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  1. In all this talk of hot guys in Once, you seemed to have forgotten the mad hatter. I really like him! His eyes make me swoon.
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    Oohh! and this. Good Catch!
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    I would call the vet and ask if he can take a second look at that bloodwork as nothing has changed. If it is because she is getting old, ask him to explain it to you. That should all be able to be done over the phone. There is the truth that things happen as they get older, but I would push it by phone one more time and make sure you feel comfortable with the explanation you have gotten. We just had this with our dog. She is now at the point where we don't worry about the look term consequences of steroids and anti-inflammatories. We use what will make her comfortable.
  4. I will send you a message after my fb fast. I need to figure out when is the quietest week to go. Thanks everyone! You are all so sweet, I am happy that my crazy self coming back is a positive! Northwest Mom, I have been more aware of you since the name change. I would never had picked the name otherwise, and I didn't think another name change request would go down well. Since discovering you though, I like you posts personally. They are usually very level headed and informative!
  5. Yes, but only 1 and it is always there. I check it out at least once a year even though I have it. I figure it needs a walk, also, if it ever gets damaged it is good that the book is one that circulates. It will be more likely to be replaced.
  6. I am hoping to maybe head your direction again next year between Turkey day and Christmas. I want to see Disney all decorated for Christmas. more anon is good. I am bringing Dolphin back, but I have really made my internet life more private. I am easing up on somethings and seeing how that goes.
  7. ... or a dolphin :thumbup1:
  8. I confuse people easily :confused1: , :laugh: ! Anyway, I had someone making my life a little difficult. They had figured out who I was and was using it to cause drama IRL. So, I changed my name and didn't post as much (especially in the chat board). They have moved on, and I have created enough distance that if they are still lurking it won't cause drama in my real life anymore. Sometimes going quiet and giving something time really does work out. :hurray: Thanks! I felt my Northwest_Mama was just bland and not me. I am glad to be my playful, funny self here again. Now...I need to find ibby and go kill some threads...
  9. Our first year. Not so much one expensive program, but just tons of little things that overlapped and way more than we could do in a year. This was the other thing I was going to say. One of the things that helped me to bite the bullet and dive into TT was it's great resale value. I am still waiting to see if dd will do TT before I see, but it does seem to go quickly when people sell it.
  10. We are just started Phonics road to reading and writing. Her handwriting instruction seems really good. I know a lot of other people have used this program for awhile and can probably give more info on it, but as a brand new user, I like it, and I understand what I am supposed to be doing.
  11. and how do I leave a group if I no longer want to be in it?
  12. It always feels better to be yourself!
  13. Even though I wasn't really away, just using a different name. The situation that caused me to change my name last year to Northwest_Mama has been (peacefully and calmly) resolved. I hope it does not cause to much confusion, but Dolphin is much more me! Also, I noticed over the year that there is someone with almost the same name as Northwest Mama. So "hi".
  14. I spent 8th grade (3rd form) in the UK and they did cover it. I might remember more than my English classmates as it really was an eye opener for me. I had always been taught about the American Revolution, and to see it from a different side was very interesting. It was not as important for them. The troop deployment was not what they could have sent. There were just so many other things going on for them at the time.
  15. Have you looked at the logic/middle grade sub forum on the k-8 board? There are some great threads up right now about both 5th and 6th grade. 6th
  16. It is late, so I might have missed this in my reading. Do you do school for 9 months or year round? We became more relaxed, while still accomplishing what I want to get done in a year by becoming year round schoolers. We do heavier terms for the Fall and Spring. Winter and Summer are "school lite" times. I find that by not having as much on my plate from Christmas-Spring Break really reduces the burn out. We do a lot of activities during this season. It is something I am still playing around with, but for instance. In the fall we are all excited and motivated, but the evenings are busy. If things aren't done during the day, we don't have time as it is soccer season. So this year we did not start history until after soccer season. I have all summer to get it done, so it wasn't a worry. Our "heavy" terms aren't as heavy as we have the summer to use as well. The extra 3 months give me the freedom to not go at as fast of a pace.
  17. ...Gently.... Maybe it is time for this thread to die off. It was revived from January. I think it has gone from an information about TT thread to a how we discuss teaching textbooks. It is not going to end well, and emotions are high. Go back and read the forum guidelines. Sometimes it is better to walk away then to have the last word. We are all her to support each other after all. Why don't we go back to that. Let's just give everyone the benefit of the doubt that we were all using nice "tones" and that none of us meant to make anyone feel bad. I am full of hope as I say... "Bye, Bye thread!"
  18. I am so happy for you Nancy! I was wondering the same thing. Congratulations!
  19. Peace be with you Kay.

  20. Just in case you scroll through at anytime. Kay, You have been my voice of reason and comfort many times. I will never forget you reaching out when I first started homeschooling and telling me it would be ok. I might have been just another newbie with the October panics, but you really stuck out as a guiding light at that time (and that was years ago now). You will be missed. You have made a mark on this earth, in the hearts of lots of people here, at work, and I am assuming elsewhere. This sure puts everything else in perspective this morning. Peace be your journey. :grouphug: Nicole aka Dolphin
  21. I think a lot of it is lost in the translation of the internet. You can not hear people's "tones" when you are in a forum. When I read good enough, it gets me annoyed. Usually I hear that as an insult rather than a specific con to something. I hear it from people as meaning that you are settling. Maybe, that is not how Jackie meant it. I think TT is sensitive around here because of the fact that it did go through a spell of getting really bashed, and not in nice polite ways. When that happens enough, the people who love the program jump into to defend it. It sounds like the pendulum has now swung the other direction. I like pros and cons that are polite, and don't make people feel bad for using a certain program. What is one person's dud, is another's gem. Another reason I think TT is sensitive is that for me (and I think a lot of posters on here) TT was the life raft we found in a stormy sea. For us it saved not only math, but homeschooling. When Math was going badly, everything was bad. The whole process was a fight. TT changed that. TT gave my son confidence in Math, and changed it from tears and a hated subject to one he looks forward to. It did help us catch up. We are now at level, and are using it as part of our program now. For awhile there it was our only program, and it was not good enough, it was great! Just what we needed. Now, for what is wrong with it like the OP stated. It is not the most rigorous math program out there. It is probably not the program you want if you are wanting your child to be a math superstar (unless you supplement). TT and LOF are a great combo by the way
  22. I don't know anything about those programs as we are using miquon. However my dh is doing R&S 5 with my 5th grader and is very impressed with it.
  23. We don't divide into sections, but we have a big binder with the cookbooks. They nice thing about this is that it has helped things sell fast on craigs list. When things break it is usually quicker to look online. When selling something it is wonderful to put includes manual with it.
  24. Thanks. It just seemed weird that it came back up randomly (not you). I was just baffled, and then when I saw your post, that mentioned the OP (me). Confusion is somewhat gone now. I don't come on the chat board very much anymore (I saw it come back up when I was looking for another post of mine). Has there been a lot of sales lately or something?
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