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  1. Not at all with the bolded. No matter how much homeschool has grown, it is still an alternative life style. It is hard always swimming against societal norms. What I do when it really gets to me is to make a joy and annoyance list. All the things that bug me about homeschool (the stares, the extra work to maintain friendships for the kids, the "I could never do that comments" that make you feel like a social freak. Then, I list all the things I love about homeschooling; not having to be on someone else's schedule, making hot breakfast for my kids, spending the day with my kids, picking what they learn, field trip etc... That list is always longer than the annoyance list. Then I look at my annoyance list and say, this is the small amount of crud I put up with to gain all this joy. It usually makes me feel better. About the friend thing. I don't know if this will work, and it is a pain in the you know where, but I have become the school in service house. If my 2 kids each have 2 friends over, that is 6 kids. Honestly, if there are 6 kids running around your house all day, you might as well have 12. I provide (for free as for me it is socialization day) a safe place for my kid's friends to come for the day on all those many in service days. I get a huge roll of paper out that I tack to the back fence (rainy days the inside of the garage door) lots of paints and have them paint a mural. We do lunch, snacks, a movie. Then we have a karaoke machine I get out. Costumes and all the musical instruments. I just make sure it is an awesome, fun, kid day. I have found that since I have been doing that, we still don't get many birthday parties, but when the kids are getting a treat and can bring one special friend, it is my kids a lot now. By the way, I do make sure we have nothing going on the next day, and that I have a full bottle of tylenol to get through the day. It is worth it in the end, kids love coming here, and I am the fun mom. Some have even started bringing homework problems and asking if they can sit quietly with me and would I help them. Might not work for you, but I wanted to throw it out there as an option.:grouphug:
  2. Thanks! One of those things, you see it, kid has handwriting problems, lack of faith in myself etc.... I will save my money and just get a teacher's manual. I have the K one for dd, but I think I will splurge on a cursive one.
  3. Did you ever watch the old Hailey Mills Parent Trap? They have mountain lion protection tips in that:D I am sorry about your rabbits. Is there a way to lock things down more so your place was a one off hit rather than becoming a regular snack stop?
  4. It's $270 for a full day of k-5 handwriting instruction. Would this be worth it for a homeschool mom, or is it more for classroom teachers?
  5. Max Axiom! http://www.timberdoodle.com/Graphic_Novels_Science_s/354.htm For our Science Spine we have switched to Galore Park this year http://www.galorepark.co.uk/product/home_schoolers/56/so-you-really-want-to-learn-science-book-1.html We get it through Horrible Ray. It is a text, but it is fun while being challenging. You can look at the table of contents and a sample chapter on the site.
  6. Sounds like a plan. How long have you been homeschooling? I found listening/watching some lectures by SWB and Andrew Pudewa to be very helpful. Andrew Pudewa especially for 10 year old boys. Listening to him had me change a lot of my style with my son, and we have been a lot happier.
  7. I just sent her a message, with a link, so maybe we can find out if she is thinking of a new addition. "Is this you? If so, we are having a chat about you on THe Well Trained Mind Forum. The general consensus is your book is great! However, we would love an updated version. If you need help with research there are a lot of ladies that that would love to help. Please consider it. Cheers, Nicole Northwest_Mama http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/showthread.php?t=423571"
  8. First year we had a lot of change. I think part of that was that ds was in 3rd grade. He had some opinions about things. I had to learn what I could teach with AND what he would learn best with. Also, the surprise remediation I had to do to fix the three years he was in school. We spent that first year just getting spelling and math down, we tried a lot, but by the end of that year we discovered our math spine and main supplement. I did add something else to it this year (BA), but that is just for fun:D. We got spelling sorted, and it started to improve. The second year we went through the other subjects. We tried LC1 again, and it just didn't work, so we found Galore Park Latin Prep. I don't see as much jumping ahead for this third year. We changed as ds is going into logic, and I now have a kindergartener. I think I bought much more wisely. I know what to look for in a teacher manual for me, and what types of things work best with each kid. I think it gets easier if you want it to. Some people just like switching it up to keep it exciting and that can work too.:001_smile:
  9. :iagree: Great handy resource. It kinda is a compact what you xth grader needs to know, with curriculum. THe Well Trained Mind. It is the homeschool book written and Published by those who host this forum. It is my main homeschool reference.
