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  1. The good thing about NY is that certified school librarians are mandated 7-12. Most elementary schools in the areas I've worked have them as well (central and western NY), or share one librarian between two buildings. I don't know anymore how many graduates in LIS there are in NY right now, but I do know there are only three (I think) library schools in the state. (ETA: there are more than three. I was only thinking about upstate, I guess!) The library resource council always has a steady stream of support and librarian jobs posted, both in NY and occasionally in other states.
  2. It's going to depend on the state, but a MLS/MLIS is likely needed. In NYS, I needed a series of education classes along with my library coursework (literacy was a huge part), did a semester of student teaching (both elementary and secondary), and had to pass the three teaching exams NYS requires (liberal arts and sciences, teaching skills, and the library content test).
  3. I have an MLIS (library and information studies), and am a certified K-12 school library media specialist in NYS. I was in an elementary school, so a huge part of my day was reading, but I also managed all the technology for my building and there's a huge push for integrating media in the classroom, as we know. So I worked collaboratively with the part-time technology teacher, as well the classroom teachers. My mother was also a SLMS, and she had additional cerification as a teacher, N-6. When I first started library school, I wanted to be a performing arts or film librarian. My mom also says if she could do it again, she'd like to be a documents librarian.
  4. My mother retired 11 from years ago from teaching, and she and my dad have been super involved with all her grandchildren. She spent 1-2 full days each week with me and my kids (doing fun stuff or helping me around the house), and babysat for my sister twice a week so she could work part time (substitute teacher) for years. When my sister got a full time teaching position last fall, she eventually transitioned into babysitting my younger niece and then my newborn nephew full time (they also do school drop off and pick up for my sister's older child). She's always refused any kind of compensation. They LOVE spending so much time with us and our kids. My mom always said she hoped her children would settle close by because she wanted to know us as adults. My parents' parents all live(d) across the country, so having all this extended family now in the same school district is wonderful.
  5. From Destiny, you could also shoot up the parkway to Onondaga Lake Park and go to Heid's for a hot dog. :D At the mall, there's lot of "entertainment" options: puzzle rooms, Wonderworks and the ropes course, go-kart racing, etc. Also down in Cooperstown is the Farmers Museum. You could go out to Auburn or Seneca Falls for the Harriet Tubman Home, William Seward House, and the Women's Rights Historical Park. Skaneateles is scenic and not too far. Sightseeing or dinner cruise, maybe. Dinosaur BBQ has a cruise on the Erie Canal, I discovered yesterday. Lol!
  6. We did the same thing. Been here five months now...my sister lived here with her family before we did. None of us could bear to see the homestead go, I guess! It was too big for her, but it's ideal for us and our homeschool/musical lifestyle. The built-ins are to die for. :D Being rural again (we both grew up in this town) is a little bit of a challenge, but it's not really cut off. Thruway is right here, and it's 30 minutes in either direction to a good size city (where we used to live and my husband travels for work), or a mid-size city with all your typical options.
  7. I sent this to my husband, and he said it sounds like a case of not fully understanding how iTunes Match (now Apple Music) works. We've used Match for years (definitely not without issues), and he said that when we set it up it he remembers having to delete the files or create another library. We have several iTunes libraries on both computer and external hard drives. Not all of them use Match. It's been great for having cloud access to our music without using up storage on phones, but it also means I can't access audiobooks I've purchased via iTunes. :/
  8. We've been playing the free version with individual logins to track progress, but on a computer not a tablet or phone. I installed it about a month ago.
  9. I used UNL for one year of high school before my parents sent us to private school. My sister used Calvert. 😀
  10. My husband is an organist, and he and his colleagues tend to roll their eyes at Cameron. His chapter of the AGO has hosted several Pedals, Pipes, and Pizza events, and they are always FULL of kids eager to learn about and try a pipe organ. No flashiness needed. 😀
  11. Ugh, I'm sorry. I always hold my breath when I order used from Amazon too. Regarding the bolded, since it was a seller's error, they should cover the cost of shipping back. I would at least notify them about the mistake.
