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  1. Total waste of money. Like Chris said, people buy into them thinking they'll vacation and save. They don't. We've watched dh's parents lose tens of thousands of dollars. Avoid it.
  2. Oh, what fun! Lucky you!!! Congratulations to you, your mom, and the entire family!!!
  3. NO! Don't even go there. Google it. Read reviews. Read reviews of KA mixers on thefreshloaf.com KA is not what it used to be when Hobart owned it. Not. at. all. I personally have burned out 2 600-watt pro models doing nothing more than kneading bread dough (and not ww) now and then.
  4. LOL. My 6th child had my docs in a panic. They said he was HUGE. I measured big. Sent me for u/s. They were grim. BIG baby. Right. He was born on his due date and was 8 lb 4 oz. My 3rd child, on the other hand (I had twins via c-section 3 years prior to his birth) looked of average size, etc. I had a vbac, no one worried, he was small, etc. Yeah, right. 9 lb, 2 oz. Don't believe anything! :)
  5. Call, send a note in the mail, and even drop by (with a casserole, or brownies, or something). You are a good friend. She needs you. She needs to know you care, and that you accept her no matter what. I think she's really hurting right now. :grouphug:
  6. Singapore is awesome. Life-changing, even, in terms of math. That said, my kids needed more review, so we did Saxon also.
  7. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/09/30/us-official-al-awlaki-tried-to-use-wmds-to-attack-westerners/
  8. This was a man determined to bring destruction to his "fellow" citizens, and he was actively working for this result. He acted on this, and was implicated in several plots. If he could have caused mass casualties, he would have. I have no problems whatsoever with his death. He brought it upon himself. I'm glad he's gone to...well...another place.
  9. I've never seen that in people (I'm a pharm tech). So sorry. :grouphug:
  10. We see a family dentist, but when my kids were really little, two of them had serious dental issues (genetic...we brushed, but their teeth rotted..ugh). The pediatric dentist we contacted all had the "no adults in the room during the evauation" clause. The family dentists didn't. When one of our very young children (6) needed orthodontic care, I didn't even look at the pediatric specialists. Just couldn't go there. What the OP wrote doesn't surprise me at all.
  11. Wow. Really? This is the opposite of what goes on in our public high school. The teachers here have times to meet with kids, not unlike college professors. You sign up and show up, even with just a few hours notice. Or, if the teacher knows you need help but can't stay after school, they say, "Here's when I'm available during the day...come see me, and if you need a note, let me know."
  12. You could speak to the upper echelon, but it might not help much. However, there's a lot you can do yourself. There are books you can order to help your child if he's unwilling to talk to the teacher for help. Obviously, you know there's a problem. If he's not going to ask for help, for whatever reason, then you should take the next step. Get a tutor, order a geometry for dummies book, or a book of worked geometry problems, whatever. There are lots of options out there. Take some action to help your child, and then decide if you want to talk to the principals. The main goal should be helping your kids. You can do it.
  13. The KA cannot handle heavy doughs, period. It cannot mix the pasta dough on a regular basis without risking the motor (I've burned out 3 KA mixers just doing bread dough...pasta dough is MUCH stiffer...is that word?). The pasta attachment I had caused the KA to almost seize, it was working so hard. I now use my food processor to mix the pasta dough (I have a KA food processor, but let it be said this is also my 2nd...KA does not build to last, unfortunately). Then I knead a bit by hand, let the dough rest, and then roll out bits to feed into this: http://www.amazon.com/Imperia-SP150-Pasta-Machine/dp/B002ZWA15K/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1317425655&sr=8-5 Believe me, if you want to make pasta, this is the way to go. I've been making pasta by hand for 30 years. Don't waste your money on the KA crap.
  14. So *that's* what that is. LOL. :) Can you tell I've cut my hours?! We don't dispense a lot of it, probably because it's still in one of the upper price tiers for insurances. :)
  15. Tap, you are a pharmacist, aren't you? I'll let you handle this one. LOL. I'm a lowly pharm tech. :)
  16. If you routinely grind meat, the meat grinder attachment will break. Ask me how I know, lol. The plastic housing cracks. There are much better meat grinder on the market, and they will last. The ice cream attachment, on the other hand, is a miracle. :) Do not, under any circumstances, even think about the pasta maker attachment. It will ruin your KA...the motor/gears cannot handle the load.
  17. Have you tried Benadryl? (Brand is no longer available but generic is). Is the problem falling asleep, or waking once you are asleep? From your post it sounds like you have trouble falling asleep...in that case, a dose of Benadryl (2 tabs of diphenhydramine) might help. Have you tried it?
  18. I think you sound like one of the most admirable homeschooling moms ever. And I mean every word of that. You rock, sweetie!
  19. I don't like the sentence, either. I have a Victory Golden Monkey waiting for me. :) Which Blue Moon do you have?
  20. Yep, yep, yep. If you take it, you should go straight to bed. Also, you can get the 5 mg strength...not sure why the doc started you w/ 10 mg. Sonata and Lunesta are not available in generic form yet, so they would be more expensive.
  21. Why isn't he checking for a hernia? That requires more than a look, and is part of good routine care, imo.
  22. I, too, lost twins at 21 weeks. Ornaments would not be comforting to me. They would be too difficult to even look at, even now. I guess we are all different in how we deal with loss.
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