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  1. Okay, I will start with our provider and go from there. Thanks. I will try to look into this tomorrow for him. This is his super busy season, so he needs his phone.
  2. My dh works in the swimming pool business and the day before yesterday he fell into a pool with his phone in his pocket. He's been keeping it in rice at night and it works - mostly. He has to talk on speakerphone or else no one can hear him and some apps aren't working exactly as desired. Anyhow can we just purchase a used phone just like his - his is a Samsung android phone. It is a few years old but it's paid off. Since customer's being able to reach him is an important part of his business, he will have to either get this one working or replace it this weekend. I am not technically savvy at all, but we have a loooooot of medical bills right now and he doesn't need a phone that does anything other than what this one did. So I was wondering if we could just by one on Amazon and switch the Sim card. Would that work? Would we need to contact the carrier about doing so? Any super reputable sites for purchasing a phone or is Amazon good? Talk to me like I am 5 - lack of sleep and allergies have me feeling like a zombie, but I'd like to see if there is a less expensive alternative that will actually work. I don't want to order a replacement and find out that it's not as simple as it seems in my sleep-deprived mind. ?
  3. So sorry. I know it's hard. Try to take some time to grieve however you need to. (((hugs)))
  4. I don't post much, but I read daily. Whatever works best for you, Amira, is fine by me, also. So many of the posters here are much more knowledgeable than I am about politics-government, and I appreciate the wealth of opinions and experience.
  5. What a great voice he had! So sorry for his loved ones.
  6. We used Aquaphor ointment with our daughter when she between ages of 2-8 or 10. Really helped the back of her hands and her cheeks.
  7. Your kitten sounds fun. So glad you were able to keep the mama cat, too. She sounds like my daughter's cat in that she only has eyes for her. Our strangest cat was also partially hand reared. He was found sitting between the yellow lines in the road by some friends when he was 3-4 weeks old, and had probably been thrown from a moving vehicle. We had to feed him a mix of plain yogurt and baby food for weeks along with giving him medicines. He is about 1.5 years old now and is an absolute devil 75% of the time. The other 25% of the time he is so loving and he follows me around like a puppy dog. We adore him, but he is certainly weird. He eats a lot of things that he shouldn't and most of those things aren't even food. The most memorable are an antique wedding veil that he ate big holes into, the tulle slip from a dress, chunks of tulle from a skirt my daughter was sewing, and about a foot of ribbon from a purse my college age daughter was sent as a gift. The ribbon led to emergency surgery, but we have mainly been able to induce vomiting in time to get it out. We are much more careful now. Oh, I'm sitting at the kitchen table and noticed the placemats - all of the ones with a satiny edging have chunks bitten out of them. He climbs everything. He has no sense of playing too rough so we have scratches all of the time. We thought our older cats would train that out of him, since we assumed that is something a mama cat would teach him, but not yet. Reading this - he sounds horrid, but he has sweet moments, too. He has an old stuffed Easter toy of a sheep with bunny ears that he carries around and sleeps with sometimes. We put that toy in the box with him when he was first found and he still adores it. I'll try to add a photo. Would love to see pics of your kitten, nixpix5.
  8. The Series of Unfortunate Events and seconding The Sisters Grimm - my girls loved these.
  9. I have too many collections. Shirley Temple memorabilia - preferably from the 1930's and mainly paper and book items ( I have collected these since the age of 12 or so). Books - various children's series as well as antique titles ( again collected since my early teens) Old photographs are my newest collection and I prefer daguerreotypes when I can find them (and afford them), but I have a wide variety of cabinet cards and tintypes as well. Things I no longer collect include dolls (no room to display - so they are all in boxes in the closet - time to get rid of most of those), cats (we have 5), and homeschool books and curriculum (the youngest is nearly 17.)
  10. Just wondering if anyone had tried to make Quiver's rolls gluten free? I would probably just sub cup-to-cup all purpose gluten free flour (mine has xantham gum already in the mixture). We have made the pioneer woman recipe in the past and we like them a lot, but this seems to be a smaller batch and the recipe sounds like a great surprise for my gluten free 16 year old dd on Christmas morning. Any tips?
  11. My formerly homeschooled daughter's college roommate hosts a fun blog - full of crafts and info - appropriate for tween and teens (nothing more than PG rated content ) and asked me to get the word out to our homeschool community. There is an art contest running on there right now that I thought some homeschoolers might enjoy participating in. The prize is a $25 gift card to Michael's craft store and the contest runs through Oct. 5th. Hope some of the kids can check it out. Thanks so much. http://www.onlyfunthings.org/2017/09/oft-official-art-contest.html
  12. The most perfect baby cheeks!!! She's adorable.
  13. My dd and her friend from college plan to travel from college in VA to a concert in Allentown, PA Saturday night. They are both 19 yrs old and female. After looking at the length of the trip (around 5 hours or so each way -non-stop) and the fact that it is Labor Day weekend, they are thinking they may want to stay the night and return to school on Saturday. Forgot to mention, my daughter is the only licensed driver - the other girl only has a learner's permit - so my daughter will be doing all of the driving. The girls mentioned just parking at a rest area and sleeping if they get tired, but that they would prefer a hotel. I am not familiar with the area at all or with the safety of the rest areas along I-81. My husband may end up with an ulcer just from thinking about them parked and sleeping at a rest area. So glad that she feels free to ask for help or opinions, but somethings might be easier not to know as a parent. :lol: Anyway she called and asked if I could find them a room in the area, but I don't know the area at all. Thanks in advance. Edited to change the day.
  14. Add me to the other posters who mentioned despising ketchup. I hate the smell of it. Of course my girls both like it and as young children would try to coax me to try it. They sounded just like a parent trying to encourage a lilttle one to try one bite. It was sweet, but it never worked. It was all I could do to help open their packets without gagging. There were times that I bribed them with ice cream or desert if they would just eat their fries plain, because I couldn't stand smelling it that day.
  15. Must have been very time consuming. Great job!
  16. That is a beautiful dress. Has she had her prom yet? My daughter's is next weekend.
  17. We got my daughter's dress for this year's prom at an antique store. It was exactly like one I had bought years ago on clearance in another antique store for playing dress up. Later, it got hung in the closet, and one of our cats clawed the skirt pretty badly. So last year when it finally fit my youngest perfectly she couldn't wear it due to the picks and runs. She loved it so much that she planned to remove the skirt and replace it but never got around to it. When her father and I spotted one just like it in an antique mall in VA, I couldn't believe it. My dd and I had searched online for a similar dress for a year and never found even a similar dress. And there at the store was not only nearly the exact same dress but it was even the right size. It was one of those weird coincidences that wouldn't be believable in a story. But she is excited to wear the dress finally.
  18. Congrats!!!! Terrific name for the little one.
  19. My dd and I just got home from seeing this. It was nearly perfect! Emma Watson was a terrific Belle. Beauty and the Beast has been my favorite fairy tale for years and this movie did not disappoint. I'm ready to see it again. :hurray:
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