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  1. I had a similar problem. Fantastic reader, way ahead of his age. Horrible speller. We have happily been using Phonetic Zoo for almost 2 years now, and I love it. Here is a huge review I wrote about it.
  2. We use a timer, but in a different way. We do 20 minutes of focus, then 5 of mess around. My drifter just does this all day. He knows he only has to focus for 20 minutes at a time. When he was the age of your dd we did 15 and 5. During the 5 minutes, he can't sit. He can go to the bathroom, get a snack, do jumping jacks, run around the house like a mad man etc..., but he has to get out of his chair. The other thing I do, is that I will change the order of how we do things. Sometimes Math is first, sometimes middle, sometimes the end of the day. It brings him out of his rut. In 3rd grade he really struggled. We got him an exercise ball to sit on. Peppermint is also supposed to be good for memory. So we sometimes will give him peppermint gum. If he starts drifting he has to spit out the gum.
  3. After looking through a lot of things with my dd, we are going to give little Pim a try. It says till age 6, so she is on the old side, but she really liked the video we watched online.
  4. We are a bag balm family too. I also use our humidifier this time of year. Just having more moisture in the air for our bodies to take in seems to help. Another thing, is from the inside out. Drink lots of water. People always remember in the summer when they are hot and thirsty, but sometime people don't drink as much water in the winter.
  5. We started with AAS in 3rd. I would go for that as a starter. Then towards the end of 4th grade we shifted to Phonetic Zoo which has worked really well for us. I wrote a really in depth review about what happened on our journey with spelling. Starting with a third grade boy. :)
  6. Is being asleep their choice? Do they know it is on tonight and do they have the option of being awake? If they are choosing sleep over Sherlock, IMHO, they have made their choice and too bad. I would watch it! Edit: I forgot, I am so mean that if they choose sleep over Sherlock, I would spend all day tomorrow telling them how fantastic it was. :)
  7. We like the tacky glue and the glue tubes from Lakeshore Learning. They also have school glue and the glue pots, but I have never used them.
  8. I have a tropical area right outside the bedrooms. I started with a dwarf banana tree as it is one of the best for inside air quality. It is one of the first plants that I kept alive, so I added a meyer lemon and a peace lily. Then I got 6 amaryllis bulbs. I keep thinking that I killed them, and then green pops up again. I need to do some research with those. 2 years ago I got a Kafir lime, and that is doing great. This past year I have added a key lime and a vanilla orchid. We will see if they do well. I also have 2 aero gardens now. One is growing tomatoes and one I rotate between herbs and lettuce. I had the one for a couple of years, this is our first go around with the tomatoes. I just plane to keep adding slowly and seeing where it goes, but I really love having the house plants. We haven't had a problem with the cats, or the kids. The cats love to lay around the bases of the plants. Maybe it's the clean air, or the grow light, but they hang out there a lot without disturbing the plants.
  9. We get Nordic Naturals. Have you heard of Kirkman labs (not to be confused with Kirkland) ? They have products specifically for special dietary needs. ADD/ ADHD, autism, and allergies. We use them as they are very clean products.
  10. Ours is in the "formal living room" that we converted to a library/music room. :)
  11. I think I am going to Cincy!

  12. Things are lining up, and it looks like I might be going to the Cincy convention this year. It is the week before I am going to NYC and it is less than $100 a person to turn it into a circle trip stopping in Cincy. I am excited, but kinda freaking that I might be flying to Cincy from Oregon for a convention.
  13. I think the main reason a lot of us like TT is for the computer aspect. The computer takes a lot of the prep and teaching time away from mom (or Dad). This is helpful for a lot of reasons; from teacher having to much on their plate, to the student preferring a break from mom (or Dad) teaching. I think if I were not using the computer aspect there are a lot of other programs out there. Have you looked at Art of Problem solving? That is what we are moving onto after TT7.
