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  1. Our kindy girl I am keeping very simple. We are working on handwriting, HWT. We are reading Bob books and Little Books from the library Science, she is doing some experiments with big brother and watching the Magic school bus (PBS or the library) We are doing miquon for math. But you could look at videos at education unboxed and khan academy for ideas on introducing Math (both free)
  2. AAS until they are ready for PZ, then switch. This is working best for my family. My son is doing well with the auditory style of PZ. It won't work for all families.
  3. Thanks Bill, I am going to keep at it. Maybe teaching my kids will finally help me understand math. I will spend some more time in the topical sections. As long as she is progressing, I will keep trying.
  4. Twice!:blushing: and the teacher's notes, and parts of the annotations. I really am that bad at math! I think I will get there, I am slow when it comes to math. If you want me to write you a 20 page paper on the significance of the color red in Jane Eyre I could whip that out in about 2 hours :D no worries. I would not keep trying to understand it if my dd didn't love it.:D
  5. We do our morning prayer (we are episcopalian) This involves singing then the calendar and talk about our plans for the day. Then we do stretching and a little yoga (from yoga kids)
  6. I think I am confused as we are just starting Orange. I am hoping that I will understand it more as I go along. In answer to the bolded. I don't get it. My dd5 on the other hand seems to be getting it. That is what confuses me. She loves it! It is her favorite subject and she is constantly asking to do it. She is easily spending an hour on math a day. She gets the things out on her own to play with again later in the day on some days. We have been working on it for 2 weeks now. She is doing fractions, addition, multiples of numbers, patterns, etc... Just eating it up. I find it confusing in an amusing way that I am teaching a program that I feel totally lost it and the student seems to be excelling. Most curriculums that I have used, after I read through them and get started, it usually clicks into place within the first week. With Miquon I am still waiting. I do feel better knowing that I am not the only one, and the replies here are giving me the confidence to keep stumbling forward in the dark:D
  7. We seem to be managing it. The deer in the headlights is me:lol: We used the staircase of getting the baby to the mommy as a way to go up to 20 today, and she figured it out. Then we started some addition. I am copying the videos, and going through the first grade diary. I just still really don't know what on earth I am doing. So, it sounds like this might not go away? I guess I am just going to provide the materials, give her some ideas, and then just let her explore and play?
  8. :iagree: If this is your first year, don't worry if you don't get to some things. Even SWB says to drop history and science and focus on the core subjects first. We started in 3rd grade, and found lots of holes to fill in. I was trying to do it all and almost burned out. Just focus on Math and Reading Comp these first few months. It is enough. Math took us 2 years to finally figure out. We finally have our math figured out (We use Teaching Textbooks as a spine with Life of Fred and Beast Academy on the side (as you have a son, I highly recommend LOF, my son is constantly laughing with that)) LOF also has word problems, it can be like one long word problem. Also, what manipulatives do you have? Get some, and play. There is no point pushing ahead with Math. If your child does not get the basic add, subtract, and multiple forward, backward, and inside out he WILL struggle later. It is worth taking the time and catching that up. We tried WWE/FLL our first year and it was too much. Now, 2 years later he is plugging through WWS and R&S grammar just fine. I got the MCT Grammar Island, and we just read through that a few times over the year. I found it was good to start looking at Grammar. Take it slow, you can do it, just don't pile that plate to high, and do not be afraid to go back levels and fill in In the long run they will move ahead more quickly if they spent time getting solid in the basics. Spend lots of time reading. Get either the Jim Trealease Read Aloud handbook or Honey for a child's heart from your library. They are both good about why and how to do read alouds with older kids. Science, honestly can be on DVD from the library your first year. Magic School bus, Popular mechanics for kids, all sorts of other dvd's and different animals etc...
  9. First: I would keep reminding myself that this is a marathon, not a sprint. Also, "Just keep swimming." I spent days chanting this to myself. Second: I see that your son is 8 and this is your first year (that is what I did too). He has been in school, so not only is all of this new to you, it is new to him too. You have probably changed every piece of curriculum. He spent 3 years getting used to one way everything is presented, and now has to learn new curriculum. The language, methodology, all different. You probably won't do that again. If spelling is a problem you will change spelling, Math not working, you change math. It won't be everything at once again. Third: It gets better if you push through. There were times the first year that were dismal. I kept discovering all of these holes in what he had been taught. Not only do you need to teach new things, you have to fix things, it is overwhelming. The second year was not as bad, I had more confidence, and I could see that we had made some progress. We are in year 3, I feel that I have finally hit my stride. I am better at picking what I use, and have a pretty good sense of humor when ever anything goes pear shape. I am sure there will times where it is not as rosy, but I am much more confident in the fact that I am a homeschooling mom. I even started my dd with kindy this year.
