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  1. Hendricks County, Indiana. I believe there are now two confirmed cases in the county and one in Marion county (Indianapolis). DH’s office has closed one building and essentially put the most critical department in quarantine. They are the only department allowed in the closed building because if they get sick and cannot work, it would be disastrous.
  2. Our local schools are closed today after an elementary student was diagnosed. The system is closed today and the affected school is closed until April.
  3. Any thoughts on all of the homeschool conventions that are coming up? Great Homeschool Conventions are happening. I’m curious if they’ll cancel those.
  4. Tacos with corn shells? Lasagna with spinach instead of lasagna noodles
  5. Always check Target's website when buying Legos! Some sets are much cheaper in their site and they'll price match it at the register.
  6. It would be too much for us. Could you take the kids to their house for a weekend? Completely unrelated.....can I ask the background of your screen name? It always catches my eye when I see it. It's very close to my son's name.
  7. Is there a reason you don't want to do Early American Primary? We're going through both the primary and intermediate right now. Have you looked into Simply Charlotte Mason? We're also doing the Genesis-Deuteronomy book. It has book recommendations for all levels.
  8. I'm so sorry. Prayers for your family
  9. I've done Canvas on Demand several times and always been pleased.
  10. I grew up at a prison. They mowed our yards, shoveled snow, etc. We had a special phone line that they would call if there was a breakout. I believe there was only one in the time we lived there.
  11. I'm still not seeing the free shipping. Help?? Thanks!
  12. My boys want a tablet for Christmas. We had planned on a Kindle Fire, but I've read bad reviews. I hate to spend $$$ on an iPad for each of them. Recommendations?
  13. DH and I are taking our four boys. I'm not concerned about any of the things you mentioned. I am going to make paper plate modifications to their glasses. I found a picture on Facebook. It blocks their face, so they're not likely to look around the glasses and see the sun.
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