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  1. I did, too!! @Kudo, I’m bookmarking her site!
  2. I’ll do it. I’ll probably be cussing you a little every day 😉, but I’ll do it as long as my fibro allows me. Can you tag me to remind me?
  3. Yes, I’ve heard of it. Never used it though, that I can remember anyway. I’m from Georgia (the state).
  4. I can’t keep the dog hair vacuumed up. It drives me nuts. I keep threatening the beagle with one of those dog leotards.
  5. It’s interesting you say this, because i was the same way for years. I would look for books or study guides to guide me. My reasoning was that these books would help me interpret what i was reading in the bible. One day (and i can’t remember why), i just said forget the books! I’m only reading the bible, nothing else. And i did. I have trouble understanding what i read sometimes (not just the bible) and soemtimes i have to read a paragraph a few times to grasp it, but reading the bible only (despite my severe lack of knowledge on the subject despite being raised with it and despite my
  6. Im so sorry. Ive been there and its not fun. (Not your bathroom, my own 🤣) praying you get relief quickly!!
  7. You probably did. Every single thing you just posted, i feel the same exact way. The same way. I just couldn't put it into words. I was just about to message rosie and ask her to delete this thread because i thought there’s no way I’m making sense to anyone, but lo and behold, i now have words for what I’m thinking. I can’t thank you enough. Seriously. I was on the verge of tears when i posted the first of this thread. Thanks for posting your thoughts.
  8. Frogger, you and i seem to be on the same path in a way. When it comes down to my beliefs, i tend to really fit with Quakers (actually the survey i mentioned previously identified me as ‘orthodox quaker’ which dh said fit me and i had to look it up to learn more. He was right, btw. It fits.) and Presbyterians. I’ve been really studying my Bible a lot lately and i just am seeing things differently than i did even just months ago. Thats scary to me, tbh. I’m already so different from everyone i know, i don't fit in anywhere with any group, and i’m not even comfortable with extende
  9. Wow! I want to go to your house! How cool is that!!
  10. Normally our town Main Street participates with businesses and churches giving out candy (we also have a city sponsored haunted house on weekends in October-canceled this year) and kids also trick-or-treat in that immediate neighborhood, which we do live in. This year, the business side of it is canceled, but neighborhood trick-or-treating will be allowed. It's always been from 6-8pm, with city police driving through with blue lights to signal that it's 8pm, time to wrap it up. This year we are not participating. First, it's not worth it to me to touch little kids' grimy hands and pumpki
  11. Thanks y'all. My beliefs are changing and although I desperately want different leadership, (sorry, not trying to be too political, but I didn't want y'all to think I was happy with how things are. That couldn't be further from the truth.) the more I read, the more I think things are already laid out for us and what happens is just what happens. But, then again, I'm not sure about that either. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I know I'm not explaining it right, tbh, just trying to put it on 'paper'. My husband supports whatever decision I make, but even talking directly to him, it's hard to put it
  12. I think i might be being misunderstood... i mean if you don't vote at all. Like you choose not to vote because you dont think it really matters, that its akready been decided, or that for whatever reason, you are feeling led to not participate in the big vote (pres). I dont mean it to be political at all, but a religious discussion. Hope that clears things up! Sorry to confuse...
  13. If you do not vote for religious reasons, can you guide me? Do you get involved at all in politics? Do you discuss them at all? Do you make exceptions for certains elections, ie. local, amendments, etc? Are there certain biblical verses you point to when others bring it up? Tia! *Please only polite convo* 💛💛💛
  14. Ds and i get it every year. We both got the flu last year and I feel it would've been much worse without the shot.
  15. I went through each room and really thought about what would make my life better and easier. So for example, in the bathrooms i decided a plunger that was not visible and one in both bathrooms would make my life easier, so i found two and got them. Same for toilet brushes. Then i looked at what we kept in the cabinets. A large supply of tp in each bathroom instead of hall closet, etc, etc... Anyway, I did that in every room with the intention of making my life feel less cluttered and hectic and making cleaning much easier.
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