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  1. Apples and Pears utilises a couple of different methods to teach, which is why it worked well for my daughter. When the lessons were too long, I broke them up over a few days, and there was definitely too much writing for her, so I usually had her fingerspell the words instead of writing.
  2. I've got into a lot of trouble by not needing therapy when I "should" have. I found that very strange.
  3. Go leave some flowers and a note at the school office?
  4. ((hugs)) to you, Gaillardia. P.S. Your friend should put a cork in it.
  5. So you're a fun kind of person to try and break. There's no point trying to break people unless there'd be some sport in it. Anyway, this is where so called negative emotions come in handy. If you get angry about being treated badly, you're more likely to take the road out of town than the "high road."
  6. Have you seen this before? When should your children learn about grief if not now? The feeling, the processing, the caring for someone who is grieving. You don't know when they will need those skills next.
  7. It's normal and has nothing to do with laziness. That's the feeling you get when a large chunk of your heart has gone too far away for you to look after it any more. You will grow some more eventually.
  8. You said being/appearing condescending was an Aspie thing, no? I was surprised by that because it is no more an Aspie thing than an anyone else thing.
  9. Sometimes I use a fruit flavoured oil and fruit flavoured vinegar as a dressing on fruit salad, but mostly I'd just use some passionfruit.
  10. And yet in the rest of your post, you've explained about the NT's who do the same thing. It's not a specific Aspie deficit. It's an ordinary issue of cross cultural communication.
  11. Being "deficient" for having too much of something would be delicious, if only it was happening to a character in a novel instead of us.
  12. It is commonly held wisdom that people on the spectrum can't view the world from other people's points of view. The younger they are, the more likely that is to be true, just as it is for NT kids. It is probably more true for males than females. (I don't know, I mainly hang out with female Aspies.) I do know that a person who can't see other people's points of view presents pretty much the same as a person who can see too many points of view and doesn't know which one these frustratingly inconsistent humans want this time. It's also why I have an annoying habit of giving people what they need instead of what they want. So, to answer your question, no. It is not like being asked to see the world from too many points of view. It is having too many points of view already, not being given enough clues to win the guessing game and knowing full well it will be considered your fault you guessed wrong even though they didn't provide reasonable directions. It's like trying to play a game guessing the intro music from tv shows, when different shows can have the same theme music, and sometimes the same show has different theme music. Who can be expected to win? How do you even start playing?
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