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  1. Nothing. My mother homeschools and my sister plans on homeschooling when she has kids. I think one of them would do it for me if something happened to me. I know I would do it for them.
  2. I might get certified. It would depend on how long and complicated the process would be. Most likely I'd move out of the country.
  3. I'd see if he would be okay with some type of umbrella school. Maybe he could be over that and make sure the child you are having difficulty with is getting everything done. You could be in charge of the other child that is more self motivated.
  4. No picture frames. I can't tell you how many picture frames I got at mine.
  5. Have you looked at God made Music? I've heard good things about it. http://www.praisehymninc.com/god_made_music
  6. My sister wasn't interested in reading at that age and my mom didn't push. Then when she was * she decided that she wanted to read and my mom pulled out the Alpha phonics and ETC and she was reading in no time. She reads more than anyone I know and it is classics that she reads for fun, not the junky novels. So I'd take a break for a while.
  7. We've driven an hour to a home congregation. We are Messianic and there aren't many around us that are.
  8. My ds when 3 got so interested in peeing that he pointed it upward so he could see and peed in is face. He came crying to me and I was cracking up.
  9. I had sealants as a kid but they came off and so I had them resealed and they came off again. So after that my mom gave up.
  10. You might want to look into http://www.littlegiantsteps.com
  11. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to work on auditory processing issues? My 4 yr seems to have some difficulty with this. Thanks, Heather
  12. Answers in Genesis is young earth, but they do talk about the other viewpoints.
  13. What about teaching textbooks. It explains every problem in the book. I didn't like MUS's Alg 1. They don't use the traditional math notation for that level.
  14. One of the places that I've found nuts that I least expected it was in a bag of chedder chex mix. They put almond flour in it. I check everything now. Gluten free type stuff tend to have nut flours in them. You might want to check out NAET treatments. It seems to be lessening my son's nut allergy and totally eliminated my friend's dairy allergy. http://www.naet.com
  15. I have the wp I'm ready to learn guide for sale for $18. It is from the year they allowed you to resell it. I also just posted the bible storybook for sale too If you are interested you can e-mail me at lottidah 27 at yahoo dot com. Heather
  16. Have you looked at paradigm accelerated curriculum?
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