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    A actual fulltime father who homeschools...AND I'm married to a public school teacher. Go figure!
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  1. The white trash moniker requires more than just a trailer. Is there a mid-80's vintage us-made pickup up on blocks in the front weeds, along with at least one other non-running car? How many screen doors are stacked by the side of the trailer? Need more info...
  2. I didn't see mentioned. DD does it one day a week instead of Alg, plus summers. Loves it. You can do a bit free each day to try it, and it's a subscription fee for full access, tracking, etc. Also benchmarks to state standards if you need/want that.
  3. Travis explained xenotransplantation after surgery. SONDO
  4. Sally always uses cranberries effectively. BLEND
  5. Afternoon flight turbulence entering Romania. BEFOR (HA!)
  6. My yacht totally zigzags lazily. (first world problem) LPOTY
  7. Josh falls silently into lagoons. Oops VXSTW Vernonica's xylophone strikes the window. HHDSQ
  8. Please let Xenu attack Tom (Cruise, that is) For Tom is Lonely Often UUEWC
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