  10. I have a 10 year old ds as well. This is what we are using now, and it has helped A LOT https://www.facebook.com/MyStudentLogbook He loves checking things off. He can not "forget" etc... The other thing we have done is a token system for screen time. He gets enough tokens (each token is 15 min) for 5 hours a week of screen time. He can't use the screen until school is done. He loves pokemon, When he is dawdling, I just remind him that there is no ds till school is done. It is a great motivator and has made life a lot less dramatic around here. I know you have a way that you control screen time, I did too. For me, I had to stop and re-evaluate. Our 10 year old boys are really different to when they were 5-8. If you are feeling like a hostage, and want things to change, look at everything you are doing. Shake it up! Change can make all of us feel invigorated. :grouphug:
  11. We are starting Monday. I have everything all prepared. My knees are shaking. :party:
  12. Horrible Histories USA Perilous Pirates might have some early US stuff as well as Pirates and Plunder Barmy British Empire might hit some early US stuff too. For the most part, other than British history there is just one book. Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Incas, etc.... They are fantastic books. The DVD is great. We have the first season, my son loves it. We are ordering season 2 in the september 9th Horrible Ray order. http://www.horriblebooks.com/ He converts it to a US DVD.
  13. Do you mean the forum game. We locked the first thread as it was long. http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/showthread.php?t=403268 Some interesting combos, but more of sassy first thoughts when you read a thread title.:tongue_smilie:
  14. :party::hurray::party::hurray: Congratulations!
  15. Hi, If you look at the sticky about WWS at the top of this page SWB talks about levels. So for writing do WWE3 and then you can go straight to WWS. Here is the direct quote. "If you're coming out of Writing With Ease: Children who have finished Writing With Ease 3 and are working at about a fifth-grade level can usually skip Writing With Ease 4 and go straight into Writing With Skill. Writing With Ease 4 continues to develop skills in narration and composition and also exposes children to a wider range of prose styles--all of this helps younger students mature to the point where they're ready to begin Writing With Skill. WWS asks students to write about a wide range of topics and also demands a fair amount of self-direction and determination...which is often a matter of maturity, not skill."
  16. She is resurrecting all sorts of threads so she can sell curriculum. I suspect she has PR to sell. I have reported her. http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/showthread.php?t=422529 Mandy, I always like hearing how a curriculum is still working a year later. I am looking at this for my dd.
  17. I will just add KISS grammar and Khan Academy (math) to that list. I also agree, read the WTM. Putting together your own program by subject is much less expensive. You can then use a combination of free and bought curriculum.
  18. I have had to limit Fred to 1 chapter a day, 4 times a week. That is the only reason it slowed down in this house. Discovering Fred is such a joyful time, I am glad you are getting to experience it.:party:
  19. I think you are right to stick with MM as a spine (at least for a year), as a supplement (that is free) have you looked at Khan Academy? I am thinking that it might give you a good idea of when to start your AoPs. Kinda like ALEKS (but free:001_smile:) They have questions to answer and you can see where your child has mastered a concept, and where they need additional help.
  20. I tried using draw write now. It is a great program, but I had a hard time with it, and in the end didn't keep up with it and let it slip. I just got Mapping the world by heart and I am going to try that this year. Andrew Pudewa (IEW) mentioned it at the conference as a good geography for mastery. I have read through the teacher manual, and it looks really good. It is at Homeschool Co-op for another week. https://www.homeschoolbuyersco-op.org/mappingtheworldbyheart/?c=1 I can say don't buy the core's foundation guide as it does not have the map outlines in it.
  21. Hi, Just an update that so far we are still loving this. I know often people quietly stop talking about a program when they realize it is not as good as they hoped. I am going to try and update once a month, and if we get to the point we drop it I will post and say why. There is not a lot to update. Once you get all set up and started, you just kinda go. My ds is just about to finish lesson 7 (he has 1 100%, tomorrow he should get the other) He still likes the program and comes to me each time he gets a 100% I am enjoying the independence of this program. I have found by not doing/worry about AAS we have really been getting work done on writing (which was needed).
  22. We have a playdate Friday and dd's first day of dance, but I will 100% be at OMSI tomorrow.
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