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  1. Thank you ladies:). I have some researching to do.
  2. I would like to find a writing tutor/teacher for my dd15 next year, rising sophomore. She has had three years of high school English & Composition, however next year I would like her to focus more on research writing. She has scored very well on research papers she has completed for her science courses. Bravewriter has a research class but we are on vacation during the class. Any suggestions? I would like more of a tutor online, student lead project/assignments with heavy feedback type situation. I am hoping to delay her starting at the community college until her junior year. Thoughts? Ideas?
  3. My dd took Honors Biology with Blue Tent last school year. I remember students reading one chapter, answering forum questions and completing assignments (labs, projects or papers) on a weekly basis. The class finished reading the entire Holt book, they completed six plus dissection labs, a research project and a couple research papers. There were routine quizzes and exams. The teacher was informative, easy to contact and well organized. If my memory serves me, my dd spent about 4-6hrs each week maybe more depending on the assignments. I would recommend looking through the assigned Holt biology book online to get an idea of the content level. I do think the class is at an honor's level. AP Biology would encompass a good foundation of chemistry along with a year of biology. My dd enjoys biology so she did well. I hope this helps to get a better idea of the class. I am happy to answer any questions.
  4. I list all high school level credit earned prior to high school on my dd's transcript however I don't use those grades in her overall GPA. In our case, all the high school level classes my dd took where outsourced by online providers. My dd plans to DE so she will have more than enough credits to graduate.
  5. I can't seem to find this board anywhere. Did it get moved? Thanks
  6. Jewels

    Garden Mamas

    I direct sowed peas, lettuce, radishes and spinach last week. I started tomatoes and flowers indoors which will be transplanted in about six-eight weeks and planted tons (100) of summer flower bulbs last weekend. I need to transplant some strawberries, about 40 plants to where we had our chicken coop last year. There is a lot of cleaning up to do in our garden areas. All the berries and grapes along with fruit trees need fertilizer.
  7. My neighbor is an advisor to both my dds. She is a retired administrator and an active volunteer. My dd(16) continues to volunteer at the library and is applying again at the Humane Society (very competitive). She hopes to do a day exploration of the local dog training facilities in our area this summer. My dd (14) volunteers at our local hospital, she plans to transfer from surgery outpatient desk to maternity this summer. The hospital has been a great learning opportunity for my dd, however now after almost a year, she is wanting more interactions with patients. She has been approached about shadowing however she is underaged. She is intrigued about labor & delivery. We all will be volunteering at the food bank repackaging bulk foods. I also plan on growing foods this summer to donate. Slow and steady here. Best wishes SJ!
  8. Has anyone used the Spanish CLEP exam to earn college credit? What prior Spanish instruction did your student have? Thanks
  9. I looked into PAC, sorry but it looks very light for high school. I would be cautious about using light high school curriculum and graduating your student early. I would suggest researching high school level providers and evaluating their strengths and weaknesses.
  10. She was an 8th grader and was interested in biology. My dd just reminded me that the end of the year research papers (two) were 5-6pgs each. Hope this helps.
  11. My dd took Blue Tent's Honor's Biology last school year. The class read the entire Holt Biology book, had multiple dissection labs, quizzes, exams, weekly assignments, group and research projects and papers. If I remember correctly, the course took between five to seven hours each week to complete reading and other assignments. Overall my dd enjoyed the class and did very well in it.
  12. Still working on our 10th grade plan but here goes. Algebra 2 Honor's Chemistry AP Psychology BraveWriter/DE English Geography Choir Theater PE/Dance Extras: piano & violin lessons, volunteering at local hospital(CA) & Red Cross Summer: Shakespeare reads & theater, volunteer camp counselor, Driver's Ed
  13. My dd(14) is a 9th grader who attends two classes (Choir & Spanish 3) at our local high school. She was needing more peer social interactions than I could create from our homeschool community and home. My dd loves her choir teacher and classmates however Spanish has been a lot of busy work. My dd has complained on many occasions that the teacher frequently changes the course syllabus and has a strange grading system. She says he doesn't "teach enough Spanish" but rather assigns worksheets. She is way ahead of the kids with regards to speaking Spanish (says her teacher), the other kids are too embarrassed and out of practice. The school doesn't offer Spanish 4 so she will be going elsewhere else after this year. I wasn't really prepared for how much peer relationships where going to mean for my dd. She has made several friends and is much happier however she is more into her phone texting and social media. She also brings home varying ideas and experiences which affect her attitude. some for the better and others, not so good. I also wasn't prepared for how much I would miss her. She spends more time in school and studies more, so I see less of her. OP- Best wishes to you and your family.
  14. We are plugging dd14 is on track to earn a silver medal and my dd16 is on track for maybe a bronze by the end of summer.
  15. Amathis229, thank you, I haven't read The New Global Student, I just ordered it:)
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