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  1. I keep coming back to the CLAA website, but I'm just not sure about it yet. :lurk5:
  2. My son loved them as a follow up to 100EZ Lessons. They were nice, because he was such a young reader (early 4 yr old). We have the first grade set as well. I got them after he fell in love w/ Dick and Jane books.
  3. When do you begin Latin? If you begin before 3rd grade, what do you use? Thank you!
  4. My oldest new all his letters and sounds before he was 2 (I didn't teach him; he just soaked up everything.) and finished EZ lessons as an early 4 yr old. His brother knows some letters now and is 3 1/2.
  5. I read some reviews on amazon that the new ones are not nearly as good as the old Challenge books.
  6. I'm not sure; I didn't click on it. I just remember seeing it in a list of sites when I was googling.:)
  7. I actually saw it last night when I was web surfing about geosafari. Thanks, I'd love to hear more.
  8. bump. Should I have put this in the curriculum forum?
  9. The seller I only buy from people that use paypal and price items PPD w/fees included. I don't understand why people like the extra hassle of more back and forth emails for zipcodes, shipping quotes, fee quotes. Just name your price. Also, I will not send money in a personal transaction, because I can not track the item through paypal and I'm not covered w/ buyer protection.
  10. Are the newer geosafari 'laptops' as good as the 'old school' geosafari games? Are the cards interchangeable? Do you find these products useful? Or were you disappointed? Thank you
  11. How is SOTW 1 revised edition different from the first edition? How is the activity book different? Thank you!
  12. I've looked at the comparisons, and I would like a personal account of why you chose the Standards edition over the US edition? Are you happy with your choice? Thank you!
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