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  1. We are in our 3rd week now of the Memoria Press Geography and we are loving it. It is open and go. So far, so good.
  2. I took mine from 2. My family has deep grooves, missing teeth etc.... DS has my teeth. He has only been xrayed twice, but he has also had teeth sealed twice. It prevents cavities and is a lot less evasive than a filling. DD has dh's teeth. She has never had an xray as her teeth are perfectly spaced an our dentist says she has textbook perfect teeth. The other thing our dentist goes over with them is how to brush and how long. I find it helpful having someone other than a parent reinforcing this. When we had no insurance we only went once a year, except the 2 times the dentist wanted to see ds at 6 months, but he comped those 2 appointments. If you find a good dentist, and have a relationship with them, it can be a very positive and good thing.
  3. It has taken me awhile this year, but I think I mostly have it together now. We also just keep going with things, so we will transition when ready. For instance ds is starting pre a on Monday (combo of JA, LOF, and AOPS) History and Literature: The History of the Ancient World with study guide (toned down a little for age) MP Online Classical Studies 1 Lots of reading of quality books assigned as the year goes on. This is his favorite/advanced subject. Talking of the earlier accelerated students, my ds is strong in some things, average in others, and slowly improving with spelling. Latin and Greek: MP online High School Form Latin not sure about Greek yet. Might continue Koine with Hey Andrew or Switch to Attic/Classical this year. I will decide after I see how the 2 online courses go as this is our first time doing those. Language Arts: Rod and Staff Grammar 6 Phonetic Zoo Level b Finish WWS1 move to WWS2 after Christmas I think. interspersed with IEW. We do 1 week of WWS, then 2 weeks of IEW. Logic: Art of Argument Math: Finish Pre Algebra and start AOPS intro to Algebra around November I think. Khan Academy Science: Yeah OMSI! Our local science museum has a great science course for MS Geography: MP Geography 2 Memory: We are going to attempt MP's Horatius at the Bridge Extras: Piano, Choir, Drama, Ballet, and Trapeze. Programming: Raspberry Pi, and something after the fall musical is OVER!
  4. I haven't used it, but Math in Focus is also a Singapore style to look at.
  5. My son is in 6th grade and doing Phonetic Zoo. Another option would be the natural speller.
  6. nothing substantial here either. 1 episode of Magic School bus would keep her entertained for the episode. Now that we are toward the end of the year, for the past 2 weeks she can do 20 minutes of Math Reflex on her own.
  7. Also, for a true south Indian style ghee, you simmer it for closer to 45 minutes. It should look like dark brown ale. It can last in the cupboard for a year easily. Make sure and use unsalted butter. For those who make their own, if you pour carefully and keep the sediment in the bottom, it is fantastic mixed with some sage and served over the butternut squash ravioli from Costco.
  8. tag/quote or pm me if you have any other questions.
  9. I just had this problem a few weeks ago and posted on the logic board. There were some great suggestions there. I ended up getting Memoria Press's Geography. It doesn't hit on music, but it is more in depth on culture etc... http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/507701-ok-i-am-dropping-the-ball-with-geography/
  10. With my 1st grader we have been doing phonics, handwriting and Math. Just in the last few weeks we have added Learning Language through Literature. So far we are reading aloud Beatrice potter, aesops fables, and some good poetry. We have talked about sentences and people names starting with capitals and ending sentences with punctuation. It is really easy and gentle. We are having fun with it. We are pretty chill in the first grades, and add as reading and handwriting improve.
  11. Ok, if you want land you are going to need to be SW and commute. You might be able to find a place like that in Sherwood. Everything but the thrift shops, you might need to drive for that. You would need to look on the Newberg side of Sherwood most likely (40 min commute). You can also look across the river at Canby. Oregon City is also an option. Those are places you can get 1/2-1acre in the price range. 1/2 acre closer in will run more in the 600+ range. http://www.equitygroup.com/p/9/13478854 http://www.equitygroup.com/p/19/672052 http://www.equitygroup.com/p/9/14324954 http://www.equitygroup.com/p/9/13388930 Just to give you a few ideas. You can mapquest the addresses to downtown Portland to give you drive times.