  12. *deep breath* When we were first married, I had a little homespun style sign that said, "My laundry room helps keep American clean." It was before they were super trendy, but even so, I CRINGE now to think about it! I will admit to having one propped up in the living room that says, "Mothers of little boys work from son up to son down." It still makes me smile, but feel a little weepy these days since my boys aren't quite as little anymore... Most I cannot stand...when we got married, someone gave us one that says "Love is a single soul dwelling in two bodies." My husband wanted to hang it up recently, and I vetoed it. Why do I still have it?!? :ack2:
  13. I'm following you around on this thread, Faith! We went to the Wilder farm last summer, and this is the very first question I asked. Why in the world did they leave NY?! Pretty typical answer...several years of bad crops, and the promise of more prosperity in Minnesota. Also interesting to note is that hops were the primary crop on their farm. Not a fact that would make it into a children's book published during Prohibition! ;)
  14. I think it would fit with the adjusted timeline of the books which may be part of the reason Laura told the story. Let's see: they left Pepin in 1869/1870?, Carrie was born there in mid-1870, and they returned to Wisconsin in 1871. The Benders were discovered in 1873. Pioneer Girl discusses the case as well. I agree about other incidents being possible! Although none probably as sensational as the Bender Family. Scary group!
  15. Although I believe the Ingalls family had neighbors that were (or possibly were?) victims of the Benders, they had returned to Wisconsin several years before the Benders were discovered to be serial killers.
  16. I haven't had any issues until yesterday. I ordered around 9 AM, and my "two-day" guarantee is Thursday. 😒 (ETA: hoping it's just the storm delay that's causing it.) Last week, I had an item guaranteed for Saturday actually arrive Friday since UPS delivered it instead of transferring to the PO. I was frequently getting Sunday deliveries at our old (suburban) house, but I'm guessing that won't happen in our new rural location.
  17. I haven't handed it over to my nine year old yet for that reason. I don't really heavily censor or preview everything he reads, but this is making me hesitate a bit... Maybe we'll read it together, or at least start it that way.
  18. I hadn't read that one either, but I read the little sample on Amazon, and was totally hooked! Ordered it on the spot.
  19. I do think it's interesting there were two picture books on the real Winnie-the-Pooh in the last year. Gearing up for the centennial, I guess! :)
  20. It's been quite the conversation over the last week in several of library groups- especially about Last Stop winning the Newbery. Not too common, but not too unusual either, although it's been a while. A Visit to William Blake's Inn won the Newbery in 1982 and was also a Caldecott Honor. One of the Frog and Toad books was also a Newbery Honor, as was Docto DeSoto. ETA: Autocorrect doesn't like "inn!"
  21. It can vary slightly district to district, but NY's cutoff is generally December 1, not January 1. Not that December is much better! And yes, when I was a public school teacher we had 3.5 year olds in pre-k and 4.5 in K. My husband has a mid-November birthday and started K at 5.5 (half day, play based). I have an August birthday and started at 6 (same school). One of our sons also has a November birthday, and I would never have sent him this year at 4.5.
  22. I saw these at B&N last week, and have them saved in my Amazon cart for my nine year old: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1484709128?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=ox_sc_sfl_title_2&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER Think they're fairly new...they had the audiobook CDs available too. :)
  23. http://www.funnybits.mobi/2013/10/if-we-watched-cooking-shows-way-guys.html
  24. My 2.5 year old looooves Whoowasit. Not what you'd think of first for that age, maybe, but he can follow the game and participate. It's cooperative with three levels of play, so also a favorite with the other kids (9, 7, 5). http://www.amazon.com/Whoowasit-Award-Winning-Board-Game-Electronics/dp/B004UKNJCM/ref=sr_1_1?s=toys-and-games&ie=UTF8&qid=1452045336&sr=1-1&keywords=whoowasit
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