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  1. A few of my kids take some classes through Wilson Hill and we've been very pleased with them. We've been very impressed but the quality of teachers they have. My oldest son had GC3 with Mr. Etter this year and loved him. I think all students love him. We were pretty disappointed when he stepped down. His wife still teaches at WHA, but I think Mr. Etter no longer works for WHA in any capacity. Their family has gone through a lot of challenges this last year and I wonder if that contributed to his decision to leave. His replacement Mr. Miles is really good, though no one can really b
  2. We used WHA for Algebra 1 last year. My Ds's teacher was Kaye Pepin. I thought she did a great job teaching. You can contact WHA to see a sample class for how it works. I thought Canvas and Adobe Connect were very easy to use. I don't know how Geometry homework is graded, but for Algebra 1, the parents checked the homework and gave the student a second chance at a problem if they missed it. At the end of each chapter, the teacher provided a spreadsheet for the homework grades and averages. At least one section homework from that chapter also needed to be scanned and sent in. The teacher
  3. I have a couple questions. I'm looking at my first ninth grader and finishing up the plans for this year. This is what I have so far: Great Conversations 3 at WHA : 1 credit history, 1 credit literature, .5 credit theology Accelerated Studies in Physics and Chemistry - Novarre 1 credit science Greek 2 at WHA- 1 credit language/elective Algebra B (Algebra 2) at AoPS (already started and will finish in October)- 1 credit Math Then what do I do? Keep on going with Geometry or take a break for a bit? Introductory and Intermediate Logic by Nance - 1 Credit Writing
  4. Hi, I was one of the previous posters in this thread. I have used W&R with my oldest ds through book 8 (with the exception of book 4). I mentioned before that we took a year off and did IEW and some of the pros and cons with that. I am so glad we stuck with W&R even with the outlining frustrations. And now that I’ve used the higher levels (and my ds took Scholé Academy course this past year with books 7&8), I understand how to use the program better. I still stick to my earlier opinion of using W&R at the higher recommended grade level. As a matter of fact my ds was in 8t
  5. @lbell my ds is in LA 2 as well! That’s cool. We did CAP Fable and Narrative 1 last year. I plan to do Narrative 2 alongside LA 2 this year because I really like CAP’s W&R series.
  6. @ScoutTN That’s neat! I’ve heard good things about Mr. Reini. My ds is in the T/Th early morning group with Mrs. Pepin. It’s 7am our time!! But it was the only open class that would work with our schedule. He actually doesn’t mind being up early and getting math over with. Some of my other kids are not morning people and it would never work, lol.
  7. I haven’t used BJU or BA 2A. My boys did BA 3-5. BA2 wasn’t out yet. And I used SM Standards Edition 1-5. I would have my kid do Xtra Math (an app or online) everyday or every other day. It’s a math facts app. Not terribly exciting but it does a good job and takes 5-10 minutes. Second, do you have the workbook for BA 2A or just the textbook? Looking at the topics BA covers in 2A, I would say it’s exactly what your child is struggling with. Don’t be afraid to sit with him and help him through more challenging parts and you could even skip some of what might not work with him. I
  8. This is our first year doing any live online classes. My oldest ds has done a self-paced course before and two of my dc have done a dvd alongside a subject before. My ds 8th grade is doing 3 classes through Wilson Hill Academy ( Algebra 1, Great Conversations 2, and Greek 1) and 1 through Scholé Academy (Writing and Rhetoric 4). My ds 6th grade is doing 2 classes through Wilson Hill (Language Arts 2 and Ancient Times). So so far I’m really happy with these decisions. I have several other kids, We just moved back into the US and I needed less on my plate. My ds 8th has taken
  9. My ds is in LA2 this year. It is our first time using WHA. He is in 6th grade. So far I’m pleased with the class. But we are only a few weeks in. Typing is important, so if you are looking to put your 4th/5th grader in a class, make sure they can type. This is probably the hardest part for my ds. He has done typing for a couple years but is so slow, and partly because I almost never required his work to be typed. My guess is that a parent would be allowed to help with a 4th grader. Every week the students have copywork, dictation (done in class), vocabulary work (from the literature
  10. My older ds finished AoPS PreAlgebra this past school year. He and I worked on it together with the videos (which we loved!) I’ve been considering putting him in an online class to free me up for my younger kids and a new baby coming this fall. I looked into AoPS online classes for Algebra 1, but didn’t care for the setup and thought the pace would be too much for my ds. I’ve since looked into other options and am wondering if anyone here has advice on which direction to take. 1) Dolciani Algebra 1 through Wilson Hill. Is Dolciani a decent choice for Algebra 1? I have heard Foersters get
  11. (I'm not sure how to cross post, but I posted this on the Middle School board too for anyone there who can add in their experience.) My rising 8th grader has done W&R books 1-3, 5-6, with a year of IEW in the middle. We've enjoyed the W&R series and I really like the approach. I'm contemplating registering him for a few classes with Wilson Hill- Greek, possibly Great Conversations 1 or 2, and maybe math and/or science. I saw Scholé has an online writing class for books 7&8 and I was comparing that with WHA's Fundamentals of Expository Writing. Has anyone had any experience wit
