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  1. It is in Williamsburg, VA. I am praying about whether I should go. I would have to stay overnight, but the issue is that I want to go to CHAP (Pennsylvania's homeschool convention) this year. That is the following weekend. I can't do both that would murder me. So, I need to decide should I go to Virginia or Pennsylvania?




  2. where is it?


    send me an email, I always for get to check profile messages :)

  3. Hi! I wanted to know are you interested in going to the conference on May 1-2? I am trying to see what friends may be interested.


  4. ok, I'm frustrated. My now 13 year old still looses the majority of her work if I dont take it when she's done. I really don't think, ok I know she is not really getting physical science. Daily she tries to negotiate the assignments i give her. Can you imagine dealing with let's make a deal every day? can I do lesson B instead of lesson a? Is 3/4 page paper enough instead of a full page summary, Can i read this book instead of the book assigned?, Can I skip this assignment since I lost it after I did it?, can you just use my PSAT score instead of having me do any more writing assignments this semester? ... So I really needed to read this post. Instaed of getting upset today I reflected on the improvments this year: She doesnt protest and fear outlines and summaries anymore. with mathusee she doesnt cry over math anymore she loves doing latin even if I have to remind her to study she loves history and Greek mythology she loves being able to discuss topics she's read/studied with older hs/college students. She's inspired after taking the PSAT at 12 and scoring in the 50th percentile. Perhaps I wont have to reminder her to keep working 10 times today. Or maybe I will. Either way I think things will continue to improve over the next 3 years. I'd like to see her be able to remind herself to complete her work BEFORE I let her go off to college.
  5. I didn't end up doing the honor society this year. My kids are 9th and 10th, so hopefully we can try next year. This year just seemed too busy already.

  6. I sent you an email about an hr ago. I did it from my phone so I wanted to make sure it worked.

  7. did you ever proceed with the honor society?

  8. Hi Lara. :seeya:


    Thanks so much for thinking of me. :001_smile:


  9. wanted to say 'hi'. I'm also AA with biracials dds. :)

  10. thanks for sharing your story. wish I could rep you

  11. thanks so much for the cat advice!

  12. Hi, Lara. Thanks for commiserating with another over-analyzer!

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