing them, because they are so helpful. We use Art Reed teaches Saxon DVDs for math and Simply Drawing DVDs for art. They have been so helpful for me this year. I also plan on mixing in IEW SWI with Classical Comp, too.
  5. Do you get the teacher's manual for these? If yes, how helpful/necessary were they?
  6. I don't, but I did buy the Art Reed DVDs for 8/7 and am very happy.
  7. I have used a variety of curricula over the years. As a Catholic that likes student workbooks but doesn't like Seton, I'm leaning more and more to Memoria Press. I like the DVDs that come with the courses, because I don't have to teach as much. I am still going to use some MODG, but I will be getting more from them next year.
  8. Thanks. I don't need this now, but I signed up for the emails in case this will interest me in the future.
  9. If you go on Teacher Pay Teachers you will find loads of things. Some of my favorites on there are Deanna Jump and Cara Carroll. Also the Moffet girls???
  10. I bought my from CBD. He has his own website, too.
  11. With a new baby in the house DVDs are becoming a great asset to our homeschool. I just started using Art Reed teaches Saxon math for DS1 to use with Saxon 8/7. He loves it! We also use First Form, Prima Latina, and Classical Comp: Fables DVDs from Memoria Press and Simply Drawing for art. After DS1 finishes the Fables Comp book both boys will do IEW SIW-A. So thankful for DVDs this year!
  12. We do all the mental math, practice, and all 30 problems. I'd rather take 11 months to get through the book then leave anything out.
  13. My son used intermediate 4 in school last year. I was disappointed, because it was so easy for him after doing Abeka 3 at home. I'd use 5/4.
  14. Oh I've never heard of that. Does it have any denominational slants or a strict 7 day creationist slant? Thanks
  15. Can recommend a good magazine for kids? Maybe with a geography focus? Thanks
  16. can you share how you got the code? thanks I have a 5th grader in FFL. He did 2/3 of LC1 in school last year. He likes it and we take two weeks per lesson, because I also have him in French.
  17. Hi, One of my regular Homeschool stores has a 25% off sale that ends at midnight. I was planning on starting DS2 on Prima Latina in Jan. and then moving to LC1 in the fall. We've also decided to start Pimsleur Spanish as a family. That will be conversational listening only. Now I'm trying to decide if I should buy PL or not. Thoughts on pros and cons of doing or waiting until the fall and just starting with LC1? Thanks, Christina
  18. I'm glad I read this. We had almost 2 weeks off due to a new baby and it is hard to get back into the swing of things right now. I planned almost now outside activities for the next two months, so we can use evenings and Sat. when needed.
  19. I went with Shurley Grammar, but I plan using Analytic Grammar for middle school.
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