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  1. $36.50 Really even change compared to some and just in time to load up my kindle before vacation! :)
  2. Last year I did a fun dinner. I put a plastic table cloth on the table and served spaghetti, caesar salad and garlic bread. Straight onto the table, no plates, no cutlery. DS, was confused "Um, mom, I think you forgot something." Then new plastic table cloth and ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Again, not plates or utensils. The year before we gift wrapped both children's doors.
  3. Have you heard of Rolfing? I would look at that before chiropractic on an infant. Rolfing is more gentle, massage based. We didn't do it with an infant, but we took my son when he was 6 and having a lot of problems with growing pains. She was telling us that she does a lot of work on infants.
  4. Another possibility is that she started out too fast. My son is in good shape, but when I was walking I had him jog. He started at a run and was winded really fast. He had to learn to start slower and to pace himself.
  5. Both. We have a timer with my elder son. He does 20 minutes of work and then takes a 5 minute break. He is not allowed to sit during the 5 minute break. Sometimes a subject (especially writing) might take 2 or 3 blocks of 20 minutes, but the timer means he is never starting into space for more than 20 minutes.
  6. Well, we just had our best week of work all year with my 11 year old. I have been going through this all year, so I am with you. Let me tell you where we ended up and maybe there is something there that can work. I kept threatening to take things away, etc... we were just butting heads all the time. We started using an egg timer. He has it with him all day. 20 minutes of work, 5 minutes of free time where he is not allowed to be sitting. He still drifts off, but at least after 20 minutes there is a bell going off, he has his free time and tries again. Things were a little better with t
  7. I am doing some math fact revision with my 11 year old too. We are trying the 2 week trial of Reflex Math and working through Khan academy.
  8. I get it. I don't like the unknown. I am coming to realize though that this is one of those areas that is going to be in chaos now. I hate that there is no clear defined road map from 35 through menopause. That it is vague and every woman is different. I want to scream "that is not good enough!" This has been one of the things I have been working on in therapy for the past 3 years. Realizing that my body is not against me, and becoming more comfortable with not knowing. At least we both have a place with a lot of sympathetic ladies who are also going to or have gone through it. Hugs.
  9. I just saw my nurse practitioner last week. It sounds like hormones just like your doc said. You don't have to DO anything about it, other than making sure you always have a pad, unless it is really bothering you. She gave me some good general guidelines to ease my mind, and know when I had to go in for help. Whatever you want to call it, but from around the age of 35 onwards, our hormones are less stable through our cycles. Even for those of us who used to be regular as clockwork, that will slowly start changing. Bleeding can be spotting, or really heavy and can change from mo
  10. Depends if I am bored or not! It is not a hard and fast rule. DH doesn't tend to go out in the evening without me. He works all day, and most of his friends work near him, so they meet for lunches. I have book club and a few girly things in the evening. None of us at book club are on our phones, we are just having way to much fun. However, all of us get our phones out and send quick headed home texts when we are done. It's a safety thing. It is usually late at night, and pretty quite out when we are heading home. Other than that, we text and call when we feel like it, miss each oth
  11. Is there a Chipotle near the cincy convention?
  12. Have you looked at this book? It is what they based the 4 levels on. You can get just this book and do 4 years of WWE yourself, using your own materials. The TM and WB style are for more open and go, here is all the leg work done. It also explains a lot more of the why. It lays out why you are doing it this way AND how to do it. Even if you use the leveled lesson plans, it it worth reading the book. I go back and re read this book even more than TWTM at the moment (youngest in 1st)
  13. Such great ideas. After looking at everything I am definitely going to make use of Sheppard's. I am also going to give the Memoria Press Geography a try. I didn't even realize that they had it. Thank you again for all the responses.
  14. I have another couple to add. 7. The school day is from 8:10-3:10 8. School must happen at a desk or table 9. lunch comes before recess
  15. We are chillin' for next year and continuing Learning Language through literature and then jumping to WWE/FLL in 3rd. I read somewhere that 3rd is another entry point for FLL.
  16. Have you tried searching spelling? There are some great in depth spelling threads out there. Phonetic Zoo and AAS are my favs. others are: Spalding Apples and pears Spelling workout Sequential Spelling CLE Rod and Staff http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/507545-another-way-to-do-aas-1/?hl=spelling&do=findComment&comment=5530327 http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/499379-spelling-workout-vs-other-programs/?hl=spelling&do=findComment&comment=5529081 http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/507474-apples-and-pears-spelling/?hl=spelling&do=findCom
  17. Maybe pick another state, and find their homeschool site. Some can link you to Co-ops in their state, homeschool charters. I would try here though.
  18. Hi. Check in please. How are you doing? Did you talk to your husband?
  19. Same here, just if it is really wet or really small and lots of (brussels, bean sprouts etc....) Hygiene wise I soak everything in a vinegar and cold water bath, then rinse and prep.
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