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  1. Because they have no respect at all.
  2. I wouldn't because there is a ton of art videos on Youtube I can access for free.
  3. I've been talking to mine about pair bonding stages. Perhaps your kids would feel less anxious if they had a structure like that to keep in mind, Maize.
  4. I tagged them on Facebook and I hope their million or two followers see it. Jerks.
  5. On the plus side, it also means it's hard for him to leave you too. Like I said upthread, learn to disassociate.
  6. Be prepared for anger if you get the job his buddy went for.
  7. Definitely don't go to mediation. It's like doing therapy with a narcissist. If you tell them the best way to hurt you, they'll make sure they do.
  8. There's nothing you can do about how he chooses to spend his money.
  9. It sounds like there is no difference to her, so are you trying to work out the difference between what needs to be treated and what doesn't? That's some pretty nasty anxiety. 😞
  10. You are using WAY too many words. He wants to be a 1950's king of the castle, so if you want to stay in this marriage, you pretty much have to disassociate and treat him like one.
  11. And it can backfire, getting you labelled as the hostile parent.
  12. Make sure your legal aid lawyer is a good one, and don't accept poor service just because you aren't paying.
  13. No! I'm not looking for sympathy! It's just that you can't even try to protect yourself against problems you can't imagine. People think law means justice, but it doesn't. That is a really important thing to know!
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