  12. (I'm not sure how to cross post, but I will post this on the High School board too for anyone there who can add in their experience.) My rising 8th grader has done W&R books 1-3, 5-6, with a year of IEW in the middle. We've enjoyed the W&R series and I really like the approach. I'm contemplating registering him for a few classes with Wilson Hill- Greek, possibly Great Conversations 1 or 2, and maybe math and/or science. I saw Scholé has an online writing class for books 7&8 and I was comparing that with WHA's Fundamentals of Expository Writing. Has anyone had any experience wi
  13. I’ve used IEW and W&R. I prefer W&R. I still use the All Things Fun and Fascinating as a precursor to W&R and I use W&R on the older end of the grade recommendation. IEW has its benefits, but I’ve seen writing from kids who have used it for a while and it’s very predictable and often stilted. If you use it, don’t force all the dress ups if they aren’t going to add to the piece of writing. W&R only uses fables in book 1. There is no 4 years of fables. I’ve used books 1,2,3,5,6. I like the progression and the thinking that goes into the writing process. There
  14. The comment about bacteria is probably going to be made in A Beka as well. So, I wouldn’t run to A Beka simply because of that. ABeka and BJU are both Young Earth, Literal 6 day and so would both espouse those views. In my past experience, A Beka is more hardline in their comments. You can check out Novare Science if you’d rather not deal with that, but I don’t know that they have Life Science. A friend of mine is writing their Biology book now. She’s definitely qualified to do it and I look forward to seeing what she’s done. I don’t have experience with ABeka’s new Life Sc
  15. The videos range in length from 7 minutes (experiment days when the student has an activity to do) to 30 minutes. I have one in Science 6 and one in Life Science. The Science 6 teachers are more engaging than the Life Science. I had heard good things about Mrs. Vick and was a bit disappointed we didn’t get to find out what she was like. The videos are shorter, I think, to give the students more time for the reading assignments, study sections, lab sheets, etc. Almost every class they are doing reading, and study questions and/or lab sheet. So, 45min to 1 hr a day, at least. I think the
  16. We have done through Narrative 2 midway. We took last year off and did IEW in a co-op. I too was frustrated by the lack of instruction for the outlining. We ended up doing some sample outlining on our own with me doing direct instruction. It helped. I kinda felt kinda shaky after that about W&R because the instruction up to that point was good and the lack of explicit outlining teaching kinda came out of no where. I think if I had prepared better I would have looked ahead and realized I needed to be ready to teach outlining. Now that I think about it, ClearCreek is right. It does expe
  17. So what foreign languages would be good to start at this age? I took French in high school and my dh took Spanish, but what we remember is pretty limited. My mil and sil have taken a lot of Spanish and do pretty well with it. However, they live 9 hours away. I think in America it really is becoming more important to learn Spanish. But, some of the big languages in other parts of the world are Arabic, Hindi, French, and Chinese. Here, on my street, there is Amharic (Ethiopia), Somalian, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Arabic (Sudan). There is a couple other families that I am guessing a
  18. My ds5 is doing a few things. We are using MFW 1st, a lot of read alouds I picked from Sonlight as well as others, A Beka Handbook for Reading, science recommendations from MFW and WTM, Drawing With Children, Intro to the Orchestra, and Singapore Earlybird B/1A. I plan on it all taking no more than 2 hours. I try to start by 9:30, do math, phonics, break, writing, reading, lunch. I plan that 4 days a week. Then one day is science, art, and music. I have 3 younger children, so sometimes we get a lot of "breaks". But we have quiet time when the littlest 2 sleep, so we also will read for an
  19. Thanks! I appreciate the response. As far as my goals, I think I am probably in camp 2 from what you described, Ester Maria. It may change to camp 3 depending on our future. But, for right now, camp 2. He is the oldest. Although he is a very quick learner, I would rather wait until later so I can include some of my younger kids in the study. The other thing is that sometime in the next 2-5 years we plan to move overseas for a very long length of time, somewhat permanently. However, we haven't decided absolutely where yet, so I am not sure what kind of modern language to start at this age.
  20. I was a little curious about teaching Latin eventually. I thought WTM recommended starting Latin around 3rd grade. My ds is 5 and I wasn't planning to start him for a few more years. However, I've noticed many others have started earlier than 3rd grade with Song School Latin, Prima Latina, and Latin for Children. I was wondering the advantages to this and what program was preferred for 1st- 2nd.
  21. I have never seen Saxon, other than the cover. I have looked at elementary A Beka and 1st grade and up seem good. I looked at the K because we considered sending my ds1 to K at a private school that used it. After using Singapore Math Earlybird, I was not impressed with ABeka K. SM Earlybird is so simply laid out and uncluttered. *I* got overwhelmed just looking at a page in ABeka K math. It looks like someone gathered a bunch of patterns, addition, subtraction, clocks, and various other things and threw them at a page. It's so random and cluttered. Anyway, that's my thought on ABeka
  22. I'm kind of interested in what others say too. I did MFW K as Pre-K with my then 4 year old. Now he is reading CVC and blends, and even some long vowel words. I'm interested in sticking with MFW 1st to move along with the phonics/reading for him (and because I like MFW), but go light on the writing. Anyway, You really could do MFWK for both of your kids and they could both get a lot out of it. My 3 year old tagged along and learned his letters and sounds. We read all kinds of books from the recommended list as well as books other users recommended on the boards and then some we found. We d
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