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  1. Oak Meadow has an online program for the older grades.
  2. Oak meadow has Growing Growing Strong for the younger grades. They also have a highschool helth program called Lifetime health.
  3. Easy classical has a state history. You use their schedule for any state. They have it for 1st grade, but I think it could be used for older. I have it for sale on the swap board:tongue_smilie:
  4. I know I hate it too. I also hate Sundays because it is slow then too.
  5. My 6 and 3 yr olds have never eaten them. My friend's little sister used wipe snot on her arm, let it dry and then peel it off and eat it. She called it fried snot :scared: My oldest picks his teeth and I'm having a hard time getting him to stop. He has really bad teeth so I don't blame him. Hopefully once his permanent teeth come in he'll stop.
  6. Thanks for the advice. My dh will probably talk to them if we see them out. The couple is chinese and they keep to themselves. When the dh is in the yard he is usually in boxer shorts:ack2: so I prefer not to go over there LOL. My dh should tell him to not where his underwear in the yard too.
  7. Color vs black and white make a huge difference for my ds 6 if it is B&W he will really dig his heels in. If it is colorful he will be more willing to do it.
  8. I would love it. They could create a evolutionist, old-earth creationist and young earth creationist options.
  9. Haven't had that, but my sister when she was about 4 or 5 was walking with a crochet hook in her mouth and the maid bumped into her and it made it go down her throat. The maid turned around and saw my sister choking and the end of the crochet hook sticking out and she yanked it out, not knowing there was a hook on the other end. It caught her uvula and split it in 2. Blood was coming out her mouth and nose. The maid was freaking out, I was freaking out and got my mom who took my sister to the nurse next door and she said not to worry about it and that it would heal on its own. It did.
  10. We just got a 2 yr old Bichon Frise. My ds 6 and ds 3 took the dog (Noodles) for a walk today. We were almost home when a German Shepherd came charging at us from across the culd-de-sac. The neighbor came running but that dog was right next to us crouching and barking. My 6 yr old had already gone up to the house so it was just the 3 yr old and Noodles and me. I picked up noodles and pulled my 3 yr old next to me. I was really afraid that I was going to have to put down Noodles and put my 3 yr old up in a tree I was next too. I finally just stomped my foot, waived my arm and yelled at him to get and he backed off. I didn't say anything to the neighbor because he was still chasing his dog around trying to get him and I just wanted to get the kids and dog into the house. Do you think I/dh should go over there and say something. I've seen that dog charge at our cat before before. I really think he needs to be on a leash. I almost want to call someone and report it. Do you think I should or should I wait to see if he does it again? Thanks
  11. My uncle is in it and he has been deployed twice to Iraq and it seems very hard to keep a job because he is always being required to go to training for 3-6 weeks at a time and employers don't like that. Also I would think that it would make it difficult to finish college in a reasonable amount of time.
  12. I don't know anything about startwrite, but you don't have to do the Mcruffy Handwriting with the phonics if you don't want unless you want a formal handwriting program.
  13. You could say Mosey!!! My cat wendall I say Wendy and clovis I say Clovie. But I've had a Bonkers, Patches, Pickles, Summer, Scout and Tasha and I didn't do the eee sound on them. My cat Ichabod, I called Ick for short, which was just lovely, but with all the abscesses he would get it really was appropriate.
  14. We use raw milk. My dh is the one that has researched raw milk and its benefits. I do know that it is easier to digest when it is unpasteurized and that it contains good bacteria that helps your digestive track out and that good bacteria gets killed in the pasteurization process. I would make sure it is a state certified dairy.
  15. Oh no don't do that! Use tweezers, it keeps them from being scratchy and they don't grow back as fast.
  16. I'm almost 30 and I've had hairs on my chin for at least 5 yrs.
  17. I had a black cat once. We named him Ichabod. We found out later that that meant the glory has departed. He fit te name. He was always beat up from the fights he would pick LOL
  18. Wow neither of mine would ever sit in a booster seat even when eating a meal. They kept trying to climb out. I can't imagine them sitting beside me in one during school time. That would be so nice. As it is, at this age, they are practically standing on their heads while I read to them LOL.
  19. I have had better experience buying used off of these boards than off of Amazon. On here you can find out more details about the book's condition.
  20. :iagree: I think something like Teaching Textbooks might work for something like that. Since it seems the consensus is that it may be a little behind and kids seem to really enjoy it.
  21. We have been going to the same pediatrician since ds6 was 2 days old. We had ds's 6 yr well check up thursday. We were talking to her about how he wants to be an eye dr when he grows up and she was so excited about how interested he was in science that she said she had a gift for him. When she originally daid she had a gift I thought it was going to be a junky little dollar toy like you get sometimes at the dr for good behavior. Anyway, she comes back with a nice model of an eye. She said she thought my ds6 would like it and that she didn't use it much. I could beleive it. I have been wanting to get one. This is the one she gave us http://www.hometrainingtools.com/human-eye-model---advanced/p/CM-HUEYEAD/ I was floored. Anyway just had to share :)
  22. I don't think that anyone thinks you are a lunatic or are trying to punish your child. I think people are worried that your daughter might perceive it as a punishment. I'd just hold her back in math. I was homeschooled and we were all over the place in grade levels. I guess I would just give her the level of work she needs in each subject and just call her grade by her age.
  23. I wouldn't do it. I think that it would be very discouraging for her. I was homeschooled and I had a lot of guy friends whose parents felt that they would benefit from having an extra yr before graduating. All they did was take 2 yrs for 12th grade. By that point the older kids understand the issue. Plus there may be a time in there were she all of a sudden catches on or her maturity catches up. It is too easy for kids to get discouraged in when they are struggling in math and I think putting her back in subject would be seen as a punishment. I think that maybe you should just start talking about how you are going to take 5 yrs to do highschool and get her used to that idea and she will never really feel held back.
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