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  1. I plan and buy the food. Since I'm not home til after dinner, dh cooks it. This is pretty much 4-5 nights of the week (sometimes Friday is take out night). On weekends, I cook dinner and occasionally breakfast. Dh like cooking breakfasts.
  2. Dang. The only local drive in close to me charges $9 for anyone 10 and up. It's a $1 for kids between the ages of 5-9 (under 5 is free). It used to be $1 for kids up to age 12, which was nice. Enjoy, Spryte. We're planning to see it at the drive in because that's the only way we can actually watch it while letting youngest run around and squirm when necessary, and it's become tradition in the last few years to see at least 1 movie during the summer at the drive in.
  3. This reddit thread has some suggestions: https://www.reddit.com/r/graphicnovels/comments/6varcx/books_similar_to_browns_louis_riel_or_gaulds/
  4. My go to response is it depends on your reader. I read it in either Freshman or Sophomore year of high school. It wasn’t a favorite or mine but I could see some 13 year olds handling it fine.
  5. I have seen tutors at local libraries. I'm sure some are paid, I know others are sponsored by the local school district. A nearby system has this in their current policy: While they aren't throwing tutors out, this rule could allow them to do so if said tutoring were not somehow sanctioned by the library. Seems like contacting the library in question, as many have said, would be the best recourse.
  6. Skyr is a yogurt type from Iceland. Siggi's and Icelandic are brand names that sell skyr (like Fage and Chobani sell Greek style yogurt.) My Aldi just started bring it in under their label and I saw tonight that Trader Joe's has one, too.
  7. Greek is ok, but Skyr is much better. I prefer Icelandic to Siggi's. I like to change it up- a tablespoon of jam and berries, 1/4 cup of granola and honey or maple syrup. I found over time it grew on me. I find yogurts with more than 12-14g of sugar to be disgustingly too sweet.
  8. From what I read, Kate wore a light yellow. But I get your tongue in cheek.
  9. https://www.harpersbazaar.com/celebrity/latest/a20750046/prince-harry-wedding-ring-prince-william/
  10. Given the scope and cost of these weddings, that’s not too bad!
  11. Interesting. I didn’t know this, thanks!
  12. The technology now is just so different from when Willliam and Kate married!
  13. Camilla’s hat is AWFUL! But watching Prince Charles slightly nod off made me wonder if it’s to help detract/Hide him. ? i love her simple dress but hate the short train, long veil look. I’ll say it, Kate’s dress was more stunning. But I’m glad Meghan went simple.
  14. Yup. Just woke about 20 minutes ago and everyone is arriving. My feed is understandably buffering but no commentators on that YouTube channel! This is great. My mom who is a huge royals nuts is texting me constantly to comment. :LOL:
  15. I’m hoping. I have my alarm set but that’s for 3 hours from now! I saw Princess Diana’s wedding highlights on TV news because I was 7, but everything else I have been up for. Sometimes it’s hard to be on the left coast.
  16. I just saw it today. I was also left with a huge “WTF!!” moment and wasn’t ready for the cliffhanger (please don’t be more than 3 parts!) I got the feeling Capt. Marvel is more integral to this than I previously thought. On a personal note, I was peeved that the major scene for Shuri was released on the Internet. It’s when she and Banner discuss Vision’s neuron network. Had I known that, I would have waited to watch it. I refuse to believe Loki is totally gone and I hope Shuri didn’t also dissipate like the others.
  17. For us, the library was the test run on a book. If it warranted repeat check outs because it was enjoyed, then it needed to be purchased for our collection. So to me, this will vary/be dictated by the readers.
  18. Meanwhile, southern CA was colder than PA (so my PA friend told me.)
  19. Not enough since the prices went up. Most recently, it was a treat for Christmas morning breakfast...
  20. ^^^Us, too. It works since our trash/ recycling pick up is tomorrow.
  21. Those Cranberry Camembert puffs are soooo good! We did finger food lunch- pigs in a blanket, chicken pesto filo puffs, pizza bagel bites- and will grab In-n-Out and Baskin Robbins for dinner.
  22. About 2 times per week. It seems like there's always something on the carpeting... :glare:
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