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    A actual fulltime father who homeschools...AND I'm married to a public school teacher. Go figure!
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  1. I wonder if there are other "'burghs" there that are pronounced "-buruhs," even though they might not have conspicuous castles. Here, a "Borough" is one of several legal designations for a municipality, like "city" , "township" or "village."
  2. We can't pump our own in NJ. It's way too dangerous! We all grow up hearing the stories of cars exploding in other states. I think Dr.Seuss even wrote one.
  3. I am sooooo johnnyoffthespot here, since it seems to have started when I was in hospital. We HS an only, she's awesome, the experience is awesome, and people say awesome too much anymore. DW and I were both the eldest of 2, spaced about 2 years apart in both cases. We didn't start out seeking an only per se, but after a miscarriage, the whole experience with DD has been so smooth from the get go that I find I'm sometimes an advocate for families of three. None of that makes logical sense, but this is a heart vs head thing for me. I also had terrible rivalry with my sister and we're still estranged, so put that in your Freudian meat grinder as you wish. Oh, do I wish for more? No. Is DD happy as an only? She has said so on many occasions, yes.
  4. Summer of 1984. We were 19. The drum corps I just joined merged with the corps she had been a member of for years. She kept asking to borrow my sunscreen, and, me being a bit thick, it took until the end our tour in August for us to officially become a couple. We went to separate schools about an hour apart, so it was a bum-a-ride affair for the first year, until I got a car on campus! How we maintained our high grades after that point is still somewhat of a mystery.
  5. The white trash moniker requires more than just a trailer. Is there a mid-80's vintage us-made pickup up on blocks in the front weeds, along with at least one other non-running car? How many screen doors are stacked by the side of the trailer? Need more info...
  6. With all due respect, your DH is behaving like an ass. Christian, Jew, Hindu, or other, you can be a responible parent...or not. As for mmorality and how to teach it...it's partly, maybe mostly a show-don't-tell thing, since kids are sponges who watch us way more than we think. If you need a dinner table conversation starter, that's where lliterature and current events can be great seed material.
  7. DD sings with the New Jersey Youth Chorus, and has sung at the Super Bowl, Alice Tully Hall and Carnegie Hall in just the past 4 years - she has more performance opportunities now than she would ever have in school. Ask the music teachers in your local school. They'd know of the non-school-based ensembles around because some of their students probably play in those too.
  8. NPR. Here's why... http://www.poynter.org/latest-news/mediawire/174826/survey-nprs-listeners-best-informed-fox-news-viewers-worst-informed/
  9. Also buy expensive brushes with wooden handles. Should run you at least 20 a brush, but if you keep them in their sleeves when not in use, you'll never have to buy them again.
  10. And sexy moooooves. Then feign udder contempt for what you just herd, while drsperately trying to stfle a laugh so milk doesn't shoot out your nose.
  11. "Yes, I do! They just arrived by fedex and we're using them this week in Biology. The kids are so excited to do their first large mammal disections! BTW, How did you know I bought cow eyes to do HS science?"
  12. My dearly departed uncle, proffessional housepainter of 30 years, said always buy Benjamin Moore. I've never bought anything else. It isn't cheap, and you do get what you pay for.
  13. I agree. A TI-90 is such overkill for the SAT and kids rely on them so much they get lost on simple things. Get a Casio scientific like: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B000A3IAHM?pc_redir=1396736626&robot_redir=1
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