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    Singapore Math: US Edition : Primary Math Challenge Word Problems 6 (no marking): $7 ppd Singapore Math: US Edition: Primary Math Textbook 6B (no marking): $7 ppd Precalculus Functions ans Graphs A Graphing Approach 4th Edition by Larson, Hostetler, Edwards: Student Book and Study and Solutions Guide by Bruce H. Edwards, Student Solutions Manual by Andrew Bulman-Fleming: New : $55 ppd (very heavy) Basic College Mathematics DVD course by Aufmann,Baker,Lockwood 8th Edition (6 DVDs): $13 ppd Elementary and Intermediate Algebra: A Combined Course DVD (9 DVDs) 4th Edition: $15 ppd Writing A College Handbook Fifth Edition : James Heffernan, John Lincoln, Janet Atwill (like New) : $10 ppd Chemistry (international Student Edition) Third Edition by Gilbert, Kirss, Foster, Davies ( Like new inside, Fair cover): $15 ppd Apologia Advanced Chemistry in Creation 1st Edition : Student and Solutions and Tests ( New) : $18 ppd sold Apologia Exploring Creation with General Science 1st Edition: Student,Solutions and Tests, Multimedia Companion CD, Audio Book MP3 CD : $ 16 ppd Apologia Exploring Creation with Physical Science 1st Edition Student: $8 ppd Progeny Press Hamlet Study Guide by Bethine Ellie (New in shrink wrap): $8 ppd Christian Light Education: Where Roads Diverge-- Student book, Teacher's Guidebook, Answer key New , Work books New (801 to 805) : $16 ppd Runkle Geography: Student, Teacher,and Student Activity workbook: $12 ppd heavy Put That In Writing Level One by Barrett Student and Answer Key& Test Bank $20 ppd Carbon Chemistry & music CD for grade 5-9 by McHenry: $10 ppd Streams of Civilization Vol one & two : Student Books, Vol one Tests & Answers, Vol two Teacher's Manual and Answer Key: $15 ppd (very heavy) Never Before In History : America's Inspired Birth : Teacher's Guide : $9 ppd ***All Sales Final. All ship via Media Rate, no insurance.



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    Smarr Publishers Survey of British Literature: Guide for all books, Schedule, 15 books and A Guide to Critical Writing, Grammar, and Style: $55 via media rate + $2.50 for insurance optional Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Idylls of the King Beowulf Macbeth Hamlet Utopia Romeo and Juliet **Othello (missing) Jonathan Swift: Satirical Works Alexander Pope Essay on Man and Other Poems **She Stoops to Conquer (missing) Frankenstein A Tale of Two Cities Wuthering Heights Pride and Prejudice Arms and the Man World War I British Poets ** All Sale Final, please ask question. some books have little writing and markings. All books in used condition. The guide in very good condition with no marking.


  3. Have anyone used IEW's College-Bound Student Package? How do you like it? Helpful for preparing SAT and college work ? Thanks.
  4. My dc will be in 7th & 9th grade this fall. We did Ancient History to present two times. My oldest one is going to do American Lit. at a co-op this fall, so he would like to do US history the third time around using Omnibus III. We used Sonlight, TOG . We would like to combine Omnibus with Notgrass for the older one and just Omnibus for the 7th grader. Any feedbacks will be appreciated.
  5. I'm thinking of doing this, too. Anxiously waiting for feedbacks. Thanks.
  6. My dc are 11 & 13 and would like to learn French this coming school year. After reading some of the posts here and looking at the different curricula, I like N'allenart. However, there are not many posts about this particular curriculum. Would the users of N'allenart here please give me some feedbacks? Thanks.
  7. Anyone knows of the differences between the older versions (in spiral binding) and the current versions? Any input will be appreciated! thanks.
  8. I am considering these curricula. Would someone give me some feedbacks on them? Thanks.
  9. Thank you so much, ladies!!! I will check out those websites and learn...:D and maybe wait til senior high or college to purchase one .
  10. There are some who recommand graphic calculator and sketch pad for Geometry. Is this neccessary? I've never used them in my college years in engineering school. I would like some feedback on this. Thanks.
  11. thank you so much for the info , it is very helpful!! May I ask you more questions? When you said activities, do you mean excersices ( fill in the bank, matching, answering questions....) or suggested activities for me to do with the student?
  12. I'm thinking about this curriculum and would like to know if there are practice pages inside the books; especially, the vocabulary, poem writing books. The samples on the publisher's website do not show any work pages, just explanation of the subject matter. If not, how does the child practice what he/she learns? Any test included in the TM? thanks for all your help!
  13. Thank you. Ladies!! Would anyone give me some feedback on Skills on Literary Analysis and LLTLA Gold ? thanks.
  14. Hi, I saw many posts on Starting Point, Lightbearers, Skills for Literary Analysis by Strobaugh, LLfLotR, Notgrass.....but can't decide..since there seems to be even # of Pro and Cons on all these curricula and many said they modified the curricula a lot to fit their needs.... I just want a curriculum that is easy to work with. I also saw a post claimed that some material in Notgrass American History are inaccurate ... I am very confused...please help! Many thanks.
  15. After reading all the reveiws here, I have decided to enroll my 2 ds into the Home2teach program this coming March. They will both taking the Fundamentals I. We will try it and see how it goes. We've tried IEW and Classical Writing a little bit, but just did not click. Hope this program will help them. Thanks, Ladies!
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