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  1. Yes, there are association fees, but we aren't worried about that aspect. I guess *I'm* wanting the neighborhood with amenities, but wondering if I'm short changing my children by going that route. :confused:
  2. What would you rather have if you could choose: edited to add: Also consider the Grandparent's house was a 5 minute drive away, and they live on 4 acres with woods and pond which you would visit once a week at least? 1: wonderful neighborhood with gated entry and sidewalks everywhere, where you could walk or ride bikes to the beautiful healthclub/pool and tennis courts, and also a shopping center INSIDE the neighborhood (with grocery,cafes, and other shops) BUT with a very small yard only big enough for a swingset. 2: the same size home NOT in a neighborhood with amenities, but have a 1/2 acre yard.
  3. If one or more of your children are in a school, do you give a christmas gift to their teacher? If so... what kind of gift? Also, if there are a few teacher aids in the classroom, do you get something for them too? Not sure what the social protocol is here. Thanks!
  4. Wow, I'm surprised by the miffed comments. I surely wasn't saying it was a bad thing at all that she is making money from her blog and cookbook! I hope she does, as she deserves it! I was just commenting how incredible (in a good way) that in this day and age, that one can go from "nobody" to famous in such a short amount of time due to the internet. I didn't realize that ranchers made a lot of money. You learn something every day. I own her cookbook, and am a fan of her blog. If she were sitting in my living room, I would comment on her success with much congratulations. Didn't mean to "gossip" or anything like that. Sorry if anyone took it that way. More power to her!!
  5. On her blog the other day, she showed a picture of what looked like a whole mall FULL of people waiting to see her at her book signing. She's really famous now! I would imagine with her book sales (obviously good) mixed with the money from the ads on her site, that she is making a killing??? It's amazing to me that one could go from unknown to famous in just a few years due to a blog. And then to go from Rancher's wife to rich wife is even more incredible.
  6. You could always do a microfiber slipcover. You can NOT tell it's a slipcover, but you can wash it so easily. I meant to say before that we have one of the slipcovered couches from Club Furniture. They have many different fabrics to choose from including microfiber. They'll send you the fabric samples too...so you can see what they look like in real life.
  7. http://www.clubfurniture.com/ Definitely look into "Club Furniture" (above link). They use the same manufacturer as Pottery Barn but without the "label"...hence cheaper cost! We've had our couch from them for almost three years and the cushions have all kept their shape. I HIGHLY recommend them!
  8. Simply put, the Vision Forum folks are Christian Reconstructionists (Dominion Theology/Theonomy). They are fans of Rushdoony's book "Institutes of Biblical Law". This drives all that they do.
  9. Just wondering if anyone has made this recipe and if so, how was it? I'm thinking of making them for a side dish for thanksgiving. Thanks!
  10. http://www.oprah.com/article/oprahshow/20091111-tows-charla-nash-chimp there is an article about it and shows her picture before and after. :(
  11. Did anyone see a picture of her today in the news? It's so, so sad. I feel so sorry for her. Not only is she now blind with no hands, but she has to walk around with her face disfigured. It's just so horrible. :( :(
  12. I agree. It sounds normal to me considering they are conservative christians. With parents who feel they need to supervise closely, I don't think it would matter who the children were around. My husband keeps a close eye on our children even if they are with other "like minded" friends.
  13. I'm not sure about Nancy Campbell's view of covenant theology, but it sure seems like this is the motivation of groups like "Vision Forum".
  14. Why materials for TWO Montessori classrooms? She has only two daughters. Montesorri classrooms often have 20+ children sharing ONE classroom of materials between the lot. She is wacked. And a serial killer.
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