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  1. I would look into Chalkdust, Video Text Algebra or BJU DVD's.
  2. I've had a falafel plate at a mid east restaurant and with that you have falafel and a side of pickles and you take a stab of pickles and falafel and dip them into some type of Tahini sauce.
  3. Well attempting it, but just about every subject this year bombed. Everything is going really well now so here it is for kindergarten: 100 EZ lessons and will follow it up with LLATL read just to make sure he knows the phonograms. (We started with Mc Ruffy phonics K and made it through the 1st wkbk. I think it was just going too slow for ds. Abeka 1st grade math and The Mailbox mix and match games (We started with Singapore primary 1A and RS games) Living Learning Books Level 1 Earth science (We finished RS4K pre level 1 chem over the summer and then started RSO life and that bombed and then we did Science Excursion K in about 1 month) Simply Stated and Abeka 2nd grade History text (started with HO 1 Ancients, then tried Sonlight core 1, we did core k last yr) Abeka 1st grade Health and Healthy Me Hooked on Spanish Hooked on Handwriting, we will move into Abeka K cursive after this ds really wants to learn cursive. Harmony Fine Arts First Time Analogies Critical Thinking Company's Mathematical Reasoning A Sonlight core 1 read alouds Anyway I think we finally found our groove. ETA to say that while I try for a rigorous curriculum, it is more important to me that my ds enjoy it. It does have to be thorough. I still think that Singapore is more advanced than Abeka, but it had my ds hating it. The other day ds told me how much he loves his Abeka math.
  4. After I had my first baby 6 yrs ago the mosquitos quit biting me. I could be outside and they would be biting everyone and they would land on me and not bite. For almost 6 yrs they didn't bite me and then about a month ago they started biting me again. Does anyone know why they would stop biting? It just seems so weird. The bug thread got me thinking about it.:D
  5. My ds almost 6 has been to 2 funerals. One when he was 4 and one when he was 3. He was fine. I saw my stillborn sister when I was 4. I was fine.
  6. we fought cock roaches and spiders all summer. One year we had a horrible flea invasion. i would step out of bed and 10 fleas would jump on my back/ I went out into the garage and I was swarmed with them. I had them all up my shirt. They were all over me I grabbed a hose outside and started hosing myself off and then ran inside and stipped and got in the shower to wash the rest off. it was awful there had to be 50 -100 on me. We finally had the exterminator come out. I had a 9 month old that was crawling around and I really didn't want him exposed, but I also didn't want him covered in fleas either. We've never had a problem since. Growing up we had a millipede invasion. I had french doors going to the outside and they would come in if I left my light on at night. One night I counted 40 millipedes climbing my walls and on my carpet. It was hard to go to sleep at night, I kept thinking that I had them crawling in my bed.
  7. Timberdoodle has this Thinking putty stuff that is neat. One is magnetic and another changes colors due to temperature, they have some others as well.
  8. I voted to make you feel better:D I picked Lively latin because that is what I plan to use in the future.
  9. A mile is length and and acre or a sq mile are both area.
  10. I asked earlier about Oak Meadow's Latin and it seems no one has used it. They use Cambridge Latin as their text. Would this be a good text to follow so you really want to learn latin 3 by galore park? Does anyone have experience with Cambridge? Thanks
  11. Definitely do not go with RS. If the manipulatives are a problem in BJU then they will be in RS as well. My ds was distracted by all of them and only wanted to play with them. MUS was better, but after a while he just wanted to play with those too. We are doing really well with Abeka, he did well with Horizons too. I like Abeka better because the Home education curriculum guide is really helpful. I like the spiral approach to because ds gets board when it stays on the same kind of problem the entire lesson. I would have tried CLE except that my ds really needs color.
  12. I know this is way in the future for me but I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about Oak meadow's higschool Latin program. Is it any good? It looks like it uses cambridge Latin. My plan is to have ds complete Galore park's latin prep 1-3 and SYRWTL latin 3 before doing it. Would this be more advanced than that or do you think it would be a nice continutation of latin? I really don't know much about latin so I don't know what programs are more advanced. Thanks!
  13. We didn't like RS games but we do like this: http://www.amazon.com/MIX-MATCH-GAMES-MATH-GR/dp/1562348035/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1257711247&sr=8-3
  14. I haven't used either. My kids are too young. I've looked into them though. If you prefer secular then I would go with Trisms. AWOA isn't secular. Also the writing of the learning adventure guides has been put on hold indefinitely so you aren't guaranteed anything for Highschool. My IRL friend Shalom22 is using History Makers so you might want top her and talk to her about it. Also if your son is going into 8th you might want to just do Trisms Discovering the Ancient world, unless you just think that would be too much for him at the moment. Most people take 2 yrs to complete the Age of Revolution so that means ancients need to be started in 8th. However you could speed through AOR, but it would be difficult. Shalom 22 is using HM with her 7th grade dd and 8th grade ds. I think she would be a lot of help.
  15. I've always seen it split up. There are arguments for and against it. Saxon just recently came out with a geometry text. Before that they said if you finished their Alg 1- advanced math using their books you will have had geometry because they incorporate geometry throughout their books. I don't think it really matters unless you need some geometry before SAT like you said. the problem with splitting them up is that a lot of kids forget their Algebra over their yr of Geometry. I've also seen kids take geometry and Algebra 1 simultaneously and then spread it out over 2 yr like that.
  16. This has been fun: http://www.homeschool-your-boys.com/learnandgrowpreschoolcurriculum.html And so was this: http://rainbowresource.com/product/Bright+Beginnings+Curriculum/018320/1257649207-342632
  17. I would use it like a pre algebra program since it isn't quite as indepth. You might want to use Life of Fred as well. I plan to use that combo for pre algebra when we get there. I've used Key with kids I tutor and I really like the series a lot.
  18. Well off the top of my head, there are BJU and Abeka video programs, CLE, Seton and Calvert. ETA: It looks like Oak Meadow might be totally independent at that point, you would have to ask though.
  19. There is Video Text Algebra. The first module is pre algebra. You might want to look at that. Key to Algebra is really good for pre algebra. It isn't quite as indepth as a full Algebra and so it works well for pre algebra and you can throw in Life of fred. If you feel you ds is weak in fractions decimals and percents, key to also has individual topics on those and you could match it up to Life of Fred. I've only used LOF Advanced Algebra so I can't help you with which of the younger books would be better. I've used the Key to books in with some of my homeschoolers that I teach math to and with some of the public schooled kids that I tutor and I love them. HTH
  20. We did horizons K bk 1 for prek. My ds did well with it, but I felt it moved kind of fast and thought it needed to develop the concepts better. We have switched over to Abeka 1st grade math for K. I really like it. It moves a little slower than Horizons and if you follow the Home Curriculum guide, it develops the concepts really well. My ds really likes it. He actually told me he loves math the other day. So we plan to stick with this up through at least 3rd grade math. It seems people switch at that point we'll see when we get there if we are going to switch as well.
  21. That is aurora form supercharged science. She has free teleclasses regularly. She is a homeschool mom and professor. Here is a link: I http://www.superchargedscience.com/freeteleclass.htm
  22. http://www.scienceexcursion.com/ http://www.awakeningwonder.com/ http://www.superchargedscience.com/
  23. I just remembered something else to ask. Do they have book suggestions for science topics to check out at the library? I really like book lists.
  24. So where do you buy the main lesson books? I didn't see it on the website? Also what kind of stuff do they do in science? Oldest ds is a science nut.
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