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  1. We’ve hung onto them. They’re in a huge bin in the attic. We kept that and all his Star Wars figures. He didn’t want to let them go...and neither did I.
  2. Have you tried raising the head of your bed? I had silent reflux for a while and my ENT recommended it. It helped tremendously. Hth!
  3. I got a giant print bible from Christian Book a couple years ago. It doesn’t have any notes in it, just strictly scripture. It’s a normal size bible. But it’s probably normal size because the notes were left out. I love it though. If you want to me to look up the link, let me know. 💛
  4. We just went in January. We visited Allagash Brewery which was great. Dh drank their Allagash White all week, while I liked the Tripel best. Do the free tour; it’s great! It’s not in old port, but was not far. Our favorite restaurant was Gilbert’s. It’s on the Main Street along the water in old port. We ate there probably 3 times! Also, we really liked Eventide. It’s expensive (probably $115 for dh and i) but it’s good. Their fried fish is wonderful! Dh got the variety dozen oysters and really liked them. We went to High Roller for lobster but the Whoopie pies were better! Two Lights State Park was gorgeous! Definitely go there!! We loved Maine. I keep house watching on Zillow... I really want to move around Lewiston or that area. It’s just beautiful up there.
  5. I think so, too. I took French in high school and can still sorta kinda read it and understand it some when I hear it, but this really threw me for a loop. Plus, what I thought was a ‘y’ was actually an ‘s’. And the ‘r’ looks similar to a ‘v’. Yeah, I kinda want to smack somebody for writing it that way, lol.
  6. Thank you for this recommendation! I’m looking at it, too. Is the study guide necessary, in your opinion? Trying to figure out what I need. Thanks! 💛 (Thanks @Night Elf for this post!)
  7. Ok I went out real quick and took some pics. They do smell beautiful!
  8. I’m sorry ravin, and especially sorry for dd. I’d tell her that honestly, if she does need to use the wheelchair, she’ll probably have to push a friend out of it. I’d imagine every single girl is going to be using that thing if they rent one. She’ll be even more popular! Big (((hugs))) to dd. Fibro sucks!
  9. When I’ve recuperated in a little bit from working in the yard today, I’ll go outside and take a pic so you can really see it. The pic above is just a section! Glad you found some!
  10. Ds’ gf is making funfetti sugar cookies cut in shape of carrots and bunnies and decorated. I think that’s the only dessert we’ll have unless she wants to do something else. We’re having Popeye’s chicken. We also did that for Christmas (day before) so apparently Popeyes is going to be our holiday go-to. I get super stressed thinking about a lot of people in my small house and cooking much of anything except maybe a crockpot side just isn’t happening anymore. 9 people in 1150 sqft doesn’t sound like a good time to me, unless it’s someone else’s house, lol.
  11. My teen and his gf are getting Easter baskets (well, cute giftbags) that each have candy, and a t shirt in them. Hers also has a canvas craft thing and a turbie twist. His has a pine tree smelly for his truck and a telescoping mirror for mechanic use (he works on his truck all the time). The Easter eggs will have change in them and two will be prize eggs (but each of them can only claim one prize egg—they have to leave the other one for the other person to find). They’re almost 18, btw. But I asked and she wanted to hunt eggs, so they’re hunting eggs! 🥚🐰🐣
  12. Oh no, I’m so sorry, peace. Like mercyA, I cried way more for my last pup and for my mother’s pup than I ever have for a human. They become our kids, in a way. Allow yourself to cry and get it all out. I tend to like talking about them a lot. Some people don’t want to for a while. I like laughing about their antics and talking about them snuggled up with me. I love those good memories. It also helps tremendously knowing they’re going to be in heaven and I’ll definitely see them again—no doubt at all. When we had to put our Biscuit down, we knew she was going to straight into the arms of beloved family members. That was helpful. We also made a stone with her name on it and a heart and such and we call it the Biscuit stone in our yard. Anyway, it’s hard, so grieve however you need to. Praying for you and sending hugs, friend. 💛
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