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    A actual fulltime father who homeschools...AND I'm married to a public school teacher. Go figure!
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  1. The white trash moniker requires more than just a trailer. Is there a mid-80's vintage us-made pickup up on blocks in the front weeds, along with at least one other non-running car? How many screen doors are stacked by the side of the trailer? Need more info...
  2. I didn't see mentioned. DD does it one day a week instead of Alg, plus summers. Loves it. You can do a bit free each day to try it, and it's a subscription fee for full access, tracking, etc. Also benchmarks to state standards if you need/want that.
  3. DD has one more project to do to get that that third and final journey patch, then that's done. Meanwhile the local GS hiking group is designing their own patch -- neato. The Pax & Paris 2015 travel group will be starting up fundraising again this year. I suspect we'll start brainstorming about Silver Award by the spring. Her safety award is still sitting, as we did not get the reach-and-assist done this summer :glare: . Next summer.
  4. We're south of you, in NJ, but I remember a large HS group in Briarcliff Manor that had an open house in August. We went once a few years ago and it was indeed a big group. There's an old post about it on the Yahoo group NJHomeschoolSupportGroup. I would suspect it was cross-posted there as well as on a local NY group.
  5. Bed school -- now that I haven't tried, although I probably should. Radiation is so weird -- I'm fine most days, but then WHAM -- hit by a dump truck. It also seems to be cumulative, so I might be fine all week and crash and burn Sundays. I have done recliner school, so that's similar.
  6. DD just started year 11 at the same school -- lyrical,ballet,tap,jazz. Same school as when she was 2 with a teacher who was DW's former student (just to make us feel, you know, OLD).
  7. I'm HSing with Stage IV cancer, which, hopefully, I can manage long term as a chronic, rather than fatal illness. HS started 6 years ago; cancer started 4 years ago, so DD has spent her share of time in waiting rooms, etc. One memorable time was several weeks after I had major abdominal surgery/chemo two years ago. it was in late August, and I was still on pain meds as we started the year. I still remember nodding off as DD did math, and she'd periodically say "DAD!" when she needed to check an answer. That was interesting, but survivable. Fatigue has been my symptom du jour this fall, but we still work through it.
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