  12. Well, what is the commute time that dh would be good with? That will give you a circle around Portland, Salem, and Eugene. Next, what type of place. Do you want urban, right in the city. Or a burb? Portlandia type, hip neighborhood, or nice single house's, tree lined streets and cul du sacs? Are schools important or will you homeschool throughout? What price bracket of house? Sherwood is a wonderful community. They are about 30 minutes out from Portland. I think it was voted the 6th best small town in America. A lot of people commute both to Portland and Salem from there. The SW side of Portland is nice, and the side of Portland on the way to Salem. Wilsonville is an interesting town that has good public transit options both to Portland and Salem. It has some really decent restaurants as well. West Linn and Lake Oswego are the more affluent burbs. Both have good school districts. Lake Oswego's is it's own district, but West Linn/Wilsonville is a joint school district. Constantly top in the state. So, you can live more middle class, while still benefiting from the taxes of West Linn. Closer in you have SW Portland and Multnomah Village. Good parks and rec, etc.... Milwaukie is on the other side of the river. The Max line is about to connect up to it, houses are a little cheaper. Lots of stuff out there, a lot of strip malls etc... Give me some more info and I can help out. This is my stomping ground.
  13. Tess of the D'urbervilles Cutting for Stone Half broke Horses Thousand Splendid Suns Cuckoo's Calling If they liked Percy Jackson, the Kane Chronicles and Heroes of Olympus My son just dove through the whole warrior series
  14. We tried a few different things, and then we stumbled onto Handwriting without Tears. We have been using this for 2 and a half years now and it is working on both my children. It is the only book that works on both. They have different Math, language arts etc... I write really slowly with my dd. For K and 1st grade I got the teacher manual. It has a whole section on left handed writing. (My dd is left handed and I am not). 2nd grade I am going to try without the teacher guide, and that should be ok. I found the first grade one the most useful. The other thing I like about HWOT is they have a lined paper for older students. My ds is in 6th and doing can do cursive. He really likes having the guideline on the page, and it makes a huge difference. So, he is going to wean himself to regular lined paper sometime in 7th or 8th.
  15. My first thought when I saw the title is that I do not bother with grades, but I see you need to. I would evaluate each subject. If you think they have Mastery of it, know it inside out and upside down, assign an A. If they are pretty darn good B, if they have learnt enough for you to move on, but just kinda average a C. For things with percent. 90-100% is a A 80-*89% is a B 70-79% is a C Hope that helps.
  16. Have they read The Kane Chronicles yet? If you are doing classics have you read: Jane Eyre Moll Flanders North and South The House of Mirth Capitola, the hidden hand by E.D.E.N. Southward is fantastic.
  17. The other thing is that R&S Grammar only goes through level 8. We are stretching it out. Also, make sure you have the teacher manual for this one. The oral review at the start of the lesson is key. We also tend to only do odds or evens with the exercises. If there are a lot of mistakes we go over them and then ds still has some exercise problems to do correctly. Other wise it is A LOT of writing.
  18. This is what I would recommend as well. My son is in 6th and he still uses the oldest HWOT paper. Just less headaches for me when reading. Sit with her while she is doing it. My dd reverses a lot. She is still only 6, but someone told me to always sit next to her when writing and correct right away so she doesn't train her brain to write it backwards. We also have the printing poster for her to look at. Even though it is not cursive, it is right in front of where she works so she can look up at anytime and see the letter (and number) the correct way.
  19. I am another one for Phonetic Zoo. Here is a huge write up I did of it.
  20. How old and confident of a writer is the student you are thinking of?
  21. De school first. Don't worry about jumping in all together. After that, my advice is to just pick a math program. Put them in the level the test into (most have placement tests on their sites.) Teach that for a month. It will help you figure out what works and doesn't work for both you as a teacher AND the learning style of the individual kiddos. Math and reading aloud is a great place to start. You will save yourself money if you start slow. The only way to really learn about the programs is to use them, but as you use more you will realize what types of things work for you. There are many math options out there: Khan academy Beast Academy Life of Fred Math in Focus Singapore Math Saxon Math Mammoth CLE Teaching Textbooks Rod and Staff As for writing, I would recommend the instructors guide to Writing with Ease. See if your library has it. This will really help you guide your son in a positive way toward writing.
  22. So glad I read this. We are doing 2 weeks of IEW then one week of WWS1 (6th grade). I am feeling really good about that decision now. Thank you! I am printing out the guideline and putting it into my copy of TWTM.
  23. First of all :grouphug: :grouphug: Next, look at apartments with pools. At 15 and 9 a pool would be pretty cool. Possibly even make up for sharing a room. Apartments can be a fun adventure. Plus, no maintenance for you.
  24. The Memoria Press Geography arrived last weekend. We have done it this week (we only do a 4 day week). It is great. Open and close. DS is fine with it, and he is now learning geography. Thank you all so much! He is doing the geography 1 and the states and capitals book. 1 a day.
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