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  1. what about mixing some stinging nettle in there? You wear gardening gloves don't you? (I am not being serious, just teasing:lol:)
  2. :iagree: I think part of the hope is that you see it everywhere and it reminds you to do your breast self exam. There are lots of other diseases that are horrible, but not many that you can catch so early by knowing your own breasts. Your yearly pap is every important, but if you saw pap awareness, is that going to motivate you to go call the doctor and spend money to get one. Breast cancer is one you can check for, on your own, for free. So, those annoyed by the pink, are you doing a monthly self breast exam? When you see pink, ask if you have done yours this month. I never did them, as I have no family history of breast cancer. My tissue was biopsied from another surgery and I am now in a high risk category with a 20% chance of developing breast cancer in the next 20 years. I do my monthly self check now, and yearly mammogram, and yearly gyn, and yearly oncologist. Early detection is so important.
  3. Is it at the edge of the property where in anyway the could mistake it for communal ground? We have this one area of our garden, that blends into the city part. Other than that, no, and I would say something. In fact I did very nicely ask the clueless dad who put his son's new basketball hoop up right in front of the nicest part of my garden if he would please move in as I did not want a ball smashing my lilies. He was most apologetic and moved the hoop. No bad feelings, just clueless.
  4. A blessing to those small ones who rinse their oatmeal bowls before loading them into the dishwasher, but why o why can they not rinse the sink? A pox on cleaning little specks of dried cement (i mean oatmeal from the sink) A plague on the dh who can not fit the baking tray into it's spot so decides to rearrange some kitchen cabinets to "help" me without telling me, and then forgets where he put everything. I still can't find my Christmas cake mold.
  5. I would give her a break from narrations, maybe even a full year. Work on Outlines instead. I was an English Major and outlines are what makes writing easy later on. If she is really crying and not liking it, she might like the outlines. They are patterns, and different looking (and contain a lot of the same information as a narration) Keep up with the spelling, handwriting, grammar and other support subjects, but drop the narrations for awhile. Best of luck, my son (also 10) had been in a major writing slump, he has just come out of it and is now plugging happily through WWS.
  6. :001_smile::001_smile: I have temper tantrums about different subjects at different times too. Usually when the kids are just really taking a loooonnnnngggg time to get something and I have explained it every way I can think of. I am glad you are sticking with it. I resisted for years, but now that I am in it, I can see what an amazing grammar program it is. However, it is an amazingly overwhelming program if you don't reduce it. As soon as someone told me odds or evens, I remember my teachers in "real" school (said snarky a la the jean thread) assigning us odds or evens. It is a tool for us to utilize not to be ruled by.
  7. Have you looked at Phonetic Zoo? It is just the words, no busy work. My son has been a totally different kid with spelling since the switch. See if you can find spelling and the brain by Andrew Pudewa online, it totally changed the way I think about spelling.
  8. normally I have a nice bland reply, but on my last snarky day my response was "oh, I don't let them out of their crate long enough for them to go to a "real" school." :glare: I was feeling particularly annoyed by all the people questioning the inner workings of my family though.