  14. I remember reading somewhere that FLL3 is actually supposed to be an entry point book. That with older kids with no Grammar FLL3 is the planned place to start. I would look into getting the workbook as a PDF. I did this as you can print it, and then when your younger child is ready for it, you don't have to buy another workbook, just print. As long as it is in one family you can print for as many kids as you have.
  15. Honestly, just search on here for Latin information. Look at as many samples as you want and they take a leap. Our first leap was a disaster. I researched as much as I could, but until I taught it, I didn't know what we were looking for. Yes the pronunciation is different, but I would not make that the focus of your decision. With Greek, you need to pick your route as it is more than just pronunciation. Think about your teaching style, your students learning style. Do you want a program with lots of hand holding, maybe DVD lessons, or were you good at languages and are you going to learn along with your kiddo? We started with LC and found our comfortable home with Latin Prep. (ds 11). With DD6 we are going to try song school Latin and see where that leads. I might try LC with her after SSL as she is such a different student to DS who hated LC. Best of luck.
  16. There are a few of us on here who are really enjoying Latin Prep from Galore Park. (You can order easily in the US through Horrible Ray.) My ds was having a terrible time with LC and we switched to Latin Prep and he loves Latin. There are no DVD's, but there is a cd and a computer game. It is taught differently. In LC, the kids get the vocab to memorize, then the next list etc... In Latin Prep they are giving a vocab list, but also a paragraph in Latin. Not every word is going to have been on their list. They work out what they can. In the workbook, which is used in a test style, they aren't supposed to be getting 80% or higher until around chapter 5. It took me a while to get used to the new style. DS however took to it right away. I thought he would find it frustrating, but he didn't.
  17. You can use it without the cd's, just make sure you read all the instructions. You would need to read the words yourself, which you totally can do. They just need to hear the letters in the correct order rather than reading them.
  18. We have done informal logic the whole way through. I think with littles informal logic is good. Everything I have read says to wait until 7th grade for a formal logic course. Informal logic can look different in different houses. Although we have no formal logic course, I am constantly telling ds to think about xyz logically. Instead of answering his problem, I talk to him about the questions he should ask to figure out the answer. We do logic puzzles as well. This summer we are going to work through logic lift off, and then next year we are going to try Art of the Argument. For 7th I am pretty sure we will do MP's Traditional logic. I am looking for a co-op class for that, and if not I think we might try the Online class.
  19. We are lucky at our gym, they have a great kids program. The kids 10-14 can take a class to get certified to use some parts of the gym, and roam around outside childcare. They earn a bracelet with the program that they must wear at the gym to say they are certified. They make a big deal in the class about how this is a privilege and that if they don't respect it, their bracelet can be taken back. They also have family classes, yoga, zumba etc... So we have kids around, but it isn't a problem as they have been planned for. Also, everyone who joins knows that kids will be around. DS loves this as he is so proud of his bracelet. That being said, before this one was around we were at a less family orientated gym, and I respected the rules as those were the rules. Then when the opportunity came I moved to a better place for us. If so many people are breaking the rules, and as you are a volunteer is there someone you can talk to about maybe doing some family fitness programing at the times that seem to have the most rule breakers? If there is a time and place for it, then maybe people will use that. Another thought, new signs. If the signs have been up along time, people start to just zone them out. Nice bright pink or yellow signs stating the child policy of the gym might cut some of the problem out.
  20. I get these ones from Kirkman labs (not to be confused with Kirkland). You need to check that it is a reputable company that doesn't add a lot of fillers etc... Remember to keep them in the fridge. Kirkman labs has a really good reputation, so I get most everything there.
  21. I would get the tests and worksheets when they are older. We are using them this year for 5th grade. DS does even or odds on his own, then studies for the test and takes the test. This way I don't have to grade his work (and with 2 kids that is a time saver). If he gets 90% or above on the test we move on. Below that and he does the worksheets for that chapter and I correct those.
  22. Just an update. We are still happy with this program and I am getting ready to order level B.
  23. 20 pounds down this morning!

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