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  1. We'll I've read somewhere, but I can't remember where that refusing to have tea with your partner on a long term basis is grounds for divorce according to Judaism. Tea time is actually considered the woman's right, not the man's.
  2. We use The mailbox mix and match games. My ds loves it and I just start off with a few facts and I slowly add in more as he masters the ones in the deck. if I were to do flash cards he probably wouldn't like it so much, but with the games he always wants to play at least 2 games in a row every day. He would play it more, but I don't want to. He has picked up the facts quickly that way. He understood the concept already he just needed help with quick fact recall.
  3. I'd be curious to how my ds would respond to that. I've got all sorts of interesting responses now LOL
  4. My kids get rashes after fever all the time. I would be very worried about the blue hands and feet. I think that I'd take her in to the ER or demand an appt with the dr.
  5. Get an educator's discount card from Barnes and noble if you decide to purchase the book there. You get 20% off.
  6. You just need to give her some time. Maybe add some kind of incentive chart and maybe allow frequent breaks. I have the same issues with my ds5.5. I wouldn't send her to school over it. I think it is pretty typical behavior at this age.
  7. I need to buy some new ones, does anyone have recommendations for what they like?
  8. My parents have a big basket of flashlights at their house and my ds3 knows exactly where it is and gets into it every time we go over there. The basket is back in their master bedroom somewhere, but he knows where it is LOL. We go over there once a week and he kept binging a flashlight home, so I had to put a stop to it or we would have ended up with their whole stash.:D
  9. There is Voyages in English, but it gets expensive in the later yrs.
  10. I just wanted to say that if anyone is suffering from this, taking a probiotic gets rid of it. My ds 6 has it and the dermatologist prescribed a steroid cream and told me there is no known cause for it and said the cream would take about 3 weeks to work. Well I'm not a big fan of steroid creams and I did a little research and couldn't find much, but I did read where someone said it from your immune system being compromised. So I decided to try a probiotic before resorting to the steroids and it has taken about 1.5 wks and it is going away. I'm really amazed that it is going away as fast as it is.
  11. That is hilarious:lol: Yeah my dh's response was crude as well, so I guess it is up to me. And I thought I wasn't going to have to have this talk since I only have boys:001_huh:
  12. At least in my state there are waivers that you can sign to get out of them. I think they are religious waivers saying it is against your beliefs to vacc you kids. You might want to look into that.
  13. Well there is homeschool huskies and ponies. They study different science and social studies topics and earn badges. There is National Geographic Young explorers club.
  14. I never knew that. I try to make a point of going outside to get some vit D.
  15. I just checked that book out at the library and it looks really good.
  16. They best way to get vitamin D is to go sit out in the direct sun with as little of close as possible. Hard to do in the winter, but maybe you could sit in front of a window.
  17. I had been feeling pretty ugly myself and then I went and finally got a haircut that my dh liked. My facial feature can be more angular since I'm really thin and have high cheek bones and I have a broad forehead. I got a hair cut that kind of framed my face and was a little messy looking. It softened the sharp features covered my forehead and ears. It really was an improvement and made me feel so much better. I also watched some makeup videos on You tube and learn how to put on eye make up. People kept saying that they couldn't believe that it was me. You aren't going to get in right on the first try. You have to try things out. There are websites that talk about how different hair styles fit certain types of faces. Seriously though sometimes I see someone who looks really plain and I think about how they would look with just a little make up and maybe their eybrows waxed or different hairstyle. I realize that self worth doesn't come from being beautiful, but it is nice to feel that you are. Some of the make-up counters in the mall with do make overs for you for free.
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