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  1. I had the exact same thing at 29yo complete with large cyst (that popped on its own right before surgery). I also had endometriosis so he had to open me up to make sure he got everything. Recovery was simple but that was probably because of my age. I had the “zipper” that was removed a week or two after. I had a morphine drip but I’d advise you to try not to use it. They removed it the next day because it turned out I’m allergic to morphine. The nurse said recovery is quicker without it anyway. I was sore for a couple weeks but nothing major. I hope recovery is smooth for you! Will be thinking of you, terabith!
  2. I always feel bad for women at church. My past church cracked me up. The pastor first asked all moms to stand. Then all aunts to stand. Then all sisters. Then any woman who works with kids to stand. Any women who has ever given advice to a kid to stand. By the time he was finished, it was basically, ‘if you’ve ever held back from smacking an obnoxious kid in Walmart, stand up’. He just kept going until every female stood up and then they each got a flower.
  3. I hate Mother’s and Father’s Day. Hate.Them. I told ds to give me a hug and I’d be thrilled with that. It’s just the dumbest holiday. I’m sorry for all those with absent or passed-on moms and absent or passed-on kids. 😔
  4. Panama City has a lot going on. We go to Cape San Blas or Mexico Beach (MB is not really open for business yet since hurricane). There’s not a lot to do (why we like it it), but renting a pontoon boat, kayaking, fishing charters are all fun options. If you’re looking for museum-type activities, I second Savannah or St Augustine.
  5. I agree. Also, it’s May. I’m in spring cleaning, winding down school completely (ds graduates) mode and I’m sure I’m not the only one.
  6. Use Ebates. I’ve saved $10 this month just from logging onto Ebates to shop. My total for the last few months is $35 saved. Not much, but that’s $35 I got back in my wallet.
  7. Ha! I’m glad I’m not the only one! I always feel like I’m missing something.
  8. I’m sorry. I can tell there’s more to the story and I’m sorry you’re in this position.
  9. I’d definitely tell dh. In fact, I would’ve done that first. And I’d also be afraid of him. He raped and kidnapped someone. Yes, fear is ok in this case. I believe in forgiveness, rehabilitation, etc but I’m not putting myself in a close setting with a rapist. Um, no.
  10. This is going to sound rambly (is that a word??), so here’s your warning... I’m answering Umsami’s question: ‘So what? What do we do?’ with my own answers that are worth about half a cent, if that. Hold parents accountable for childhood bullying. Fines would be a good start. Start teaching kindness in preschool above all else... the rest will follow. Internet regulation. The internet doesn’t need to be a free-for-all. Idc if it goes against individual rights, I don’t need access to a website on how to lure children for sex, find a white supremacist group to share views, or learn how to build an explosive. If someone wants to know that junk, oh well. These extremists seem to almost always leave a mark on the ‘net. They go there to find like-minded sick freaks and it’s an easy find. Vote for candidates (& volunteer on campaigns, spread the word, etc) who prioritize life and health. Vote for people, local, state, & national, that will try to get certain things passed like the below: stricter gun control. We don’t need guns that can shoot so many bullets a minute (I do not know the technical names despite being told a million times by relatives, sorry.). We do need hunting rifles and such. Even a revolver-type gun is fine, if it doesn’t hold a lot of bullets. Unless it’s someone in the military or LEO, I, nor my neighbor needs a gun that will fire 25+ bullets a minute. We also need better background checks, longer waiting periods, mandatory gun safety classes, etc. and we need to raise the minimum age for guns. 25 maybe? universal healthcare that includes mental healthcare. People need to seek help when they’re sick with whatever, whether it’s panic disorder or migraines or the flu. The more people we have who can’t seek help, who can’t pay their bills, who can’t work because they’re sick, whose children are sick because they are sick, who file bankruptcy because of broken bones or sickness or whatever, the more people we have who are depressed, panic-stricken, and sick and who will act or react out of shear desperation or fear. Free community college for students. Or either high schools that prepare students for a trade and allows them to graduate with a certificate in xyz trade, instead of learning a bunch of stuff they won’t ever need. People need to have some kind of education or trade. They need to feel useful and contribute to society. And it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Mandatory Maternity leave. Moms need to bond with their babies and not have to choose between keeping the lights on and snuggling with their newborn. My cousin had her baby and was back hosting/waitressing that weekend. That’s ridiculous. How to pay for all this? One idea is to start taxing religious organizations. I say this as a devout Christian (who does offer thoughts & prayers all the time, not just in the bad times). It’s time. And as many churches as there are, that’s a whole lotta tax money coming in. Another idea, (which won’t be popular, so read at your own risk) is to stop approving life-saving measures at a certain age. An 80+ elderly relative with dementia had a stroke in the hospital after an operation and because the dr couldn’t get family on the phone quickly, decided to have life flight come and pick her up and take her 2 hours away to a larger hospital. She was on Medicare. She died within days. My mind was blown by this. After a certain age, quality of life, not prolonging it should take precedence. People will say some of this has nothing to do with shootings and violence, but I think it’s all connected. We need to feel a connection to people. We need to be healthy. We need to feel useful. No, this isn’t a cure-all—Nothing is. But people have basic needs and some of those should also be basic rights. Too many of us live in fear of sickness, money problems, whatever. There are steps to take that will reduce that worry, help people feel more confident and connected to each other. I think that can only reduce violence, not increase it. And yes, I’m an idealist to the nth degree, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing.
  11. Oh crap, that name’s gonna stick forever. Wait til my husband hears that!! 🤣
  12. Sigh. I hate to do this, but we can’t be friends anymore. 😜 I know Anderson’s gay. I know Don Lemon and Shepherd Smith and David Venable from QVC are all gay. And yet, I have a crush on all of them. Dh doesn’t feel threatened, so I guess it’s ok, but I crush pretty hard. I call David Venable my tv husband. 🤵👰💍
  13. Oh no! I can beat that! That guy who’s Aaron Rodgers estranged brother. I think he was on the bachelor or the bachelorette or something. He announces for the SEC games and OMG, I might put him in a headlock if I ever meet him in real life. It sounds awful, but every time he’s on, I think, no wonder Aaron stays away from this guy. He’s incredibly obnoxious.
  14. No, she should stay in. My first instinct though was, yes, let her free. But if I’d killed someone as horribly as she did, I don’t think I’d even seek parole. I’d feel like I deserved my fate. I wouldn’t want out, the guilt would keep me there. She deserves to stay in prison. I’m glad she wasn’t executed, though. I just imagine if that had been my son’s house or my mother’s house that she showed up to and stabbed them to death. She doesn’t deserve to leave prison.
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