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  1. Thank you for this thread! We also do stockings for my parents and sister, and it gets harder every year to find fun things that they will also use / eat, etc. I added the gadget to my Amazon cart for my dad. Many of the ideas from previous posters are ones that have worked for us, too. Some ideas we've used that might work: gloves (nice ones and those little cheap stretch ones that can be kept in a purse or pocket.) magnets for the fridge ( especially fun if you can get some made with family/grandchildren photos ) small paperbacks (romance, western, etc) nail files, nail clippers, tweezers, etc. those face sheet masks (also hand and feet masks for exfoliation or dryness) key chains, any crafty things the grandchildren may make or turn their art work/photographs into magnets or small prints - this works for grown or nearly grown grandchildren in our experience, too. My daughters made fun little ornaments and handmade stockings for everyone as teenagers which the grandparents enjoyed. I'm watching for more ideas myself.
  2. Not feeling well, so here are my thoughts. Hope something helps. Josh's Frogs website has been helpful for me with my tiny frogs. They sell tiny crickets - like 1/4 inch. They are very helpful and have a chat function on the site to ask questions. You and your dd are so very kind. Thank you so much for caring for the little toad. If his leg is broken, an animal rehab may be able to help. My dd's observed a surgery on a frog years ago when we were volunteering at the NC zoo's native animal rescue. This frog in particular had been accidentally stepped on by a zoo visitor. My similar story from yesterday - A bluelined skink got into our catio yesterday and as I was making the cats come inside one of the cats grabbed it up and I was able to pry open jaws so the skink could escape. He had disappeared the way he came by the time I had secured the cat. I looked for the skink several times, but I am hoping he is okay. I had a container ready to put him in if I could catch him. We are kindred spirits.
  3. Just a fun stocking stuffer I ordered on Amazon today. Found it while looking for a few things for a care package for my dd who just went back to college. Bluetooth beanie with a 15.00 off coupon. I ordered 3 to put away for Christmas, and was able to use the coupon all 3 times on different colors. Thought someone else might be looking. Trying to buy ahead for the holidays. https://www.amazon.com/Bluetooth-Novelty-Headwear-Christmas-Stocking/dp/B08BP4M95F/ref=sr_1_11?dchild=1&keywords=bluetooth+beanie&qid=1630085553&sr=8-11
  4. I would also recommend you contacting the doctor's office. I absolutely have freaked myself out googling symptoms online. Hope you get answers soon.
  5. Did the dermatologist suggest something like Hibiclens or a prescription formula? Thanks so much.
  6. @SKLYes, Shmoop (spelling?) or sparknotes online. I don't remember if we used any for this particular title and there are probably many more now, but we used to look up whichever lit book she had completed (or if it was a complicated storyline, etc. we'd do it before she read the book so she could have an idea what was happening) on Youtube and there would nearly always be a video to go along with it. Thugnotes was one that I remember her using, but I can't remember if there was any objectionable language in those. You maybe able to find a fairly inexpensive unit on the book on Teachers Pay Teachers that would walk them through the book. I've used Cliffnotes at times also with my girls. My 20 yr old dd groaned when I told her which book your dds had to read. I made her read this one in 10th grade also and it's still the only literature book that she hated. 😉 I even forget now why I chose that specific Wharton title. It is a horribly dull book from a teenager's standpoint, I suppose. Most of the characters are so unlikeable. Our sympathies. 😉 Lord of the Flies (which I personally dislike, or any number of more recent books would be a much better choice for summer reading in my opinion.
  7. I used SWB's The History of the Medieval World with both girls in their sophmore years, and added a few Great Courses to it. We probably used a few biographies also. I actually used a couple of Foster's books as read alouds in Middle School and early High School with lots and lots of discussion, but not Columbus. I agree with you about the D'Aulaires bio books and we also loved their mythology books. We really liked the SWB high school history books, and one plus for us was that they were available on Audible. Perfect for listening together in the car for some chapters and then I assigned other chapters for them to read and outline or summarize.
  8. We have 5 indoor cats and 8 tiny tree frogs. Switched to a new phone a couple of weeks ago and don't have any photos of the cats on the new one yet. Well, not clear ones - just some of oldest dd's cat that I took to send to her. All are blurry. She didn't want to pose for me. There were 3 frogs in one hole in their log yesterday and I had to take a photo to send to my dds. The one that is looking at the camera is so very grumpy looking. Fun thread. Love seeing all of the pets.
  9. I may have heard about these springs on this board but these are very popular at our house. https://www.amazon.com/Ethical-Wide-Colorful-Springs-Cat/dp/B000CMKHDG/ref=sxin_12_trr_2975308011_0?cv_ct_cx=cat+spring&dchild=1&keywords=cat+spring&pd_rd_i=B000CMKHDG&pd_rd_r=76e6b85e-4ab7-40ac-a617-171e62410c28&pd_rd_w=iU7tX&pd_rd_wg=sXkVU&pf_rd_p=9e83fe05-f489-4685-b4af-0db60cbe7c15&pf_rd_r=2R02WE1Z9HVQDRMT5YDB&qid=1625237211&sr=1-1-5519553e-2baa-451e-af83-b0156e5c6669
  10. My cats (all 5) are on prescription food because it is just so much easier than keeping the one who has to have it from eating regular food. It's on backorder. I spoke to the vet's office again today, but didn't dream that there was a shortage. I'd assumed that we were dealing with a shortage of driver's or something to do with the logjam in the canal. I need to call again tomorrow and see what the vet wants me to feed them now. I only have enough for another week or so.
