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  1. We almost moved to AOPS pre-algebra after MM6B and after reviewing the sample pages and pretests decided to go ahead and use Math Mammoth 7 A&B which is also a pre-algebra course and he'd been thriving with Math Mammoth. While he liked the idea of the program, I was concerned AoPS would not be a good fit for my son. However I've since seen the online component and that would make it much more palatable perhaps. Not sure what we are doing next year but Maria has a whole post about pre-algebra here: http://www.mathmammoth.com/complete/prealgebra.phpand a post about algebra here: http://www.mathmammoth.com/complete/algebra_1.php
  2. DS 11, W12D4. I try not to edit too much and know it isn't perfect but it is his own work. Anway if it is super awful, tell me please. We took some time off from school at the end of May. I don't think it usually takes us 3 weeks to finish 1 week of writing assignments. Description of a volcano To begin my description of a volcano, I will start with lava. Lava is molten rock which is formed below ground at thousands of degrees of heat. The difference between magma and lava is that lava is above the ground and magma is below the ground. The word lava comes from the Latin word lavarae which means to wash away. Lava washes away or destroys everything that stands in its path. When lava has cooled and solidified it is called a lava bank. The ash cloud is what happens to the heavier debris and is considered to be the most dangerous part of the volcano eruption due to its capability to kill millions of people because the ashes can go up to 1000 milies in great quantities. The ash can bury anything that is not 5 feet high near the eruptions. It can also mummify, choke, and crush people who are not both careful and cautious. The layers of a volcano are kind of like the layer on a cake and onion. The top layer is rock which has been lava before so it is igneous rock, the second layer is ash which has been there since the last eruption because of the ash cloud. Both of these layers repeat all the way down to the bottom of the volcano.
  3. When I read your son's work, it reads well and makes sense overall. With my son I have to talk through what he means for each sentence to say because it is usually unclear and confusing. But my son works through the book/assignment on his own completely first usually without any complaint and then we go over it together to fix it up. Lastly I have him type it up so that I know he understands the changes we talked about.
  4. This is DS 11's finished assignment for W11D4. He hand writes his first drafts, I help him edit them some and then he types up the final copy. Life of Ivan the Terrible Ivan the Terrible was crowned emperor or Tsar ( pronounced Zar) of Russia in 1547. Tsar is basically the Russian equivalent of the Roman title Caesar that means tyrant or dictator. Later in his rule Ivan seems particularly strong on the tyrant part of this title. In 1552 Ivan built a cathedral to commemorate his conquering of the Tarter city Kazan. The cathedral itself looks like it has onions on top of the spires and also looks like a shaped candy wrapper mountain. It is brightly colored and has rounded tops on the spires. During his rule as “the Terribleâ€, Ivan and his son had an argument about what clothing his son’s wife wore. During the argument his son contradicted him and Ivan hit him in the head with an iron tipped staff which put his son in a coma for three days until he died. Three years later Ivan himself died suddenly while prepping for a game of chess.
  5. Ahh...thank you! I just came to the boards to read/discuss this very topic and what to do with my 3rd grader for 4th grade. He has the skills from WWE3 done and I think a break from WWE before beginning WWS at half speed in 5th with him sounds perfect. My 5th grader has done pretty well at a half speed approach to WWS1. I might have put it off longer if I'd realized that was an option but really the 4 days of writing a week is what makes us crazy so a half speed approach is great.
  6. How about the Key to Algebra booklets for building skills? Great little booklets to help bolster his confidence. How about the Dragonbox Algebra app for a tablet? A game approach to practicing concepts and algebraic thinking.
  7. DS is in 3rd at a PS right now (hopefully just temporary) and no, they are not doing Long division. Their math is place value, fractions, basic multiplication, and addition/subtraction facts so far. Really easy stuff for my son. HTH
  8. My kids are in school right now too. My 1st grade son is continuing violin, math, phonics & reading every day after school. When we have time, we do handwriting, grammar, writing. But he never has any homework. So its really more of what we have time for based on our schedule at home.
  9. It looks like it hit 50% before ending - how many days until it arrives in my email? (I know I'm a bit impatient.)
  10. My daughter trained at 26 or so months pretty much on her own. Then she regressed some this summer on vacation and with moving. I think its pretty normal for younger children training. Just be positive and patient and try to figure out what might be stressing her out. I always try to take her potty even after she has an accident and talk nicely about the whole lets go potty here in the potty thing and then clean it up. the only other thing i noticed was if she doesn't take a nap, she has accidents in the evening b/c she's so tired. so we take naps and we take accidents in stride. little girls need to pee ALOT.
  11. P90x just arrived this week, DH & I are starting Monday. I had done a workout from it with my SIL earlier this summer from it, which led to us deciding to do the whole thing. (Carefully scheduled so that we finish before Thanksgiving.) :D
  12. This was both of my boys last year. We did MCP Phonics A and they are doing much better. We're adding in the accompanying spelling book and going to work thru the MCP phonics/spelling series now. We're also adding WWE and FLL for language arts and grammar.
  13. Here is a link for a Saxon Algebra I placement test: http://www.redoakacademy.com/a1_placement.pdf Here is a link for a Teaching Textbooks Algebra I placement test: Here is a link for a MathUSee Algebra I placement test: http://www.mathusee.com/pdfs/algebra1test.pdf
  14. I went ahead and placed an order back when it was at 13 people only...so happy today to get the email that it went to 30%! I really hope it makes it to 50%. That would be awesome.
  15. How much of a discount has there been in the past sales? Will it reach 40-50% most likely?
  16. No its not too late. I learned in college the whys of most of math. Suggested reads: Children's Arithmetic by Herbert Ginsberg. The Number Devil, The Man who counted Crest of the Peacock, other math history books
  17. I got the books from Interlibrary loan to check out first. Just an idea.
  18. Cannot find definitions for IP or HOE. What are they?
  19. I've done some crochet amigurumi and most of it is just single crochet (sc) in a round, increasing and decreasing to get the shapes and then stitching the pieces together. I have not used web patterns but those in the magazine Crochet Today.
  20. Hardest one yet was stuck under the car seat in such a way you didn't see it but had to reach your hand up and feel it in the bars. Ones in the bookshelf of our books surprise me too. Most common place is definitely between the bed and wall.
  21. I think this is why completely unschooling wasn't working for my kids & I either. They were already wanting to do things they couldn't without getting in some basic skills of writing, spelling, arithmetic, etc. But it really is good to hear that doing both - giving them free time and play but helping them with the basic skills can work out successfully for a child so that they are able to carry out their dreams. Thanks. :)
  22. Very well stated. I think this is what I am trying to figure out. Remembering his age and emotional readiness as much as his intellectual capacity.
  23. Not to derail the topic, but I was an unschooler for several years. My kids have asked for more formal schooling so I've provided it starting this school year and we're all happier. Does that still make me an unschooler since they asked? I don't care. I decided the term unschooling is too negative for me anyway and prefer "delight directed home schooler". But since I had started on the path of unschooling and we're switching paths, I am still trying to figure it all out.
  24. We do school stuff, I just am musing it because he is doing so much more formal school stuff at this point than his older brother was and sometimes I wonder. My problem with just asking him is he always says yes, he wants more and I want to provide it but can't. The budget is tight. We have tons of books on hand and get tons at the library and I'm actively trying to provide interesting things to him. I guess I'm just wondering where the balance is.
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