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  1. We have lakeshore and faber castle and dd asked santa for these this year as she only had an 8 pack. http://www.amazon.com/Crayola-30ct-Twistables-Colored-Pencils/dp/B000REI1FU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1356925621&sr=8-1&keywords=crayola+twistables They are her favorite.
  2. Yeah! Good to know. If you look at the guide, would it be good for my 5th grader? I am thinking of having him do ancients with guide at the end of this year and over the summer (we school year round) Then in fall of 6th grade doing the greeks with the dorothy mills guide, and read (no guides) for famous men of greece, and d'auliers greek myths. Then Romans in the spring. I am still playing with History, this is just where I am now. Thank you A, I always appreciate your advice.
  3. Hi, I am bumping and quoting as I hope you will tell me how you are liking them now. Still good? I am looking at them on MP and thinking of using them for grades 6/7. Has anyone used the MP ones with the workbooks.
  4. Yeah, that threw me for a loop to start with. Once I understood (and I think you might have helped with that way back when), I then saw what a great method it was for Latin. We are really loving the science to btw, thanks for all the GP advice. You are my GP guru :hurray:
  5. I was reading through the descriptions of students in Cathy Duffy's book. My 5th grader mostly falls into the Competent Carl category. He doesn't want bells and whistles. He wants the work, gets on with it and then he is done. He is happier as he is more independent and that suits his personality. Looks like my daughter is a cross between a Sociable Sue and a Wiggly Willy, so I might have more problems with her at this stage.
  6. We are a Latin Prep family too. My ds is in 5th grade this year. I have had no Latin myself, but I am lucky that my Dad was a Catholic alter boy in the 50's and is helping us with it once a week. We use the text, and then to the workbook at the end of each chapter as a test. I was not happy after the first test as DS got about 65%. I thought we had been teaching well, and I didn't want to move on as we had not "mastered" chapter 1 yet. I read through, and then I found something at the end of the chapter 5 workbook. That by the end of chapter 5 they should be scoring 80% on each chapter. It is a different way of teaching. From MP, I was used to them giving the work and the student learning and being tested on that. In Latin Prep, you have not been given every word that is used on a vocab list. They will have to use the words around an unknown to try and figure out the translation. It has been really good, and ds is much more engaged because of it. We have a cd that reads the translations. We are going to do the online sample of the game over the holiday, and might get that next year. http://www.galorepark.co.uk/product/home_schoolers/1517/latin-galore-demo.html We order from Horrible Ray, and he has been great. If you have any 5th grade questions, pm me. I would be happy to share what we have been doing. I was in a panic. I even flew to California to go to a convention. We are really enjoying 5th grade.
  7. Just as an alternative, if she really doesn't like the workboxes, my student log book has worked really well for my independent one. https://www.facebook.com/MyStudentLogbook This is the video of how it works. He loves it. It is kinda like a workbox in a book. He has things he likes do to with his free time, that he gets to do with his "independent" break. I just write everything in order. WWS, 15 min break, have a snack, Math 1, spelling (5 min break), Math 2, Latin, 1 hour off, have some lunch etc... We have timers around the house that he sets for the breaks. Hopefully the workboxes will work after the break, but if they don't, it is always nice to have another idea in your back pocket.
  8. I want to go somewhere warm and sunny!

    1. Chelle in MO

      Chelle in MO

      Me, too! Tell me where and I'll meet you there! :)

