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  1. I want to read a book about self-sufficiency and living in the country or a small country town. Not really a going-off-the-grid type thing (but that’s ok, too), just about living rurally up *north* (US)—dealing snow and warm conditions. Either alone or with a spouse. Must be NONFICTION. Available on kindle. any suggestions?
  2. Thinking of you, HB. Big prayers and gentle hugs...
  3. Maybe this will bring you a little smile... we live in rural Georgia, btw. I’ve been keeping dh informed about the virus using this thread. I haven’t heard a single word about it around here and he didn’t know anything about it. He had a meeting yesterday at work and they asked everyone to come in the room and crowd in. He said everyone started pushing towards the front and he said, “should we really be this close to each other with that coronavirus going around?” He said the whole room starting backing out all at once, trying to get away from each other. At least they took him seriously. 🤷‍♀️
  4. Do the people in China who are under lockdown, still have electricity?
  5. Does that mean that you have a 7.3% chance of dying if you are a diabetic?
  6. I’ve read that using a dandruff shampoo, like head and shoulders, can help with bacne.
  7. If this has been mentioned, I’m sorry... trying to keep up! have they said what to do afterward if you do get it? Do you treat it the same way as you would the flu? If we get the flu, we try to quarantine ourselves to a bedroom. Once the flu is over, I’ll wipe down surfaces with Clorox wipes, wash bedding with hot water and bleach, etc. is the process the same for covid or do we not know that yet?
  8. Oh my word. That is horrible. My heart hurts for y’all and your area. That is just heartbreaking.
  9. It’s an older movie, but I love Summer Rental with John Candy. It pretty much meets your requirements. There was a movie dh and I watched a few weeks ago and I remember saying that it was just a feel-good movie, but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was! It’s driving me nuts!
  10. I’m going to try tomorrow. We do have a ceiling fan so maybe? I tried the lamp the other day and it’s not that. Weirdly enough, there’s a 3rd switch as well. It actually goes to the back corner exterior light on our house. It’s in the master bedroom! 🤷‍♀️
  11. I have another switch in the master and I have no idea what it’s for. This thread’s going to have me like Monica on Friends trying to find out what they’re for.
  12. I wouldn’t even know what to do. I was just thinking about flipping the switch the next time the dishwasher is running and see if anything happens. What am I supposed to pull out? The socket?
  13. Huh. We have a light switch that doesn’t do anything in the kitchen. Now I’m wondering...
  14. Jeez Louise! Just reading that made my mouth drop open! I’d have burnt the house down. 😱
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