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  1. DD13 easily finished MUS through precalculus, but instead of continuing on to MUS calculus I'm thinking of moving her to AoPS and digging a little deeper instead of progressing her to college math in early high school. Precalculus is at my limit of ability to teach math effectively. She tests as both ready for and not beyond AoPS Intermediate Counting and Probability and Introduction to Number Theory. She botched a few more questions than I'm comfortable with on the AoPS Precalculus pretest, but I think it's mostly a matter of a few spots of conceptual review. We could brush up on these with Khan and Saxon over the month before the AoPS Precalculus class starts. I'm not sure if independent study or an AoPS online course would be the best fit. As far as scheduling with their online classes, Intermediate Number Theory and Precalculus are both options. Any thoughts on what's the best level of AoPS to start with after MUS Precalculus? Online or independent study?
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