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  1. My husband just had surgery 2 weeks ago. No one is allowed in our local hospitals except the patient, unless the patient is under 18. I had to drop hubs off at the front door and pick him back up at the front door when he was released. The nurses called and gave me updates and Post op care info. It was hard :-(
  2. I am so very sorry for your loss. I read your whole post yesterday but needed a little time before replying. My MIL died after a very short battle with ovarian cancer. She had been experiencing symptoms for a while but was caring for my dying FIL and so she didn't go to the doctor until it was too advanced. We lost them both of cancer within 6 months of each other. It was truly the hardest time I've ever experienced in my marriage. She was one of my best friends, I was crushed, my husband was crushed. Add to that we had a surprise pregnancy during that time. I don't want to sugar coat it, but it took us about 10 years to feel normal again. Holidays sucked for a long time. We had to put on happy faces for the kids, but we cried together at night. I think it would have been more like 5-6 years if we had gone to counseling sooner. Our situation was especially tragic with loosing both of them, the pregnancy and my husband being an only child etc.... so maybe that made it worse. Please message me if you want to talk. I didn't have anyone who had gone through it, and I sure wish I had...
  3. Looking for experiences using CBD for adult ADHD. I've read that it really helps some people and then some people say it doesn't help them at all. Just curious if anyone has used CBD and what your experience has been. No ADHD meds work for my husband, he's tried all of them. Just looking for other options.
  4. I'm late to this, but we love love the VP self-paced history. So I assume Bible would be just as awesome.
  5. This sounds great. Any more you could share would be helpful. Update- I did a reading assessment, she is at a mid-3rd grade level which is far better than I was lead to believe. Writing skills are poor, no actual ability to form letters. Starting with HWT's slate to remediate that. Will be doing a k-3 math assessment next time. I was told she still counts on her fingers, so I'm guessing, back to basics for math as well.
  6. This is all really good food for thought. . Hopefully I'll be able to meet with the child in the next few days and try and assess what they do know. I hate to do an actual assessment, but I may see if I can find something to keep track of what needs to be worked on.
  7. I do not yet know what the child does know, however her knowledge is very very basic. I was considering Logic of English for reading instruction.
  8. I started back at school many years ago. I took online classes though our local community college, 2-3 per semester. It was very manageable, and the kids didn’t really notice a difference in my time other than I did homework at night sometimes. This past year I started at PLNU in their adult degree completion program. I go to class 1 night per week and the rest is done online. Honestly, there’s not reason to wait until your son graduates. I also have a 6th grader, and I think it’s been good for him to see me study and work toward my degree.
  9. How would you go about teaching an older child (10), to read? There are no learning disabilities, just a lack of teaching on the part of the homeschooling parent. Child has not been exposed to any reading/teaching to read program. What about writing and math? Again, no LD just lack of instruction. I have some ideas, but I'm curious about how others might go about this. I would work with the child 1-2 times per week a few hours at a time. I know it's not ideal, but work with me here lol, what would you do?
  10. I’d send her to pre-K even if the office staff is obnoxious. That doesn’t mean the teachers are. If she’s in a program, it would be easier for you to search for a job.
  11. I saw that. Looks like you either have to buy the teacher pack ($80-100) or all of your students have to buy a license for the review videos and then you get those EconMovie worksheets for free. Ugh.
  12. I've been searching for some worksheets for the EconMovies by Jason Clifford. I found his whole curriculum which I don't need, and a few scattered worksheets on TPT. Anyone know if someone makes a full set of worksheets for those movies?
  13. My daughter is very arty and has loved taking classes at community college. She took mutiple levels of ceramics, 3D design and is currently enrolled in 2D design. It’s been really great for her to have the encouragement of other artists. She’s working harder than ever before, it’s very motivating.
  14. I’ll be a dissenter lol! I think TpT has some great stuff. I taught a tk-1 class last year and used quite a bit from TpT. I found engaging lessons that hit state standards (I checked to be sure they did). I just bought a few things last week for my 6th grader, to spice up our Greek study. Of course you have to weed through and spend some serious time researching, but that’s just par for the course imo.
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