  11. My dh and I got our second Pfizer shot this morning. So far so good. My dh did come home earlier today than he has been. He's feeling tired and light-headed, but neither of us slept well last night and he's been working long hours. I have a headache but I have given up Coca Cola (again) as of yesterday so lack of caffeine is more likely my issue. So not sure if either one of us are having actual side effects yet. Nothing but sore arms with the first dose. I was so glad to get the second dose though. Our pharmacist did say that they are not seeing the numbers of people getting the vaccine that they had expected. He also said a lot of people are wanting the Johnson and Johnson, so maybe that is what folks are waiting for. I would just love to see us approaching herd immunity by the fall (or sooner if possible). India is breaking my heart. I was listening to NPR on the way to the pharmacy and the crisis there is terrifying and overwhelming. Hoping things improve there very soon. So glad for everyone sharing their experiences. It helps me with anxiety to just know what types of things can be expected or what others have experienced.
  12. @Scarlett, Hope this isn't a repeat of previous posts. Just wanted to say that feeling hurt by the exclusion from your father's will may be your brain's way of trying to trying to overcome grief. Not so much grief about your father's passing - doesn't sound like he was involved in your life much, unfortunately for him - but a way to keep from dwelling on what could have been if he'd been a better father to you. My dh's father passed last year and they had been estranged for several years. He didn't grieve for the man really at all - I know it's sad but true - but I think he grieved what he wished his relationship with his father could have been. I agree with previous posters who said that your sister sound awkward in dealing. Perhaps she's trying to show you -in a misguided way - that being included in the will wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Or maybe she is just clueless and discussing what she is struggling with and not even thinking of how your father's last chance to acknowledge you or show you affection of any kind was callously passed over. Sorry if this is rambling, but it's somewhat similar to what happened to my dh and it's the loss of "what could have been" that I think hurt him the most.
  13. My dh and I got our 1st Pfizer shot this morning. So far only a little soreness. Didn't sleep well last night, so I am a little tired but that is probably more from lack of sleep than the vaccine. It was such a wonderful feeling to finally have a light at the end of the tunnel (with regards to trying to get the vaccine.)
  14. This is my experience with these books exactly. My girls loved the mythology books and I kept those now that they are both college age or older, but we tried the biographies once when they were little (maybe 5 and 8 or so) and they made me very uncomfortable. I didn't see any redeeming qualities to even save these to use when they were older. For us the illustrations in the D'Aulaire books made it hard to edit in the moment or for me personally to use, whereas I could talk about or leave out some things in the text without those images stuck in their mind when thinking of that historic figure. Now, I read Tom Sawyer to my girls when they were not much older, and we talked about certain words (and I edited on the fly - no way was I repeatedly reading certain words aloud). We also read a lot of old British books aloud ( E. Nesbit especially ) and there was always editing on the fly for racism and sexism. Lots of talking about how things have changed and how glad I was, etc. Just my thoughts. I discussed lots of things very early with my girls when it came to history, because I was a history major and it important to me to not encourage them idolize or romanticize historical figures. Anyway these books didn't work for us as homeschoolers.
  15. I only have 2 dollhouses so far, and not much room but this is definitely something I'd want more of. Books of all types, but I love children's books, too. Sleep as a pp said. Chocolate is definitely at the top. Time with my girls at home ( They are 22 and 19 so not much longer.) Time with my dh Cats (my dh says 5 are enough) frogs ( I have 8 baby ones at the moment, so that may be enough) This is a fun post.
  16. This is one my family requests every winter. I've substituted plain cooked chicken breast for the several times, and also have made the recipe without adding all of the broth (to keep it thicker) and used it for homemade pot pie by just adding a crust of your choice. We love soup here, so I will be watching for more recipes. I have a daughter who loves minestrone, but we've never made it ourselves. I may see if they will consider the lentil soup. We had an incident with lentils when they were little and we cooked a traditional monk's meal while studying SOTW Middle Ages. Let's just say that I had never cooked lentils/lentil soup before, and even over 10 years later they give a little shudder at the mention of lentils. 😉 https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/creamy-turkey-soup/
  17. Thank you for mentioning the 3 for 2 deal. I've made 3 orders so far. 2 for Christmas and one for a baby shower gift. Love to give board books along with necessities.
  18. Seconding Nat King Cole, love his voice. Also the Andrew Sisters have a huge catalog of music and a lot of fun beats and rhymes. She might enjoy some of show tunes from the same time period. So many fun ones. My girls really enjoyed the original Once Upon a Mattress (with Carol Burnett in the lead) at around that age.
  19. My daughter has tried all of the meds, and for each there are side effects that make taking them unbearable. Unfortunately, CBD oil did nothing for her ADHD. We were hopeful. I hope you have better luck and that he finds something to help.
  20. The Kate Beckinsale version was the one I liked best over the years, but it has been several years since I watched it. The new one was a lot of fun. Overall the acting and casting was great (although I think they could have had more scenes with Mr. Woodhouse )and my dd and I loved the costumes and set designs. It was a fun afternoon at the theater, but I agree that I'd rather buy it for 25 or 30 dollars because the $20 seems high for a rental.
  21. Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix. My daughters and I loved this and the 3rd season ended on a cliffhanger. My youngest (19) and I love Grantchester, so I'm hoping that isn't cancelled.
  22. My husbands' great grandfather was named Mordecia. That side of his family passed on names a lot, but this one seems to have been a one time thing. It really sounds terrible with our last name.
  23. Thanks. Not completed yet. We have the house painted and several pieces of furniture ready - mostly just painting already made pieces for that. I've been working harder on the graveyard for beside the house, and now that my daughter is home from college we hope to get that done soon. Lots of components are ready we just have to get it laid out and the trees, grass, etc. positioned.
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