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  1. Could you please explain more about the "connections" that she is trying to avoid?  Religion, economics, politics, plagues, natural disasters, and scientific developments are all part of a country's historical development. I think I am misunderstanding your comment.


    For instance, in studying American History, we have learned how different countries and/or people from other places made it happen. She doesn't want to study Europe only to read on every other page how Europe helped Africa or America or South America, etc...she just wants to immerse herself in how Europe is Europe. I'm probably not making it clear because of this stinking menopausal brain fog.

  2. What specifically is she looking for?



    She's wanting to know the History of the countries and how they became what they are. Everything I can find seems to be very World History related and she wants more specific without all the connections you tend to find in World History studies if that makes sense. There's plenty of medieval stuff out there and renn/ref. content but we are struggling to find something that digs deeply into how England and its people came to be England, how Germany became it's own country, etc...

  3. We've tried it all and he still struggles with sometimes even basic concepts like fractions. Any suggestions would be helpful.


    We have used or tried just about everything throughout the years and even now have a private tutor, drills online using IXL, and even practicing from the ASVAB prep book since this now high school junior plans to enter the military upon finishing high school.


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  4. Some great authors of superb vintage History books would be Van Loon, Genevieve Foster, Eva March Tappan, H.A. Guerber, V.M. Hilyer, heck, even Dickens wrote a couple kids History books that were good. There is also a great series of books from the late 1800's called The Story of the Nations written by several different authors and each book is about a specific country/nation.


    A great company to check out the site of too is Heritage History. They have a homeschool History curriculum that uses these very old higher quality writings as their base for History.

  5. I appreciate the reply. I am also on the TRISMS Yahoo Group and have asked the IEW question of them...do you have to use it or can you incorporate a diff. writing curriculum? They all say you can do something different if you wish. I will have to weigh this one.


    I just really liked the independent work required in TRISMS. Being able to master that skill is a good thing.

  6. Yeah, I get that. But the little song today about someone starting a slave trade, sung in a very chipper tone, was just out of my comfort level. Yes, discuss slavery with your children...but doing it in that way seemed...not quite right (for us). However, I do see the value in the program...it's just not for us! :-)



    I am so sorry for just getting back on here now. I saw your PM and decided to check here first to see other responses. I would be more than happy to still share thoughts with you through that PM, but since you have clearly made up your mind(I get your feeling-I feel the same way)just let me know if you still care to chat via PM.

  7. As a former Director of a community for a couple years, I would suggest you research it quite well and speak with folks both for it and against and make an educated decision. I have very mixed feelings about the program on many levels from corporate matters(for lack of better terms since it isn't a corporation)all the way down to the nuts and bolts on a community level.

  8. It's perfectly OK ladies that, well I am guessing most of you, truly hate what I have had to say. I am fine with that. I will not knock any one of you for having the opinions you have about rape, molestation, priests, fathers, uncles, beaches, swim suits, etc.....all I ask is that you stop attacking me as you have been. Can't we all just :grouphug:? If you feel I am so ill-minded in my thoughts then pray for me. God knows my heart and while I may not have very eloquently placed those thoughts into words here today, for crying out loud, show me a little Grace.

  9. We simply don't live in a perfect Godly world anymore as this post has proven. We also all have differing views on modesty, lust, sexual depravity, responsibility, beauty, even art, etc...and hopefully we have all learned a little tolerance today from this and maybe the ability to view things from a different perspective or at the very least, respect each other enough to NOT drag them down for sharing their opinions when you DON'T agree with them.



  10. Turning appreciation of the human form into a sin is definitely a problem.




    :svengo: It is never, not ever the cheated-on spouse's fault when there is infidelity. Could the cheated-on spouse be culpable in a failing marriage? Sure. But the cheating is always the fault of the spouse that chooses to cheat.


    If John cheated on Mary, maybe it was because John chose to cheat instead of because Mary didn't put out enough. Sure, he might use that as a justification and absolutely that can cause emotional distance in a relationship, but SHE did not MAKE him cheat.


    Men and women are responsible for their own actions, not the actions of others.


    I agree that the cheating spouse made a poor choice and should have handled the situation differently, however, I also believe the cheated on spouse needs to accept that he/she may have helped drive the wedge in the marriage that ultimately lead the cheater to what they did. I know that will be twisted to into meaning what it doesn't but oh well, I am used to it now today. :001_smile:

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