  9. These are great!, and after reading there is a wonderful TV series (with some familiar faces in it) I love Honey for a Child's heart. Enid Blyton, The famous Five series or the adventure series would be good. Even though they aren't mysteries or about animals I also loved her Boarding school books when I was that age(Mallory Towers, St. Claire's)
  10. :iagree::iagree: Sounds boring, but we have a weekly rotation of dinner. We can deviate when we want to, but I know on monday we are having crockpot bean or lentil soup. It takes the planning out, we have it typed, printed and on the fridge. DH does the washing up in our house, and I usually sit at the kitchen table and do the prep for the next nights dinner while he washes up. We also talk about our days (and sometimes end up in water fights:D) It has turned chores we both hate into something I look forward to. We over scheduled activities our first two years. I would keep cutting them back and they would creep back in, this year is my first to hit October without a meltdown. It takes time to find your homeschool rhythm. As for other kids, we have found that ds is most productive at his little sisters ballet class where he has nothing else to do:D
  11. I also have a 5th grade son. He is still catching up with Math, so he finds BA easy at time and challenging at others. :iagree: I don't know what it will be like as they keep bringing out levels. So far BA looks like it has meat enough to be a core, but I think we will keep using it as a supplement with my younger just because it is "fun". If I used SM as our supplement and BA was our core there would be whining. Really, we will be doing 2 core programs, I label BA as "fun", it and LOF are the treats they get for doing their other math. I just want to add that yes we are technically doing 3 math programs, but they are done slowly and over the course of year round schooling. Also at a variety of levels to fill in gaps. (not a supermom here:D)
  12. A question before you buy something new; are you doing all of R&S? I was overwhelmed at the start (we are in 5th grade as there is no more FLL). We do the lesson prep, then the oral drill. I only assign evens or odds on the written part. If ds misses a lot we go over the other ones together. We don't do the challenges and we only do the review at the end of the chapter. We are not doing the writing lessons (bolded) as we already have a writing program. Some wise women suggested this way and we have been doing pretty well with it since. It is not as fun as playing with lego, but it is not tedious and we both are learning a lot about grammar. We also mix in School house rock grammar songs when we are doing the oral drills :D.
  13. I have to go back and look, but this has been a learning experience for me, as I had never been taught to use a thesaurus. My father in law is here, and he pointed out that to find the words, you first need to look what tense they are in and then look for the present tense form of the word. ie..looked, you would look for look. We have been doing that since (and then making the word we look up into the correct tense.) and it has been working. HTH
  14. :001_smile: October Review We are still going progressing through Phonetic Zoo and still liking it. We skipped Lesson 5 (personal spelling) as I just had not gotten organized with the school year at that point. The nice thing is, it comes around again. We are now on lesson 10, (personal spelling again). I pulled the spelling words primarily out of his grammar program. When he misspells a word that is there on the page for him, I figure that is a good word for the list. He is now on his 4th try with: uncomfortable attack Israel's enemies blocks rabbit interesting pictures furiously clothes It is nice, as instead of getting mad that he spells a word wrong when it is front of him, I just write it on the list. Spelling is taking about 5 minutes a day during this time, a little less independent as I have to read out the list and the spelling of the words. It is not to bad, I just listened to lesson 9 myself so that I could remember what to do, and we are plugging through. We are both still happy with this program. I will update again in November.
  15. and go to Paddington Station and find the Paddington statue. If you take the Heathrow express into London you come into Paddington Station. The 9 year old might enjoy a sherlock holmes. I know it is a movie, but my kids love My Fair Lady and going to Covent Garden. Harry Potter.
  16. My sister enjoyed books on tape at that age. She had to be doing something at the same time, not just reading. Now at almost 30, she loves to read. Just a thought.
  17. We are doing Mapping the world by heart. We are using the Equirectangular projection as I think it is the most logical for the program and will be the easiest for them to learn. From my point of view it is a hard enough skill and I like the reasons he had the map created. We have the Mercator on the wall as that is the most commonly used in the US and I think they need to know how to read it and use it. We also have a small globe.
  18. So like General and k-8 have one that is social groups and have it all be sub forums. That way it won't take away from the resource of the curriculum boards (with the wonderful, new, easy tag and search functions). Keep those public, and then the social groups and general board could be private. I agree with the others, if there is a like button in the rules next to the no swan song rule there needs to be a no whining about liking rule.
  19. I don't know if others would like this or not. I get the whole public forum thing, it is a great resource etc..... What about having one part private? Maybe the general forum. You have to be a member with a user name to read that. It would keep the curriculum talk available for everyone, but the general chit chat (which gets more personal) is a little more private. I also agree that the like dislike button could get messy.
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