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  1. A 19 year old girl? Or is there another book more appropriate for that age? I want her to learn something, because I really worry about her safety. She’s very good at speaking out, has common sense, etc, but she is very slim and frankly, it would be nothing for someone to grab her. I want her to learn the signs to look for. I’d like for her to get some self-defense classes at some point, as well. Thanks!
  2. Not a whole lot that I can tell. Lots out bike riding, walking, and golf carting, but that’s everyday. My neighbor came over and used my shower and we sat and talked a long time. That was nice. The next door neighbors had people over swimming. Usually they have music playing that I listen to when I’m outside laying in the sun. Yesterday was no exception...guess which song they had on repeat for longer than should be allowed? ‘Do you know the muffin man?’ Yes, I’m serious. 🤣 Apparently there was a little one over there who was in charge of music yesterday. 🤣🤣🤣
  3. Shower everyday using dandruff shampoo like head n shoulders.
  4. Sis-in-law & her family are flying in today. None of them are high-risk, but it’s still a little iffy. They’ll be staying with my in-laws who are higher-risk. 🤦🏻‍♀️
  5. I was looking into this, too! Let us know how you like it!
  6. Yes, clearly he deserves to die for this. (Sarcasm) Thank you for sharing, Annie. This is the kind of thing I’m seeing from a few people, too. I read something that said imagine if this were a woman. She’s running, walking, jogging, whatever. And three men surround her, 2 carrying shotguns. They tell her they just want to talk to her. What’s her reaction? She either takes off running or she jumps on the guy closest to get him away/fight him off. It’s the same thing Maud did. He was the ‘prey’ in this situation. I think these people just felt superior and felt like they had authority over everyone, especially minorities, but probably anyone who doesn’t hold the same exact views as they do.
  7. Well, I ended up deleting my account. What I was seeing was so distressing and depressing to me, that I just said the hell with it all. I’m opening another account just for knowing what’s going on, but sans friends except for dh, ds, and ds gf so that I can tag them in events around our area. I just don’t even want to know certain people (many of whom I’m unfortunately related to), so why would I want these people as ‘friends’ to see everyday their asinine thoughts on stuff? I’m not even going to have my parents on my page. Nope. I’m done.
  8. Yes, it’s very common here. I will not do it again. I showed the post to dh and he said that sounded fine to him (me unfriending). i don’t know how reliable the ‘burglary’ allegations are. I’ve heard that the burglary was from months ago & was actually when a gun was stolen out of the primary shooter’s vehicle. By the way, just for reference, this happened to be the neighborhood we tried to buy a house in 3 years ago. We looked at the house and went to put in a contract the next morning. Someone had already snatched it up. That house is only 3 houses away from the shooter’s house.
  9. Yes. He spent three minutes walking through an unfinished house and walked out and started jogging again. Cousin made it clear in her long speech that he was seen in an unfinished house so he’s not innocent. Dh and I stop and walk through houses being built in the subdivision near us. Everyone does it around here. l I’m disappointed. She and I had just become friends again after years of estrangement. My parents are close to her. Oh well, I guess.
  10. I unfriended her. And I took a screenshot of what she said and I just reread it. The crappy way I felt earlier? Gone. She deserved it. It was worse than what I remembered.
  11. That’s what this issue is about. I’m nearby. She (cousin) gave a long speech stating that we could not respond unless we watched the whole video first and then she posted video. So I watched the video. Basically it stated that this guy has a record and mental illness and probably was wanting to steal something so you can’t blame anyone for chasing him down with guns. It was outrageously sickening. Now, I know people will see things differently. That I can totally understand because usually I’m the black sheep who is on the ‘other side’ of things. But the whole, “I don’t think I want to be friends with you if you watched the shooting video and didn’t come to the same conclusion—that he was shot justifiably.” We’ll that just did not sit well with me. At all. It made me sick to my stomach. If she’d posted the video and said “take a look at this—what’s yalls thoughts?” That would’ve been light years different and I would’ve scrolled right by or looked at it and moved on. But that’s not what happened. I supposed I should’ve just unfollowed because I’m going to be hearing about it soon, but I just couldn’t. 😥
  12. Thanks y’all. I feel really crappy about it, but it’s a really raw and recent topic and I’ve been happily surprised to see only two ‘friends’ post something like this. I’ve unfriended them both. NOT because they disagreed— I have no issues with disagreements. But in this case, it went deeper. And honestly, that whole ‘unfriend me if you don’t like it’ sounds way to elementary school-ish to me and I’m too damn old for that. I’m just waiting for my parents to find out. They’ll be disappointed and I’m too old for that crap, too. I’m sick and tired of trying to say the right thing or act the right way. My life is too valuable to be spent on idiots.
  13. Well, y’all are making me rethink my reaction. It’s too late now though, because I unfriended her. Normally if I see a post that says, “go ahead and unfriend me”, I do just that. But I don’t usually do it with family. But a nerve was hit and the video was racist and of course, I know she is, as well. I snapped, I guess. I have unfollowed her before, but I’ve unfriended two people this week for posting the same type of shit and I’m just tired of keeping my mouth shut and trying to keep the peace and not rock the boat. I actually wrote out a whole response, but then deleted it and just hit unfriend. Maybe I should’ve waited.
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