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  1. I am looking for some help with math. I have a son who does very well at math. It is definitely not his favorite thing, though. We are either going to use BJU Math 6 with video teaching to free me a little to work with others, although I will still need to supervise him, OR I am considering using Teaching Textbooks 7. I have heard so much negative about TT, that it is behind, not a great curricula... TT looks great to me! My son is an great independent learner...he is one who can learn with about any program. Can you offer any insight? Would you try TT or stick with BJU? The BJU video of 6th grade needs to be updated badly. I wish they had done this years ago...just thought TT might be a more interesting way to go. I'd so appreciate your thoughts.
  2. Michelle, I couldn't agree more. I took a picture of a Mississippi school bus not long ago that said "______ County School Distirct" .
  3. Please share your ideas! My daughter (6) loves her stuffed animals but I am very tired of dealing with them. They are all over her bed and it is very hard to keep a neat room or make a neat bed with animals everywhere. I'd like to pitch them, but she plays with them all and I'd love to find a contraption to put them in to have them accessible but out of the way. Any ideas beside a tub or bin? Thank you!
  4. If you are a math lover please help me figure out what to do with my ds 8 who is very bright but hates math. We are currently in Beta of MUS and 2nd grade R&S. I do not burden him with pages of work, but all of it is laborious to him. I originally bought R&S to teach the facts because I felt that maybe we were struggling because we didn't know the facts well enough. That didn't solve our problems. He gets the concepts easily, but he seems to take forever to do the work. I'm totally open to a new curriculum, but I don't know what to do, or what to buy. Do I continue as is, and tell him sometimes we have to persevere with things we don't like? I don't want him to think math is awful if there is anything else out there that might help us. Any thoughts?
  5. I've purchased Vol I of Konos this year to help me think outside the textbook a little bit. However, I am continuing to find one spelling error after another. Has anyone else had this issue with Konos or other educational manuals? Am I wrong to be concerned about this? Maybe I need to find another way to think outside the textbook. Any thoughts?
  6. Anyone have any great ideas for a birthday gift for a 6 year old girl, other than Webkinz? She is very well-rounded, loves the outdoors and girly things, too. Thanks!
  7. Anyone have any great ideas for a gift for a 6 year old girl, other than webkinz? She loves outdoor things, and is pretty well-rounded. I'd love any ideas! Thanks!
  8. Would any of you friends using Spell to Write and Read be willing to comment on your likes/dislikes of the program? I'm thinking of trying it - in the past I've used Phonics Pathways and SSRW. Thanks!
  9. Dear friends, I have a first grader and I've wondered what you all recommend about starting Latin. He is an excellent reader. What are your thoughts about English from the Roots Up? Is this a good beginning place? Thanks in advance for your expertise.
  10. I thought I remembered reading about this on this board in the past year. Maybe there isn't anything like this, but I'd appreciate any help combining the two. Thanks a million! Deanna
  11. What's your favorite reading program? Mine is definitely just "reading", but I thought about getting a specific curriculum for next year. Specifically about third grade, but also looking for something for a kindergartner, maybe. Anyone like Pathway Readers? Thank you so much! Deanna
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