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  1. Stuff like this irks me though. Why would HSLDA take up a case where there was evidence of educational neglect? That can't end well. I don't know that I'd worry to much over one case. But still...
  2. Yeah here there is nothing that states they have to approve of what you choose. You have to show you are covering the required subjects (somehow), but nothing states you even have to use a book at all.
  3. Yeah strikes me as an isolated case. I suppose someone could make a big issue of it, but not necessarily.
  4. I don't think HSLDA is all bad, but it is a fact that they helped to craft the regs in NY and PA. There is nothing great about the regs here.
  5. If that's not part of the current regulation, I agree they were within their rights. I just don't know what looking at the curriculum would do. Anyone can buy a curriculum and claim to use it. I'm not saying they are doing that. It's just not proof of anything to me. And frankly nobody's damn business. We have to list what we use, but they can't really disapprove of it. So if I say I'm teaching reading by looking at the back of cereal boxes, there isn't anything in the regs that says I can't do that.
  6. It wouldn't be the first time HSLDA has narrowed homeschool rights. They were responsible for helping to craft the regulations in NY and PA.
  7. We even do some extremely basic games that aren't really games, but my son thinks they are. We roll 2 dice (we have numbered dice) and you create a math problem based on whatever you want to practice. So you roll a 2 and a 3 and we are practicing addition so it's five. Then I go and I get 3 and 5 so mine is 8 and I win that round. I keep a running tally on one sheet of paper and whoever won the most times wins. I have math facts bingo and war. I have a cute game called Totally Tut. Another one called Math Noodlers. You might get her attention with math fact computer games. The Timez Attack people now have one with addition and subtraction. There are tons of other ones out there too. If you have any sort of tablet or smart phone there are zillions of apps that practice basic facts.
  8. Yes, I highly recommend games. I have one kid who pretty much seems to hate school in general, but he loves math games. They really do help.
  9. I do agree with this. You don't have to do the grade level that matches her age if she isn't ready for it.
  10. This is my answer too. And if you hate math she might sense that.
  11. I have one of those books. We read some of it. It's pretty meh and better for a group.
  12. It's typical for people to go off the meds. The symptoms can be annoying. People figure they feel good, why do they need the stupid meds. A lot of people on a high actually feel awesome. Like they have superhuman powers. On a high my dad wouldn't sleep for weeks on end. He'd get me up in the middle of the night because he wanted to show me a math calculation. He would write and write and write. He had energy to burn.
  13. My dad is in his 60s. Has he had anything stressful happen in his life? My dad would sometimes get sick if there was too much stress. The last time he was sick was when my mother died. Another thing that has helped my dad is that he has not worked in awhile. He was granted disability. Since not having the stress of work that has been a huge help to him too. When he was younger, 20s through 40s, he'd get sick a lot sometimes. Once he was in the hospital for three months. It wasn't unusual for him to be hospitalized 5 times in a year.
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