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  1. My son goes to a private christian school that uses the Abeka Videos. He is really struggling with Algebra 2. The teacher is rushing through the lesson too quickly and not making sure the students get it -- and my son is not! I would like to do some type of Algebra 2 course with him at home. I can't remember all of the algebra concepts -- I have been out of school too long. The abeka text has no examples of worked problems and no explanations of how to work problems. I am looking for suggestions of what math program I could get to do with him after school that would be self-explanatory and he could do without a lot of imput from me. Sorry I rambled and thanks in advance for any suggestion you can give me.
  2. I majored in elementary education in college, and my parents and siblings are all teachers. So, all I really know is classical educations. I'm almost afraid of the other approaches, but I know that what I've been doing (working with all of them individually) is not really working. I'm just not sure that I understand the Tapestry of Grace or how those type of curriculums work. I would be really nice to work with them all on the same thing for a few classes each day.
  3. Thanks for the help. My will be 9th and 7th graders are much more advanced than the 6th grader. The 7th grader works well independently, but the other don't. I don't particularly want a DVD program, but I do use Teaching Textbooks and I have already purchased Chalkdust Algebra 2 for the oldest for next year. The 3rd grader is horrible at spelling, so I could really use some advice there. She's really good at reading and math, but she hates writing and spelling. I just don't have a lot of experience with curriculums. I was able to look at some abeka materials a few weeks ago and I did like it. I really like BJU, but my kids seem to need me for every minute of every subject with it. I really need to find something that I can teach a short lesson and then let them complete seat work while I work with the next child. I just can't seem to find a way to get to all of them each day. I didn't metion in my first post that I also have a soon to be 3 year old, also. So, I have to manage to keep him out of the way while we work. He's not going to like it when his brother (the soon to be 5 year old) isn't free to play with him. Sorry, I know I'm rambling, but your suggestions really help.
  4. I will be homeschooling five kids next year. This will be our 3rd year of homeschooling. I've switched curriculums every year. First we used BJU DVD's. I liked them, but just couldn't justify the expense this year. So, we tried the Switched on Schoolhouse CD's which I have not liked at all. I will have K, 3rd, 6th, 7th, and 9th graders. Any suggestions for curriculm choices that I could do with this many children and not pull my hair out. My 3rd grader is very good with math, but horrible with spelling and writing. 6th grader is a very average student. 7th grader is a great student. 9th grader is smart, but lazy. Thanks for any help anyone is willing to give :).
  5. Glad to hear that all is well. Tell her not to worry about nursing after a c-section. I BF ds after a c-section for nearly 12 months. Just nurse often and all should be fine!
  6. My list is short, but it has definately changed my life. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was dx two years ago at 35. Most days I have it under control. I see a DO (osteopath), take fish oil supplements, and vitamin D supplments. My newest treatment is pregnenolone (not sure I spelled that right). I start off very slowly in the mornings. Tonja
  7. I have four children doing SOS this year. Three of them are doing great, but DD 10 is struggling. Her grades are great, but she is taking hours to do each class. I'm thinking it is the format of the curriculm. With her ADD she doesn't seem to be able to put everything together to study for ther quizzes and tests. She has to open and close too many screens and in the process she's not able to retain what she has studied. Especially in history and science. The long hours of looking at the computer screen are also causing her to have headaches. Should I order another curriculum?? I've tried printing off the lessons for her and she did much better, but I think I could buy her the lifepacs for these two subjuects and it would be less than the printing cost of using what we have. Or, does anyone have any suggestions of curricula that work well for ADD. Like I said earlier she's very bright, it just takes a long time for her to complete her work. Thanks, Tonja
  8. I'm not sure of the solution, yet. I'm dealing with the same situation. Last night at the grocery store I let DD 7 pick out a bunch of candy and cola. these are not normally availabe at our house. I told her that if she completes her lessons in a timely manner with out any outbursts she may choose one item from the box that day. She was finished today by noon! I'm not sure if this will be a long term solution, but I'm hoping that it will help. Tonja
  9. My kids are are using Switched on Schoolhouse, and they say that they can not complete the science experiments without a microscope. After watching a few of the video clips of the experiements I realized I needed to buy one. What do I look for and where? Thnaks!:)
  10. I've read that often there is a "honeymoon" type period duing puberty where the symptoms will kind of go away. But, that it doesn't mean that the celiac goes away. I have a 13 year old that has a gluten allergy and it has seemed to lesson some over the past year.
  11. We've decided that they both do have celiac. We did not test, but put them on a gluten free diet instead. I saw improvement in their symptoms in just a few weeks. Both DD's had ALL of the symptoms you list above. Most of thier joint pain were in their feet and legs. That stopped, too, when I removed gluten. Gluten is in wheat, barley, and rye. You have to read labels very carefully. Tonja
  12. Cutting out some of the problems is working. She's doing much better now.
  13. I need a typing program for my 13, 11, 10, and 7 year olds. They are using SOS this year, and their lack of typing skills is starting to be a factor. Any suggestions?
  14. My children loved this movie, also. They acutally watched it a few times.
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