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  1. The only difference is in the page numbering and layout. Same content. "Math 76 (3rd or 4th Ed): . . . Either the hard cover 3rd edition or the newer soft cover 4th edition can be used. As with the previous two math courses, there is no difference between the math content of the hard cover 3rd edition and the softcover 4th edition textbooks." - From mathematician Art Reed's September 2016 newsletter
  2. My soon to be eight year-old daughter wants to be a zoologist or naturalist when she's older. My house could be a bookstore and we do have some related books, but I'm looking for favorite suggestions :)
  3. Is there a significant difference between the first and second editions of Saxon Math 54, 65, and 76? Does anyone have a preference? I bought the used hardback student editions a couple of years ago. My daughter has been working through 54 and is on Lesson 32. I had been checking her work by working through the problems myself, which is easy enough, but to save time I recently bought a used teacher's edition for checking her answers. I noticed today that my manual is a second edition and my daughter's is a first edition. They mostly match, but some of the problems are different and her f
  4. Art History for Kids walks you step by step through a month of art history and art projects, with subjects changing each month. You can subscribe or purchase past bundles. Here is her sample guide: http://www.arthistorykids.com/sample-lesson/
  5. SOTW on audio always gets "read" because it can happen while I'm making breakfast/lunch, doing dishes, or driving. At a minimum, we talk about it, but we also always make time for read-aloud picture books or chapter books, so those are often books that correspond with our SOTW chapters. My kids love the map work, so we do that as often as possible, but there are several chapters where the paper maps get skipped and we just look at the wall map. We also almost always do the coloring pages and some sort of narration/copywork from what we've learned, even if it's only a sentence due to time co
  6. I would include him. We included my kinders. If he's pre-writing, he can still enjoy the coloring pages while listening to the chapters, participate in hands-on activities (of which there are many in Ancients and in Medieval), and narrate to you anything that catches his attention. Even very simple one-sentence narrations could be spoken by him and written by you.
  7. My fourth grade daughter will continue with intensive classical ballet training, introductory violin, piano playing, poetry writing, reading lots of books (Right now she's powering through Jane Eyre! Her choice.), contemplating nature, drawing through a ream of paper every couple of weeks, and providing sunshine to our days. In addition, I have scheduled: Daily Morning Basket - Literature read alouds, Shakespeare tidbits, poetry selections, etc. Teatime Thursdays - Poetry and art history readings Music Mondays - Beautiful Feet's History of Classical Music Grammar - First Language Less
  8. BRAVE WRITER. Extremely gentle ease into writing. Child focused. The writing level you want is probably their Partnership Writing guide (linked to BW site for details and samples, but buy for a significant discount at Homeschool Buyer's Co-op), possibly Jot It Down, but I would also look into individual copies of their Arrow guides, which contain copywork passages and literary elements, and can work in conjunction with Partnership Writing. Don't buy the year-long subscription. Your reluctant writer is going to go slowly at first, and chances are likely that only a few of the subscription
  9. The Indian in the Cupboard - It isn't really historical fiction, nor is it a biography, but it is an engaging story for that age group and there are several references to pieces of history upon which you could expand. Wonder - Just a fun read with a beautiful message about life. Watership Down - It sounds like your son likes stories with talking animals? My husband and his reader guy friends can't say enough good about this book. By the Great Horned Spoon - A historical fiction my son enjoyed in fourth grade.
  10. MEMORIA PRESS has meaty literature with guides tied into history. Here is an example of one of their literature sets: Eighth Grade Literature. This is a history specific set: Famous Men of Rome. BEAUTIFUL FEET has a few different literature-centered history programs, such as their Ancient History Intermediate Pack. With both of these companies, the teacher's guide, student's guide, and schedule are all pre-made if you choose to utilize them.
  11. Rod & Staff Grammar is THOROUGH, and you can do as much or as little as necessary for your particular child.
  12. Following because I've toyed with the idea of switching to MCT.
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