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  1. I got one today and I’ve never cooked a turkey. Can I put it in my slow cooker? It has a gravy packet with it. What do I do with that? I do want gravy for mashed potatoes. Do I defrost the turkey and then cook it? I hate to cook and I stink at it. Help me.
  2. Can someone please post what trudeau’s Response was? I did google but I can’t find his official response except that he is deeply sorry. Is that all he said? I was raised in the Deep South (autocorrect capitalizes it every time) and my schools were always pretty diverse. Someone above asked if didn’t some of us ever joke with our friends about stereotypes and I’m kind of flabbergasted by that. First, most of those references (the chickens in the yard and the hello kitty, for example) are things I never attributed to certain people. And it seems kind of weird and gross to even hear it, tbh. And no, I can’t imagine joking with my black BFF in high school about something I knew to be offensive to black people. Who would do that? Second, I had no idea who al Jolson was until recently. I have zero knowledge of minstrel shows. I did know that blackface was offensive as I became college-aged. One last thought, I wonder if Trudeau was clueless because he he’s rich and comes from a powerful family. He was insulated and probably no one wanted to reprimand him. I could be wrong and that’s probably my bias speaking more than anything else, but it seems like he got away with that stupidity for an awful long time. Maybe people just turned their heads? Idk.
  3. I didn’t know it was a bad thing when I was young. ‘Soul Man’ with C Thomas Howell was one of my fave movies. Obviously as I grew up, I figured it out. I don’t really get it. I’ve never been so committed to a costume, that I felt the need to change my skin color. It just seems weird.
  4. @Ktgrok, link? Does it show sensitivities or just straight up allergy? Thanks!! 💗
  5. Get him to the dr before he hits 18. I’d call tomorrow.
  6. Me, too. My fibro reacts so badly in the heat that dh and I are toying with a move to Maine one day. His meds make him heat-sensitive, too. The Georgia heat is killing us.
  7. Thatboyofmine


    I can’t like this enough. There’s a reason God gave (general, not specific) you the kids He did. And He didn’t intend for them to be shunned if they make a mistake or make a different decision or whatever. The importance of the mother-child relationship & father-child relationship is emphasized and prioritized in the Bible. Now sometimes there are extenuating circumstances—kid has mental health issues or drug-related issues or whatever, where parents have to step back, pray, and let the chips fall where they may. But this situation doesn’t sound like that. This is sounding more and more like a disfellowship or really rigid thinking that can easily tear apart the family. Someone remind me, but is disfellowship talked about in the Bible or is this a man-made thing? I mean Jesus interacted with everyone and even ate with them in their homes. scarlett, go to ds and tell him you love him and you’re crazy about him. And if he rejects the religion or some of it, or the people in the hall, or whatever, tell him y’all won’t discuss that anymore. His faith is his faith. Your faith is yours. But God gave you your son and you value that God-given relationship enough to spend time with him and love on him and dil and leave religion at the door for a bit. That doesn’t mean you have to commune with the devil to make ds happy, just that you won’t discuss your religion with him. Just be mom. Don’t demand an apology (even if he owes you one), just hold him and say I love you. And maybe take a pizza...they are broke newlyweds, after all. 😀
  8. Thatboyofmine


    Trying to say this the right way and not sound jerky... I know that some JW will not associate with non-JWs. I hope that you aren’t implying that this thing between you and ds is anything like that. Like if he left the faith, he leaves you, as well. From the JWs I’ve known, they would only associate with fellow JW’s except in cases of work commitments, etc where they *had* to spend time with others. please, think twice before that route is taken. (I just got that feeling and I am probably *very* wrong—I can’t imagine that happening here! But just in case...)
  9. Thatboyofmine


    I’m getting more lost by the minute. Scarlett, we need a play-by-play. 😉😁
  10. Thatboyofmine


    But what if Scarlett really had a gut reaction to the church or location or ceremony he chose? I can’t think of any reason to skip my son’s wedding unless he decided to get married in a satanic ceremony or something crazy like that. That would be a big ‘hell, no’ for me. He knows I wouldn’t attend and if he asked, I’d have no problem saying ‘Nope!’ Maybe what he chose made Scarlett have the same reaction? Maybe it’s something so anti-JW that she couldn’t go, and maybe ds knew she wouldn’t go. I’m obviously just speculating about her ds and thank God my kid isn’t a satanist, but for her to have that reaction, I would think it would have to be a serious concern for her and not something she did out of spite or a decision she took lightly.
  11. Thatboyofmine


    Was this an ‘all-of-a-sudden, let’s get married and piss my mom and everybody in the church off’ kind of wedding? So he knew going in that no one would support them? If that’s so, I feel bad for his wife. ☹️ Hopefully, he’ll grow up quickly.
  12. Avoid Walmart. I went yesterday for the first time in a year or two and I grabbed a buggy that a kid had been sitting in. For the love of all that is good and holy, don’t do that. Take the buggy out in the parking lot, pour bleach on it, and pressure wash it. Only then can you take it in the store and shop. I swear I caught something. I’ve felt like shiitake all flipping day and I knew when I saw that buggy I should’ve just carried everything in my arms, but nope, I went the easy way and now it’s going to be the death of me.
  13. Thatboyofmine


    I can understand ds being upset with the church for not punishing the dad like he thought they should (I’m probably not wording that correctly, but I can see where a black-and-White thinking young adult would feel blindsided by the church and this guy especially if that church had been a central figure in his life up to that point). Is ds even going to church anymore? (You don’t have to answer, obviously). What about his wife? Even if he’s taking a break from his faith, just pray that he’ll find his way back. That’s what I’m doing right now. It sucks, but praying is all I can do.
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