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  1. We got microfiber. It looks like leather, but is cloth. It's been easy to keep clean if something spills.
  2. When Dh's coworker's wife died a couple months ago, the pastor had covid. Big funeral. The guy who lost his wife? Yep, he got it from the pastor. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
  3. We've bought furniture from Lindy's in Hickory before. It might be a place for you to check out. We have a reclining sofa and recliner from Flexsteel and it's held up very well. These are plug-in. Talk about comfortable! My bedroom furniture is by Lexington and I've had it since late 90's. It still looks new. Those are the only 2 brands I'm familiar with enough to recommend.
  4. Me too! Shoulder problem was all! 💛
  5. I was just talking to dh about this. At this point, nothing will convince people because there will always be a certain... person, who will try to cast doubt on whatever happens or whatever anyone says. Even if a nonpartisan group gets together and says there is no fraud, there will always be a... person, who says that group isn’t nonpartisan because xyz. IOW, there’s a certain fringe that will never trust anything, ever, if it comes from a govt mouth. (And when I say “fringe”, I’m NOT talking about ANY person on this thread).
  6. Dh had a bad case but was never hospitalized. I’m sure he would’ve been had there been beds but he was sent home even when his o2 was low 80s in ER. Anywho, despite us (4 people usually, but ds’ gf does go home to sleep) all being in this less-than-1200-sqft house, no one else got it. I can’t explain it. I tested negative despite being the one to care for dh and despite kissing him just hours before symptoms appeared. We all hugged multiple times just hours before his symptoms (we celebrated our Christmas that night). Ds and gf got a cold a week later and tested negative.
  7. I agree with you, squirrel. But I think the only thing that could really be controlled would be curriculum. I think that public school buildings nationally need to all have basics-- when it's a certain temp, the heat comes on (same with a/c); nurse in each school; counselor in each school; library; etc.
  8. If he's out working, they were never going to be 'low risk'. ☹️ I think you can wait like 4-5 days and get tested yourself (maybe the whole office can?), then see where y'all stand?
  9. I'm all for police reform. But this case isn't going to help with that. It is heartbreaking for all 5 kids, not just the ones who passed away, but all of them. For whatever reason, they were young, unsupervised, and committing major crimes. That's sad, regardless of the outcome. And 1 minute 12 seconds doesn't feel like much of a police chase to me. It sounds like these kids just reacted badly and ran. I don't think a cop turning off his blue lights at that point would've made any difference. They were already in over their heads and out of control, unfortunately.
  10. We saw a psychologist for his adhd and learning disabilities dx.
  11. I didn't buy a pair of shoes I really wanted today. I'm celebrating that as a win! We didn't spend anything today, except on an Rx refill. We ate breakfast for supper, even though dh offered to pick something up. I'm planning my grocery pickup now. 😱😱😱 Oh! To connect Walmart pickup and Ibotta-- do you do it through the regular Ibotta app? I'm trying and it keeps saying it can't connect. ☹️
  12. I escape nearly every night by watching an old tv show. Ds (😍😍😍) bought me a roku stick the other day and I'm surprised by the old shows it has on it for free! So far, I've watched a few shows from my childhood and it's comforting and nostalgic.
  13. Thank you. There's a whole lot right now being 'preached' that is wholly unbiblical by people who claim to be christians. Biblically, I knew this would happen. But to see it on tv and hear it irl, is almost more than my heart can take. ☹️ edited last part out...
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