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  1. Thanks for this thread. I was confused on how to change the time constraint. So far we love it here.
  2. DS2 started Saxon 5/4 recently. Today I just realized I have a 2nd edition text book and 3rd edition tests. Is this a huge problem? Should I just order the 3rd edition text?
  3. I'd never heard of G3 until reading another thread tonight. If you've used the French online classes, can you share feedback. Thanks!!
  4. My kids all hate earbuds, so we bought a 5.00 converter that allows two sets of headphones at once.
  5. The Jim Dale version of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (my favorite line: "Have some wine," the march hare said in an encouraging tone.) The Family Theatre Radio Shows are great abridged audio books. All three of my kids enjoyed Little Women even though the boys wouldn't admit it. That was a great intro to LW, which is so long.
  6. Can anyone suggest durable headphones for tablets and shuffles. I'm so tired of going through $5.00 bin target headphones.
  7. :lurk5: I have never used an audible app, because the Audible books come straight onto the kindle. FYI: many audible books are super cheap if you buy the kindle book and they are whisper synced. I've saved so much money by buying both vs, just the audible book.
  8. The Phantom Tollbooth Redwall books (over 20) The Mouse and the Motorcycle
  9. 6th grader uses Hake Grammar and Memoria Press Classical Comp; Saxon Math 3rd grader is just finishing Abeka 3 Math and will move into Saxon 5/4 after Christmas; He uses Memoria Press grammar and writing 1st is just finishing Abeka 1 math and will move into Abeka 2; she uses Memoria Press L.A. I also throw in Writing With Ease for the younger two when I have time. All three are using Spelling Workout for the first time. The younger two still get AAS with me, but SW keeps us on a weekly routine which we sorely need. I fit AAS in when I have time.
  10. I don't know if you saw my post in another thread, but many moms, myself included, begin with mom intensive curr. such as RS Math and AAS. Then as more children get to school age we've moved to less mom intensive curr. but we have the knowledge of those awesome methodologies to pass on. I'm constantly throwing out wisdom from RS Math and AAS even when they are using other programs. Also, my middle two use dreambox math online and they've learned a lot of good math ideas that seem RSish. (such as learning how to multiply giant numbers by 5 in seconds by multiplying by 10 and dividing by 2.) So rest assured that you can pass those skills on even when you switch a curriculum.
  11. My son loves Pimsleur French and is using it with his father.
  12. My oldest is using Hake for Grammar, because I wanted something he could pretty much do without me and had diagramming. He is used to Saxon and likes familiarity. Since we jumped into MP while he was older I picked that and it works for both of us. He started book 5 in March and is 2/3 through it. Over all we are pleased and he is learning a lot. I will probably stick with the MP for the others, because I'm trying to get them on the grade level planners where we can just check the box for sanity purposes.
  13. I don't know if you have more children coming afterwards, but once you use any OG where you learn the rules as well as your child, you can apply those to any/all spelling and writing. I know that doesn't directly answer your question, but often moms use teacher intensive programs with their older kids and gravitate away from those as more kids are being schooled. I myself still use teaching techniques I learned from AAS and RS Math even though I'm not using RS at all and use AAS only when I can fit it in.
  14. My kids are 12, 9, 6, and 13 months. Here is how I've learned to survive: 1) I switched to Memoria Press for most subjects. The continuity helps them become more independent. 2) I use DVDs and onlilne classes when I can. Your kids may be too young for that. 3) I start the first week of August and we may go into mid June. 4) When we don't have sports season, we sometimes do school on Saturday. 5) I utilize quizlet for studying for tests. 6) I have days of the week where I focus on one child. Usually Monday is the 9 year old. I get him started with the new material for the week. Tuesday I sit with the 6 year old. Wednesday is the 9 year old again. Thursday is test day for the 6 and 9 year old. Those two have Friday off. Friday is one on one with the 12 year old and test day for him as well. It isn't set in stone. Today I needed to catch up with the 12 year old. 7) I have all my kids constantly reading novels while listening to audio books. 8) We all take turns hanging out with the toddler his room while he plays or chasing him down. Best wishes
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