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  1. School Library Journal is currently free to view online: There are instructions on the page on how to access this month's issue. Diversity in books has been a hot topic of late and there might be some lists of reviewed books that will help. Their starred reviews are usually good bets if you have limited funds to work with.
  2. Looks like it's online learning for the CA counties on the Governor's List.
  3. Yup. Used to try to sneak that onto my morning oatmeal instead of just cinnamon as a kid. As a breakfast treat, my mom would make toast with it. When we didn't have it pre-mixed, we'd do it ourselves. In my high school and early college years I moved to using it with butter on tortillas.
  4. I was shocked to see this last night, too. I had to read the headline a few times to let it sink it. According to The Hollywood Reporter (and now a few other places like People Magazine): "Imahara died suddenly following a brain aneurysm, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. "We are heartbroken to hear this sad news about Grant."
  5. Rubbing alcohol. I can't find it anywhere. Otherwise, it varies from week to week. Sometimes it's something like frozen pizzas, the next it will be a limited selection of pasta sauce brands. I wanted to get one this year, too. I figured that if we were going to mostly be home as is, then it would give the youngest something to do other than a water slide or playing in the sprinkler. I'm kicking myself for not taking better care of the one we had in the past.
  6. That's pretty much how it is at my work place. We've been doing this since the closures in Mid-March. In the last few weeks, temperature checks were required. We have hand sanitizers distributed throughout the building for staff and encourage hand washings through out the day. Masks are required in all common areas and hallways. Since we're closed to the public, all doors to staff-only areas are propped open so we don't have to touch multiple surfaces.
  7. I have been waiting. I was considering taking myself for my bday this year, but then Covid happened. 🙄 You best not log in all at once, I don't want to see this.... *LOL*
  8. I'll be interested to see how this plays out. A story from a tv station article on it:
  9. Disneyland Resort is working on being open by next month: FWIW, Orange County, CA, "strongly recommends" but does not require mask use in public ( I'm sure Disneyland will have their own rules regarding masks, but at this time they are not required unless a business chooses to require it of their clientele/ patrons.
  10. I've been reporting to work everyday. I've tried to reduce grocery store trips but its hard to go less than 2 times a week. When I'm not working, I'm home. The family has been pretty house bound since mid-March. We've seen a family friend only once, otherwise it's phone/ FaceTime calls. We also had our 6 month dentist visit about 2 weeks ago. I have a friend who is starting to feel more comfortable about hosting a distanced visit in her yard, so I'm planning to meet up with her fairly soon. That's about it.
  11. Our 6 month teeth cleaning and check up was last week. Our dentist has a very small office. We were instructed to call when we arrived and to bring our masks. After arriving, they checked our temps. They waved us in when they were ready. Our appointments were spaced out, so dd and went in first and later on, dh and the boys. When we went in, we used hand sanitizer and then had our oxygen levels checked. After that, we were escorted to the exam chairs and handled clear eye wear. We had to rinse with a peroxide solution before any cleaning happened. There were multiple air purifiers set up through out the office. Some procedure were slightly different- no open mouth rinsing with the water jet, etc. It was very much a come in, get it done, and go kind of appointment.
  12. Mine had bikes when I went this past weekend...
  13. Maskne- an unexpected side effect.
  14. I ordered some off etsy that arrived in 3 days from this seller:
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