  10. I have a new plan for this year, now that the boxed set has come out, Miss. Frizzle will be my sub for the day next time I am sick:D ETA: Paradox I think you posted while I was writing :-)
  11. KISS is another Grammar program that I have heard great things about (and it is free) We use R&S, but that is not secular. It does have all the rules/diagramming etc.... We are doing WWS this year, last year (our 2nd year and his 4th grade year) what we did was outlines in SOTW, and I had him start a journal. 1 complete sentence about his day, after Christmas we bumped it to two. Writing was one of his main problem areas when he left school. We spent the first year just on handwriting and copy work, and then transitioned to the outlines/journals. His confidence is up and he is doing well this year with WWS. Last year would not have worked for that. Spelling, we are having a lot of success this year with Phonetic Zoo. Best of luck. It took me 2 years to "undo" school from my ds. It was worth it though.
  12. We just started the IEW program with my kindy girl last Monday. She has already memorized the first 4 poems. She loves it. I got a portable CD player with headphones. I showed her how to use the cd player and she was off. I think she likes the independence of it. She then recites all the poems to me each day. She puts on a performance. She is very proud of herself and is constantly asking people now if they would like to hear a poem. The first 3 were very short and easy, they get harder, but those first 3 let her know she could do them.
  13. Your blog is wonderful and one that I have poured over. I "get" why there is no nice teacher manual telling what to do when....but I still wish there was one. Exposed is a good word for it!
  14. I was surprised how fast she got half. Now 2 oranges plus a dark green, that she is having trouble with. I just went and watched a bunch more of Rosie's videos.
  15. I taught my daughter fractions today. My kindergarten daughter. I was baffled afterwards, and thought "wow, that was easy." I still don't understand why or how, but it seems to work. Anyone else out there? I am not a mathy person, I plain old do not get Miquon. I am struggling, and never sure of what I am doing, and my daughter is learning. I really hope a light bulb goes off at some point, but I think it is just so different I might just always find it uncomfortable. Just wanted to share. Oh, and I have watched education unboxed (which I love):D
  16. For the first time, no. This is year 3 for us and so far things are going well. By this time the previous 2 years I was already making lots of changes. I am not holding my breath though. I still don't know if I am doing miquon correctly.
  17. You can get your phone to not accept blocked/private numbers. It goes to a message saying you don't accept those calls and what the dialer needs to do to unblock the number
  18. Tamarind is available at speciality Asian and Indian Stores. Indian stores are also a great place to get other spices (you would not believe how cheap their bay leaves are!) Cut the chicken long and very thin at an angle across the breast.
  19. Write down the dates and time, and what was said. Just hang up, and if it happens again tonight call your police department tomorrow. With times they can find the call, and it is probably a teen. The police can show up, and let mom and dad know what they are up to. You are educating them about actions and consequences:D Or, like the pp said, coaches whistle.
  20. We were at lunch with my sister and her kids (not homeschooled, and the same age (and she disapproves of my homeschooling the kids) My kindy daughter is staring out the window. I asked her what she was doing and to eat her lunch. She looks at me and says "Mama, that window is an inanimate object." and went back to eating.:tongue_smilie: Last year (at age 4) she was cough/choking. I asked is she was ok and she said "yes, I just got something stuck in my esophagus." I asked if she knew what that was, and she said "yes it is the tube that connects your mouth with your tummy" (thank you Magic School Bus:lol:). I should imagine that the same sister was over for dinner.:D
  21. I don't know if it just kept me calmer, or something else, but it worked with me. It is a way to feel pro active.
  22. 2 am here and wide awake. I hope everything goes well tomorrow.
  23. :grouphug::grouphug: Hugs, I only had 2 in a row (one at 13.5 weeks that was really hard) I was scared the whole way through with my dd. Are you taking progesterone? They had me do that after the 2 misses. I pray that both of you blessings stay snug and safe for the entire pregnancy.
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