  9. I would start with easy reads that are good stories, then mix in classics once you are back into reading. Half broke horses Water for Elephants (if you haven't seen the movie) The Help (again, especially if you haven't seen the movie) They are fun, quick reads that will encourage you to read more.
  10. Stepmom 50 first dates Gone with the Wind Harry Potter LOTR Pride and Prejudice (BBC) It's a wonderful life Dirty Dancing Footloose Pump up the volume Heathers A horseman riding by The Cazalets The Good Life (Good Neighbors) Yes (Prime) Minister A Town Like Alice Pete's Dragon The Princess Bride
  11. Thanks for the detailed answer. I am the OP and appreciate you coming out of lurkdom to answer my question. I have been a member here for years, and I asked the question, this member did not register to try and sell something, just to tell me her experience, which I asked for. She also stated that she does not sell the product. If anyone else has experience with this I would like to hear it, but can we please refrain from being unkind to those who have different opinions? I am genuinely curious about this product. I have heard a few bad and a few good experiences, I want some information to make up my mind. I am not going to start selling, nor do I want to know where to buy it as I stated a friend is a seller who is the one who told me about it. I don't want information about become a salesperson or the bad parts of pyramid buying as that does not apply to my situation. What I would like to know is have people tried the product, specifically liquid cleanse. Sorry I wasn't clear enough in my original post, and k3mom, I hope you stay around.
  12. We like Frontiera, it is a red in a 4 pack from Costco. It is what we call our table wine. If we are feeling a little more luxurious we do Red Velvet from the cupcake vineyards (I think it is $6.99 from costco or cost plus) Our splurge favorite wine that we can get here in the states is Willamette Valley vineyards Pinot noir. It is $14.99 at Costco ($25 elsewhere)
  13. :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: Very addictive, procede with caution.
  14. Just another quick update. We are still really enjoying this program. It remains easy to do, and ds does not complain about it at all. I will post again in January after we have taken the DORA test. That way I can see if his spelling has improved. Let me know if the updates are not helpful. I just know that sometimes we start with a program and then quietly drop it when it is not going so well. So far no road bumps.
  15. Is your son doing well with First Form Latin? If so, what about First Form Greek? We are doing Hey Andrew, book 1 this year, nice and slow so that he can get familiar with the alphabet (he is in 5th) Then we are planning on doing MP's first form greek with the online academy next year (6th grade). I believe both are Koine.
  16. We are doing Mapping the world by heart. So far I really like it, and I was never good at Geography. The whole point of the program is that by learning to draw a map of the world, you hold a picture of the map in your head.
  17. I guess it is just a swings and roundabout thing rather than grade 5. For some reason this year is going smoothly (the last 2 did not). I am going to enjoy it while it lasts and use the time to teach myself what I can about teaching.
  18. We are doing SOTW 1 again in 5th. We are doing the mapwork, but I am also starting drawing the world by heart. We are going to work through that over the next 2 years.
  19. I was lucky enough to get to hear Martin Cothran talk last spring about great books, at the end of his talk he got side tracked into good books for avid readers. He suggested Louis L'amour books. DS has read 2 and is loving them. He also suggested Penrod. DS flew through that one as well.
  20. Good to know. I had never even heard of them before.
  21. A friend was telling me about this (as she is now selling it). It sounded interesting, but I was wondering, what say the hive? Has anyone used their products? Any chance that these are good products?
  22. We started part way through 4th grade, we also started with apples. My son LOVES the story. It is great review, and fills in any gaps he has, but he is also learning new things. We are now on farming. I am making him go a little slowly with one lesson a day, 4 days a week. He would read the whole book in one day if I let him. The great thing about the series, is after he has completed a book, he goes back and re reads them.
  23. Thank you! So, no big glaring hole of something that I am missing? Do you ever find yourself thinking that because it is getting easier you must be doing something wrong, or is that just my low self esteem?
  24. I do not like selling my car. Total pain.

    1. kalanamak


      I always get at least one weirdo call, like an extreme low-ball from someone hundreds of miles away, or someone who seems to just want to come over and see if I'm worth robbing.

  25. Now that we are here, it is soooo much easier than grammar. Does anyone else find this or am I missing something? We are really happy with our 5th grade choices, so we are just doing the next level for 6th and 7th. DS is transitioning into a more independent learner. I feel I am part time teach, part time mentor. I guess I am posting this to find out: Is this because of logic stage just being more logical? Is it because it is my third year homeschooling? Am I doing it wrong, and it should be harder? If it is easier, then people lurking and thinking about 5th grade will hopefully be relieved by this post. Oh, I should probably say what we are using. Math: TT5, BA, and LOF for fun supplement Science: Galore Park, so you really want to learn science, with fallacy detective History: SOTW 1 with additional Encyclopedia and library book reading. Writing: WWS Grammar: R&S English (skipping writing) Critical thinking logic Spelling: Phonetic Zoo Handwriting: HWT Latin: Galore Park LP Greek: Hey Andrew book 1 Memory: Linguistic Development through Poem Memorization He is already at a 9th grade reading comprehension, so I just make sure he is reading good books mixed in with Pokemon and ask him to tell me about what he is reading. I am also not counting his extra curricula, Ballet, Tap, TaeKwonDo, Piano, Drums, Drama, and Swimming.
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