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  1. Two part question: What would you recommend for 7th grade grammar? What would you recommend for a struggling writer who is entering 7th grade who has not used your curriculum? Would we go ahead and start with WWS1? Thank you, Debi
  2. You all impress me. I want to jump in but can't commit to catching up! I wish I had started on the first of Jan. Maybe I can find some short books to get some under my belt. I don't think I've read any "whole" adult books YET this year !!!!! Any recommendations?
  3. The kids and I take a break 4 days a week and swim laps for an hour and half. We drive over the the college in town here and use their indoor pool. We do their workout given to us by their coach. They are on a swim team in the summer. I feel GREAT since I've started swimming "working out" with them.
  4. We've dropped WWE level 3 that my twins were working on. I just don't like it. I decided to write letters 3 or 4 times a week to different family members. So we are not using an official writing program. We are thinking of dropping Prima Latina. Can anyone give me any encouragement to keep it up. :tongue_smilie:
  5. :scared::crying:I'm struggling with frustration! DS I believe has a super problem with attention and focus. He'll get stumped on Math facts that he has done over and over. It seems as though he has memorized certain facts. (example 8+5=13/13-8=5 etc...)...... we drill it over and over he seems to know it and then the next day when he see's it he whines and says "this is hard, I don't know this" slouches and drops his head on the table. We used Math U See all last year. I am thinking I need to switch to something that will help him understand better. I've checked into Right Start and I'm interested but afraid to spend the money in case I have the same problem. I guess my question is I wonder if I should just stick with Math U See or switch to something else like Right Start?? ARGHHHHH AAHHHH
  6. FYI incase anyone's looking for chemistry for their elementary age children: PP Chem looks AWESOME. We haven't used it yet but I just got done looking at the website and I think I'm in love. They actually let you use the ebook for several lessons for free and if you like it you can buy it (the ebook or an actual real book). I hope this works, here is a copy of the sample ebook: http://www.pandiapress.com/RSO%20Chemistry%20(level%20one)%20Freebie.pdf
  7. We are in Texas too!! Dallas area. Thank you all for your posts......I've ordered FFL3. Looking forward to starting.
  8. Well, I decided to use Sequential Spelling. On their website your child can take a quick quiz to place him/her. It looks like a good program, I hope I like it.
  9. Thankd everyone. I decided to get two workbooks for all subjects except SOW. For the SOW activity book I'm going to make copies when needed.
  10. We are going to start the book Story of the World for history and I wanted to incorparate a couple movies (for visual). My children are 8 years old so I need rated 'PG' or 'G'. For example, I love the movie Troy (it's rated 'R'). Is was great for an adult. I wish I could find the story of Illiad (The Odyssy) for children in a movie. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  11. I just ordered this http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0810957213/ref=oss_product I hope this helps you.
  12. We are trying to follow The Well Trained Mind for most subjects and was just wondering what most of you are using for 5th grade grammer. Thanks, Sincerely, Debi
  13. Does anyone have Math U See Manipulative blocks for sale? I need a second set and was hoping to find them used to save money.
  14. We've also only used the student workbooks. Copy books from Memoria Press.
  15. Good stuff ladies, thanks for posting. I was wondering the same thing.
  16. I was thinking about using Apologia Astronomy but now I'm not so sure.:glare: What didn't you like about the curriculum?
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