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  1. Preach it. My daughter used to think sandwiches were a HUGE treat because I made so few of them.
  2. Weetbix. My father used to microwave them in winter. The smell would linger in the air after he left for work, until sucked up the nostrils of the unsuspecting children getting up for school. Dd has to eat them now. She claimed breakfast cereal was a human rights abuse, which I cannot quite agree with, but I promised I would continue never serving it to her. The consumption of Weetbix will die out in this generation of my family.
  3. I hate what my kid has to deal with too, but since I can't cure it, I teach her how to live with it. Sometimes how to suck it up, sometimes how to hack around it. (Sometimes neither because I'm the one in crisis. She's so damned used to that it barely even phases her any more.) Life doesn't wait for people to grow up before dumping pain and inconvenience on their heads. If Grandma needs to be talked down, we behave as though we care, because she's the one in crisis. (Are there any nice movies that will send Grandma to sleep? Mine used to like napping in front of war movies. We only had to sit with her for the first ten minutes, and be back when the movie ended.)
  4. She is drinking enough water, isn't she? The amount of dehydration tantrums that happen around here...
  5. Maybe the parents need to take some annual leave so they can sit with the lad *during the day,* and apply the same protein, water and snacks we've done with our littles.
  6. Either MEP or CSMP, since both of them are free online and scripted, so you can get one of your older kids to teach it if you're caught up elsewhere. I used CSMP as a spine and MEP worksheets for review and problem solving.
  7. I think that's what my kid would have been like if I'd let "the system" have their way.
  8. I'm still sore that my father would only let me play with the Technic Lego a few times because he was saving it for the boy. The boy never really played with Lego, unlike the GIRL here. So I think I'd buy the Lego off him because I have Lego trauma. 🤣
  9. I don't know, but I care for my mother who is bedridden with fibromyalgia, so I feel for you. ❤️ Could the sleeping just be your body trying to use the new ingredients it has to heal up a bit?
  10. Stereotypes are the first step on the path to understanding.
  11. I think it might be causation, but only in people who were genetically predisposed that way.
  12. That would be a funny thing to expect, wouldn't it, with how everyone goes on about "socialisation."
  13. You may be surprised. It's like how you teach a kid phonics, and with practice it becomes a sight word. Lol, your son might be better at it if he was more traumatised. Trauma teaches urgency. Yes, that analogy works well enough for what I meant. I don't much like the analogy though. This IS my land, no matter how unwelcome I might be in it sometimes. I read an essay last year where a woman was talking about books like the first two 'Rosie' books and 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night' feeling like cultural appropriation. I liked that better. I am not a foreigner, but I do belong in a different sub-culture. I wonder if I would mind less the effort I have to put in to "pass" (i.e., protect NT people from the inconvenience of me) if they also considered it socially inappropriate to lack the ability to function bi-culturally themselves.
  14. It can go past mentally exhausting, for me, to the point of making my body ache.
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