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    Food. Books. Road Trips. Occasionally protesting against the government. Normal stuff like that.

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    Mostly SCA related; books and food, of course. Doing grammar tests, uh huh.
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    Mamma to Raziya and Rememberer of Marek

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  1. To breathe or not to breathe? This was the dilemma facing the echidna I surprised bathing in the back dam just now. The curl up in a ball and pretend not to be here technique doesn't work too well in water. ;)

    1. Hen


      you have very cool local wildlife! All I've got is squirrels...

    2. Stacia
    3. TravelingChris


      That is so neat that you would see that. Of course, you probably don't see our armadillos, do you? So we have strange creatures too.

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